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  1. I didnt have any problems. I was more worried about bringing them back. I only paid $1 each so you could even leave them there. I needed them for our AHR. What I did was wrap them in bubble wrap and put in big zip locks because they stink. Then I put my receipt where I purchased them in the US on top of the bundle. I called customs before we went and she said I "think" you will be ok. Anyway we were fine and they looked great.
  2. I am looking for custom polka dot satin ribbon where I can choose the dot colors, not add a name or anything. I want light turquoise and black which is hard to find.
  3. I bought mine here: Sand Dollars, Starfish and Seashells for sale and they were great.
  4. whew, that was a pain. I put it in a word file because the biggest file size was 19kb which is too tiny. If anyone knows a better way to do this I will try it. chairback.doc
  5. My daughter did Ava Maria , Beyonce's version. Her sister sang and it was perfect (for us)
  6. I wish I could edit it and fix my typos!
  7. I wanted to write this review because when I was looking I couldnt find any reviews on here. My daughter was married April 12 2010 at 11:00 am. The weather was perfect. With the ocean breeze we weren't even hot. Afterwards she worse a white swim suit and veil in the pool. We partied it up all day then had a private dinner for 16 that night. WONDERFUL. We picked Secrets Capri for my daughters wedding because of two things. The two wedding planners Kristee and Martina's emails and the price. Some resorts seemed grouchy or would take days and days to answer questions. These two were so cheerful, positive and reassuring to my many many questions. They just sound like they love their job and are happy to help you. Kristee was on vacation when we got there, but Martina did a beautiful job. She even did a couple of extra touches that I didnt ask for...so nice. The ceremony site wasnt private but it was really pretty and we were so happy with it. We had an elderly guy in a speedo stand in our way of photos for awhile, but all of that was just funny. My other daughter sang as her sister came down the aisle and it was so beautiful. Everyone cried LOL. Our pics had some flaws, some had this green fence tarp in the background. I'm thinking the guy knew that we were getting the basic package and just snapped some up. I thought a lot of mine looked about as good. My daughter is happy with them so I won't complain much. Her bouquet was amazing!!! Our private dinner had to be moved indoors because of a rain threat. I was disappointed at first, but it was GREAT. They were SOOO accomodating with 3 or 4 servers for our 16 guests. We had our own bar so no waiting on drinks. The food was delicious. They let us use our own ipod plarer and dance a little. I struggled with paying for a dinner at an all inclusive but the privacy and service was worth it. On to the resort. Ive been to numerous all inclusives in Mexico. The food at this one was great. Probably the best food Ive had in Mexico. The service in the restaurants was REALLY slow. You have to adjust your attitude, drink up and deal. Our rooms were really nice, no musty smell. No liquor in the rooms but heck I needed to sober up by the time I hit the room everyday. They do put beer in the frig. The wedding was all we dreamed of. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you Martina! ♥ julia jewelly61@gmail.com
  8. Please ask any questions you have, I'll be happy to answer. We had a GREAT experience.
  9. Just got back April 15th. NO problemo's. I even had 20 starfish. I did take my USA receipt for those. I used them at our AHR when we got back.
  10. We had covered chairs. I put the starfish with raffia on the back of the chairs with mirror two sided tape.
  11. THANK YOU! we leave in the am! Quote: Originally Posted by Kelie11 Hi Jeninesmom...I just got back from Mexico late last night. Honestly, it is not that humid there or as hot as it is in the summer. So I paid attention to the sun and weather at 11am and it was fine! It was hot, but nnot unbearable. Also, the past few days have been very breezy so it added a "coolness" to the weather. Yesterday was a bit hotter than is was since monday, but again, not unbearable. I think you will be fine and it will be amazing!
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