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  1. If you go to the Mille Spa Menu page from the EPM website and look on the right side, there is a link to the price list in pdf format.
  2. Keeping with the "shower" theme, I'm getting my hostesses monogrammed umbrellas!
  3. Thanks for the review Cat! I'm getting so excited - less than 3 months now! I'm using the "house" photographer too so I was glad to hear that you were pleased.
  4. Ok, here's my situation. A co-worker has approached me to say they want to throw me a shower which is very nice. I was picturing a short "over lunch" kinda thing at the office. But she wants to have it on a Saturday at her house and has asked me for a list of who to invite (friends and FI family - my family is all out of state) My concern is that some of my close friends will want to have a shower for me but will get invited to this one and either have to not come (awkward if they're trying to keep it a surprise) or come to this one AND host another shower. Plus I think a lot more co-workers would attend if it was at work rather than "off site". (I don't mean that to sound like I want more gifts!) I don't have a wedding party so there is no one "official" to host it. I'm stressing - am I making too much out of it? Do I just give her all the names and let the chips fall where they may?
  5. S Katrese your date is so close!! I know how excited you must be. Just a note about my OOT bags - I wanted to do more of a beach bag for mine and I found some big canvas ones at Bed Bath & Beyond last week for $4.99!! They are off white with either red or blue handles. I wanted them pretty big because I'm using one bag for each couple I think these will hold 2 towels, two mugs and all the other stuff I end up with! I was wondering about when to pick the flowers and cake too. Yamina has been very responsive anytime I've had to email her. I might send her an email and see what she suggests.
  6. I put "Jones Wedding or Bust!" on mine.
  7. I'm getting married at 11:00 by choice. Of course I'm not having a very big ceremony, just a few friends and very low key. We'll have the ceremony (lasts like 15 minutes so how horrific can it be even if it is a little toasty?) then have a brunch and cake at one of the restaurants and spend the afternoon by the pool or on the beach. We're not having a reception but we'll probably all have dinner together that evening. I've seen lots of beautiful wedding photos at ALL times of the day so I think the wedding planner's previous post might be a little harsh.
  8. anandres


    Welcome Lauren! Grand Bahama will be awesome - I'm getting married 8-9-10 at EPM. This site is great and you'll find all the info you need I'm sure! Happy planning.
  9. FI and I went out this past weekend to try things on. I was torn between the linen pants/shirt route and the tan suit route and after seeing him in both, we decided the tan suit. We found a cotton blend suite at Jos. A. Bank we will probably go back for. I loved him in the linen pants too but we ended up getting those for dinner/going out. I'm thinking that over the next few weeks, there will be a lot more lightweight suits in the stores to choose from.
  10. anandres

    Movie game

    The Dark Knight - Heath Ledger
  11. How about "Toes in the Sand, Drink in your Hand!"
  12. I love these but $145 http://www.sandalworld.com/Details.c...D=600&category
  13. I'm with you CeeCee76 - those "free" resort items cost us plenty already!
  14. mydidsmomtx (where in dfw? i'm in allen!) the logistics are what I'm thinking about too! Our "free package" comes with a cake and champagne and so maybe we have the ceremony, take the group photos (again, with only 6 people, that won't take long!) send our guests to wherever the cake is going to be set up then join them after we have our photos taken.