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  1. Ladies, You have inspired me to do my own STD =) I'm not very crafty, but I'm going to give it a shot! Wish me luck =)
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by JanineA Ok so I think I have switched teams to Gianinar. I got a little suspicious since Gianinar told me that they couldn't make my dress in linen and lace cause linen is not readily available in China and would have to be imported (POB does have the exact same dress in satin and lace style 4506). So out of curiousity I wrote Duosheng to find out if in the best quality they would be using linen and lace and Wendy said they would try to match as close to linen as possible. I got very disappointed because at close to $500 I don't want to pay for something that isn't linen and lace. So I asked her what material it would be and she wasn't specific and said it would be close. When I asked her what material standard quality would be she told me it would be dress style 4506 satin and lace. Since Duosheng charges $297 for the satin and lace and Gianinarbridal $150 and many ladies seem satisfied with the quality of gianinar I am switching. What would have happened if I didn't ask about what material would have been used....wow, I would have ended up expecting one thing and got another. I kind of wanted the linen since it would have been easier to move in but the lace is just as nice. Here is a pic of it in satin and lace. Pam did you decide who you are going with? Janine, that's an incredible choice! I love it, I'm excited for you!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by -ballerina- oh, I just got a reply from gianinar.. with a tracking number!! And my lovely dress is about to come in a couple days! So excited!!!! =) EXCITING!!!
  4. #1 looks amazing on you!! It looks like it was made for you especially! I think either way you can't go wrong, YOU make the dress, not it you ;-) Good luck love and I know whatever choice you make you'll loove beauitful on your special day!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by LadyTrunck My proof pics are here!!!! Ok, I have to admit, if this weren't my TTD, I would be disappointed. I originally tried on for the wedding Maggie Sottero 'Reese'. I ended up falling in love with a different dress, so I thought I would have this one made for TTD. The beading on the original is gorgeous- but I guess that is also why the original was $900---- I emailed gianini to tell them the obvious imperfections of this one (back is uneven, I'm guessing it's just not finished yet- detail on front left is not the same as front right- detail down the front is a little crooked) So I'm excited to see what it looks like in person- and on me! Lady - dress looks AMAZING!! But the back infact is uneven, and I'm sure it's because they are still working on it, but you always want to be certain. You are going to look fantastic in it, I can't wait until you show us pics when you get it!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by peterpanpixiedust Here fishie.... amazing dress. Very nice touch with the blue beading! Ladies... I did it... I took the plunge! I sent the deposit for my TTD dress today. Knock off Amy Michelson and I swear I asked questions for about a month before I sent it in. Gianinar is who I chose. I'll keep everyone posted! amy michelson : Diamond here is original Peterpanpixiedust - OMG, I am so happy to have looked in this thread! Peter, this is one of my choices for my dress! I'm having a hard time finding a place here that has a sample I can try on, I FINALLY found a place 2 hours from me that will be carrying this the end of the month, I can hardly wait! Please let us know how the replica turns out! Ladies, all of your dresses came out amazing, you all look beautiful in them! I am now considering having my dess made instead of spending major $$$$. Since the FI and I are paying for the wedding I would like to keep our spending within our budget as much as possible and this is a perfect way to save
  7. My FI and I are going to do this, we aren't sure what we are doing yet, possible our wedding date, our initials, or a design of some sort. I think it's a fantastic idea, something special to do together.
  8. Ladies, Thank you so much for all your advice!! I agree, the strap I was a little ify about....I am going to continue my search for "the perfect dress". I may of thought this was "the one" but I also am skeptical.... Is it cliche' to think that when you try on the dress it'll be "the one"? or do you just settle for what you feel is the best? Elnighten me, please!
  9. Taugania - thank you hun! Means a lot and I appreciate the advice without the strap, funny thing is, I wasn't sure how I felt about THAT strap, it is a little off. and if the dress was strapless, with a sweetheart cut, I think I would love it more.
  10. Mrs. Tim! - Hi Honey pie, the material isn't heavy (SHOCKING, I KNOW!), but i do want to make sure it looks fabulous to everyone ASIDE from family, and future family... you ladies know how it is. #1, these are pics that will pass down fom generation from generation, and I want them to look FAN-TA-BU-LOUS from the naked eye. =) and Mrs. Tim - Can NEVER hurt to have one too manu dresses ;-)
  11. Dol - Your huskie is PRECIOUS!! just an FYI!! I have 2 precious cheewiees (we think) Both have been rescued so we don't have their background, but they are our LOVES. Vincent D Chase, is our first, we adopted him and he's our "first". Filbert N. Fu, he's our foster and well, we are Foster Failuers in EVERY sense of the word, because we fell in love and took him in.
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