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  1. They were not bad. I wore them for probably 1/2 the time and then i wore my sandals the rest of the time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my blue shoes
  2. its been so hard to feel as motivated since the wedding but ive been hittin the gym hard! Keep up the good work girls~
  3. yea they really do look great! My template was so hard to work with I wish i would have found this sooner!!
  4. JC Penny for 35$ (regularly 49.99). I thought that was a pretty good deal!
  5. ok i think that is a pic of everything hope the most of you can see them it was great!!
  6. Each of my sisters (which were my bridesmaids) had a special bag which included a towel with a bride’s maid rhinestone logo on it. I got them at Michaels and then ironed them on. I also included a shirt and Flip flops for after the wedding. I also bought their shoes for the wedding which are pictured below. I put this together for my mom in her bag. Just a little something special for her J These were the main wedding favors for the guests. Each has a sign that says “At the kiss let’s make some noise!!! Everyone shook them when we kissed~ it was great! I ordered these online and paid 1.65 a pair if you ordered 12 pairs. You can get them in Cabo for a dollar each (I confirmed when we were down there, they are down town everywhere) if you don’t want to lug them down there. I was not sure and I didn’t want to risk it so I ordered them online. I made luggage tags for everyone that went out about a month in advance with a letter. Everyone liked these too. I got lots of comments like oh you are so organized. It felt really good. I decided to do this last minute… got them at Michaels with a 40% discount. I think I paid like 10 bucks for 10 of them or something. Then I created a business card in Word and typed each on cardstock and printed… I made these signs to go on the back of our chairs for Mr. & Mrs. This was the table set up. Each napkin has the menu inside, the name tag and holder was laid down due to the wind. We had glass vases with water, flowers and floating candles. The candles could not get lit due to the wind (bit of a bummer) and the name card could not stay standing due to the wind as well. These were our menu’s we printed from vista print and the centerpiece next to it. Bride and Groom pic Hair: I got it done at the Renova salon (on the Riu Santa Fe property) along with my make up for $140. I was not all that happy with my make up (I just didn’t look like me) but hey it was fine. Everyone said I looked great. I loved my hair. You have to have it up with the wind and Cabo is pretty notorious for the wind so it was great. My hair did not move the whole day. My sisters were complaining about how their hair was in their face the whole time. Sand: I was also worried the sand would have been too hot to stand on but it was fine. Everyone was barefoot during the ceremony except the groom and I think his brother… Location on the beach: We kept the arch way simple and I’m really happy with that. I spent so much time asking questions with the wedding coordinator that sometimes took several days or several emails to get a response. I realized I worried too much prior to the wedding. When we got to the hotel it was literately like what flowers, what colors and where do you want dinner? They had the reservation made already. We had the rehearsal (which I ran) the night before and then dinner at the Mexican Restaurant and the wedding dinner at the steak house, Terote. The ceremony music (which I had on a cd and labeled) they messed this up I really have no idea how because I was so detailed oriented and my label had it on there. Not that big of a deal in the big picture but still a little irritating. We had the Groom’s brother accompany his wife in and seat her and they were supposed to do that to the same song as the groom accompanying his aunt but they put the bridesmaid’s song for them and then when my sisters started walking they played my song. I was close enough at this time where I told the wedding coordinator that it was the wrong song. So she got him to change it. Again a little upsetting, no one really seemed to notice except the groom and myself. Prior to the wedding we met with the WC I gave her a small suit case of all the details for the ceremony and then another one for the dinner. She had said she never saw so many details (it made me nervous)… The WC’s at the RIU are more of just a coordinator for the main stuff they don’t really handle all the details and set up all that much. Karla did for me and she did great. She was very accommodating, took notes and everything was set up as I requested. Minister: Betty was her name and she was great! She was a little nervous because of her English but she was awesome. She had an accent but that was it. I wrote my own ceremony down to every word. I didn’t like what they offered at the hotel. They had a one page simple deal that would have been over in 5 minutes. I had my sister read the art of marriage, we had a sand ceremony and my little sister read from 1 Corinthians. It was perfect! Cake: we got the vanilla with strawberry and it tasted like tres-leches. It was very good. I had sent a picture with what I wanted and they didn’t even do close. It was kind of ugly but hey it was included in our package… I