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  1. *** meant to say our request to be funny Â
  2. Groom & Bride are set to marry in COUNTRY on DATE  An evening reception will take place in the uk in order to celebrate with friends and family  You are invited to come along! DATE TIME PLACE  So what do you get for the bride and groom Whose house needs work done in every room Whose hopes are to be in the family way Soon after they return from their special day! When shopping for a present please dont be rash As there is always the option to just give cash! We hope you dont find out request to be funny But we really would appreciate a gift of money :-)  RSVP by - -/- -/- - to ADDRESS or EMAIL
  3. I have ordered my FI's suit from here, should be with us in the next couple of days so will let you know what its like. We did want a cream one but apparently they are end of line and so are low on stock. We will perhaps go with the white with a white shirt and maybe tanned coloured shoes. Depends what it looks like when it arrives  http://www.perfectsuits.co.uk/viart/product_details.php?item_id=451
  4. I didnt want to spend a fortune on flowers, and was told if i wanted gerberas at my wedding it would cost me £80 just for my bouquet and grooms buttonhole.  I have since found this site for artificial flowers, which means i can keep them afterwards. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Blossoming-Romance  These are the ones i have gone for http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Red-Cream-Silk-Gerbera-Hand-Wired-Posy-Bouquet-/170396249380?pt=UK_Home_Garden_Celebrations_Occasions_ET&hash=item27ac686d24 I will let you know what they are like once i receive them.
  5. No my bridesmaid isnt carrying my lingerie as a bag, i just havent pasted the correct picture lol
  6. Thanks for the info. I am not having a dj in jamaica but am having a family friend as our dj for out uk reception. He wants afew songs to start off with and then will just play whatever the crowd responds to best there on after.
  7. Oh i really like these, i wasnt going to bother either but i think i might now. I especially like the lady and the tramp one with the spaghetti, maybe cos i loved that film.
  8. Lovely photos, looks like you have been very organised for a large wedding.
  9. I marry there on the 1st Oct. I think it was you who pointed out that you are the day after me on one of the other threads, unless of course there are 2 of you on here marrying the day after me! :-)
  10. This is exactly what i have been worrying about? No matter how much i tried to get this across to Beverly she wasnt understanding my need to know. I have given up now and will just go with the flow, what we cant afford we will have to go without :-(
  11. OMG how bad is that!! I am shocked. Pleased you can still have your wedding on the same date, but that is so bad!
  12. In no particular order  My hen night outfit!  My dress, bridesmaid dress, grooms suit, my mum and dads outfits, flowers  My tiara  My wedding ring  My UK reception invites  My Jamaica wedding invites  My tickets to Jamaica  My wedding planner  My FREE wedding shoes, i may look for some better ones  Fans to keep us ladies cool  For my wedding night  Bag for bridesmaid to carry essentials  Bracelet  Earrings  My bridal make up
  13. I have heard from people who have married there that Beverly arranges everything in the space of 15 mins once you are there face to face with her. So i stopped stressing with all the questions buzzing about in my head and im just going with 'everytin will be ire mon!' lol. Â How weird, you are getting married the day after me. At least you know you can be in the background of mine seeing how it all goes lol. Â Thank god her email reply was a typo, you suddenly had me thinking there oh god whos going to organise my wedding!!!!
  14. I did 150 sit ups and i walked the dog. Dont do enough exercise to be honest, and i appear to be putting on weight for my wedding, damn not good.
  15. We are getting married at 4pm. We werent given a choice actually, so i just went along with it
  16. Do you recommend this then Kerri, even though i need it for uk reception. I am worried about the bottom getting all sandy actually
  17. My advice is try not to worry. If it happens it happens, the hotel will have back up plans im sure x
  18. I am getting married there in 3 weeks time. WC rarely emails back quickly, ive given up on her!
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