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  1. Just google here, her email and her website with all the info is listed right there, along with a gallery of pictures.
  2. I'm pretty sure you have to have the private menu if you are eating at the baja norte, it's not considered a semi private spot.
  3. Hi Aynat, The wedding highlight video cost $3500 , but you also get all the raw footage. It sounds like alot ,but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Everytime I watch the video , it brings me back to that day and all the pictures in the world, can't bring you those emotions. Check out some of his other work, all of his videos are amazing. Just be sure to check out the highlight videos , if you watch an actual video, they are 30 minutes long. www.CinematicTouch.com
  4. Hi VK, My wedding Coordinator was Jatziri. She was great, I had a lot of little details, and she was organized and on top of things. We had no problems at all, and I am a little bit of a control freak. Have you choosen your reception venue yet and your ceremony? You will love it , it's a beautiful resort and all of our guests just raved about it. goodluck! Michelle
  5. Hey Ladies, I got married at the Riu Palace in April and it wasw just amazing. For those of you unsure of getting a Videographer , I highly recommend getting one. There were so many moments that slip away becuase the day is so busy and exciting that when I got my video back, it brought me back to the day and I felt that excitment. I thought I would share my highlight video ( it is 10 minutes) . This one was done by Cinematic Touch, very talented and I would highly recommend them! Enjoy http://vimeo.com/41867988
  6. Hey Ladies, I got married in April at the Riu and it was amazing. Here is my wedding hightlight Video if anyone is considering a Videographer, I hightly recommended Angel Zapien ( Cinematic Touch ) Enjoy! http://vimeo.com/41867988
  7. Hey Everyone, I just got married at the Riu Palace in April, and thought I would share my Wedding Video. It was made by the talented Angel Zapien from Cabo San Lucas. If you are considering a Videographer , I highly recommend him. He is just fabulous, very professional and we didn't even really know he was there during all the events. Enjoy: http://vimeo.com/41867988
  8. We also are getting 'symboliccaly married' in Mexico three weeks from now. No one knows that we have already legally got married in Canada, only my fiances mom and our 2 witnesses. We didn't want to tell anyone because we didn't want it to take away from our day in Mexico as we are treating this as our wedding day. For our legal ceremony. I had a minisiter come to our home, we did not dress up or anything. To make it legal in Alberta, you only have 4 lines that you have to say to each other and the witnesses. We did not have rings, vows or a kiss. We just wanted it to be the legal part and we
  9. Hi there, Yes, I decided on the Baja Norte, I have had recommendations from several people. This area is very pretty, private and lots of room to dance. I am confident I made the right choice, only 3 weeks away , we will find out !
  10. I am also doing a boudoir album. I had it personlized on the front of the black cover in white to say ' For my Husband' and he will open it shortly before we walk down the aisle
  11. Hi, If your wedding is scheduled , did you not coordinate this with Sakura and get your confirimation number? If you have your confirmation number, there is no need to worry. Check the Riu Weddings website and look at the calender to see if your day/time is blocked off. With regards to the questions you are worried about, that is the kind of stuff they will discuss with you closer to your wedding date. They are busy with the brides who are getting married right now. I went through the same thing, but once your 2 months arrives, they are very good , even if you email them 10 days a da
  12. Hey Kary! Yes , I was pretty sad when I got the email as well. I also recieved the new menu, I seriously was in shock with the $117.00 surf and turf option!! I had to email them and ask if there was a typo!! With regards to the legalization process, I am of no help. We are getting married here secretly before we leave ( just legally , no vows, or rings or anything meaningful) Then having the symbollic ceremony down there so we don't have to deal with all the paperwork. I am also hiring the DJ with the lighting but have not heard any reviews other than Crys said that she was ver
  13. So I just recieved an email from Riu and Adrianna no longer works there!! What a bummer! I have been planning and asking her all of my quesitons!!! Just wanted to give you guys the heads up
  14. I'll send you an email tomorrow so that you also have mine, long day , time for bed!
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