also ordered two sets of flowers for the top. They ordered lily’s that were magenta and orange like our bouquets. Bridesmaids: Magenta dresses (these are the shoes I bought for them in addition to the bag) Flowers: Stargazers, lilies and Gerber daisy’s (they held up really well and just make the pictures POP with color. We were really happy with them! I just love how the colors look so vibrant. Photographer: Amy Bennett, let me just say she was amazing. She got there on time and stayed through dinner (which is where we did the first dance and cake cutting) so she got everything. She is upbeat and vibrant and does amazing work. She was open to ideas and really fast with communicating during the whole process and the best thing is that she has all the pictures back within two weeks. I can’t say enough good things about her! Her price is really reasonable too given the Cabo market. We got pictures of me getting in my dress and getting ready; we had a special meeting with the groom and then had a little down time before the wedding. She got us while we were waiting, the ceremony all the family and then the bridal party and dinner. They say the photographer is with you the most and it’s true. You have to have someone like her! Location: Riu Santa Fe Cabo San Lucas June 25th, 2011 (weather was perfect in high 80’s low 90’s) Recommendations: Take a week or so for the wedding portion (with family) ceremony and then take another week just the two of you somewhere else. We did not do this given finances and not knowing when we originally booked our trip then we couldn’t make any changes after the fact. It was not a honey moon but just a family vacation. We hardly had any alone time the entire week we were there. The groom was busy showing people around and being a perfect host. We had meetings with the hotel and wedding coordinator. I made all the OOT bags and assembled everything and then it was the wedding and it was over. We did trash the dress on Sunday and left on Tuesday. Note: my dress dried less than 24 hours after being sopping wet. It was cleaner then when I wore it I think and we just rinsed it in the shower and then put it on the balcony over night and it was dried by 10am the next morning (it was great). It was so worth it. Nothing happened to it except that it got clean J Also I had a veil but it kept blowing away so I didn’t even wear it for much more than 30 minutes of the pre pictures… It’s just windy in Cabo. Airline: We flew united down and back and no they will not hang your dress in a closet. Mine was folded over on top of the luggage. It was fine for me since the dress has a lot of rouging and doesn’t really matter but they just don’t have closest these days… WE carried on the blue, pink and black back pack with the dress and suit in one. Our goal was if anything under got lost we would still be able to have the wedding. Luckily nothing got lost and It all made it. Coming home we put everything inside the red and gray luggage and just had one carry on coming home. The whole time Mr. Groom kept repeating himself. WE ARE NEVER TRAVELING LIKE THIS AGAIN. LOL..I had to remind him that we won’t have to have a destination wedding for us ever again. It was a lot and heavy!! We were 49.5lbs in each coming home… so there was no more room!
  7. yea im wishing i would have know about Rebecca. I got on her website and she does amazing work!!
  8. but did you buy the access for 30 dollars or you have more than 150 posts... ?? maybe i could do it that way i just know there will be a lot of people who cant see it...
  9. i can paste the words but that is no fun with out the pictures!! maybe i can forward it to someone who has access and they can post it? I have no idea though...otherwise i have to wait until i get to 150 posts...
  10. yea i want it to be relaxed and fun. No were not doing any of that cake cutting or speech or anything like that. We just have the picture slide show and then visiting i guess?
  11. just wondering what did you guys do for your reception after the DW? we are having a picture showing and reception but do we need to have stuff planned out? the hubby is saying yea we need to know and so now im worried about it. I just invisioned visiting, a post cabo picture showing...dessert type of thing... he thinks we are not going to get any gifts...and i said i think we will and im sure people will want us to open them but would love to know your thoughts thanks!
  12. you dont need a ticket or advance reservation just join us for our post cabo reception... blah blah blah just wondering what did you guys do for your reception after? we are having a picture showing but do we need to have stuff planned out? the hubby is saying yea we need to know and so now im worried about it. I just invisioned visiting, a post cabo picture showing...dessert type of thing... he thinks we are not going to get any gifts...and i said i think we will and im sure people will want us to open them but would love to know your thoughts thanks!
  13. Everyone loved the maracas at the wedding. We got some really fun pictures with them as well. Next time i would just buy them down there though they sell big cute nice ones for a buck and im sure you could negotiate if you bought enough. I love all the Mexico theme stuff for a DW. It just add's to it
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