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  1. I had my reception at the Steakhouse. Although it says semi-private, we had the terrace which is below the actual steakhouse. So, it becomes a private reception without the private cost. The amount of space is based on your headcount. I had 40 guests so we had our dancefloor built on the beach which is right off the terrace. I loaded music to my ipod and had them play it. There wa a man at the sound station during the entire reception. He played our entrance song and all the songs I requested for the reception.
  2. Last thing...although it says semi-private for the steakhouse. It was a private setting. The main sitting area is upstairs and the terrace where we had our reception/dinner is downstairs. The area was set up the way I wanted and we had servers assigned to our party
  3. PS - I used Brandon Anderson...he recently moved to Houston, TX. His website is http://th3rdeyephotography.com/
  4. I flew in a photgrapher from Indianapolis. I paid for his airfare/hotel ($1,000) and he shot the entire weekend (meet and greet, rehearsal, wedding, reception...). It was actually cheaper this way than to pay $2000 - 3000 for a photgrapher there. I got this idea from a previous bride. There are many photgraphers who have never shot out of the country and would love the opportunity to build their portfolio. So, I would like around for someone who is willing to fly over and take your pics.
  5. 1. Everyone ordered with a waiter 2. yes 3. I had the dinner and dancing at the steakhouse...I had the dancefloor on the beach. The terrace leads to the beach 4. I bought them. They were only $2.00 - 3.00 I totally understand but trust me they are professional at this and do it every day. It will all come together.
  6. Catherine, I haven't been on here in a while and just saw your post. Did you receive the information you were looking for?
  7. Hello, I had him as a guest so I did not pay any vendor fees. Jatziri was my WC and not one time did anyone ask me aby questions. I also used one of my friend's husband as the videographer since he is a produecr for a news station. Again, nobdy said anything about either one of them. You should be fine as long as it is one of your guests.
  8. Congratulations Erika!! I am happy to hear that everything turned out well for you and you had yoru dream wedding! I didn't have a rehearsal either but mine was by design. I asked my bridal party to meet at the beach the day before. Half were late and I felt it was all about me so I told them to figure it out. I didn't do anything special. The guys stood up front with the groom and the ladies walked in one by one and went to their side. When I spoke to Jatziri about it, she didn't sound to concerned. It's lamost like if you want one, do it yourself. However, Jatziri was with us the entire night. The wedding was at 6:00 and my reception wasn't over until 11:00. She was there until we all left. She was great to work with. Please post pictures when you get a chance! Miwako
  9. I got married on Friday, April 13th and there were no cruise ships. I arrived on Tuesday and there were cruise ships there all day and night on Tuesday and Wednesday. Far as the water taxis, they leave from behind RIU Santa Fe, so there were never any behind the Palace during my week stay. I even took the water taxi few times to town and Lovers Beach. I had to walk down to the Santa Fe to get on.
  10. Charliegirl59, Congratulations!!! That worked out great!! I am glad you went with the huppah and had your dream wedding! :-) Your picture is beautiful! Look forward to seeing more posted.
  11. Hello, I just got back from Cabo. I went through a travel agent who booked through Delta vacations. This gave my guests the option to put down $150 deposit and pay off the balance 30 days prior to departure. I just went with a loca travel agent. You can look around your city and see if anyone is offering any specials. With Delta vacation, they gave you a rebate of $25 per room that was booked. I also know few travel agencies that offer free package for you if so many rooms are booked. I don't think it's too far in advance to reserve your wedding date. I sent out my STD as soon as we reserved our date and finalized the plans. For a destination wedding, I don't think you can be too early. This gives people time to review their vacation time from work and finances. I just reminded our guests that payments had to be paid in full 30 days prior to departure. I did not give them a deadline. However with it being a destination wedding, you pretty much know who will be attending or not pretty far in advance. I had couple people show up at the last minute but one was a friend from Dubai who surprised me. I got married at the Riu Palace and the WC there didn't communicate with you much until 2 months prior to the wedding. So, don't worry about the details. You can ask basic questions, but they can create your dream wedding. I know another bride who is getting married at Riu Palace in 2 weeks but staying at Dreams for their honeymoon. I can see what their experience was at Dreams after they return. Hope this helped answer some of your questions.
  12. They say that 80% of your guests have to stay at the Palace. I only had 8 out of 42 stay at Santa Fe. However, the Palace sold out so I am not sure what would happen if the Palace had sold out prior to most of my guests booking their rooms.
  13. Pictures of bouquets, floral arrangements...all floral arrangements were by Alina
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