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  1. Hi Julia and BachataBride, Congrats on not needing any meds, that's awesome. Alot of the patients I take care of have numerous bowel problems who require surgery. So well done! As for the cleanse, even though I love it, I wouldn't recommend for anyone with diagnosed issues such as yours, unless you've consulted a doctor first. Chances are, they would advise against it.
  2. Hi Amy and BachataBride! Amy, congrats on the weight you lost! I know you only wanted to lose 5-8 lbs, so well done! As for the "cleanse for life" drink.. I ordered the berry with my 9 day program and was able to handle it ok.. I didn't love it by any means, but I could stomach it. With my 30 day program I ordered the tropical paradise flavour and it is WAY better than the berry. I didn't have any problems with 2 cleanse days back to back.. probably because of my crappy eating habits to begin with, since I would normally go forever without eating anyway. So it wasn't hard for me. With the 30 day program you do 1 cleanse day a week... but I've ordered an extra bottle of cleanse for life just in case I want to do 2 cleanse days in a row. The weight is coming off, but I gained 1.5 last week as I was on a little vacation. But I'm not stressed about it. PCOS sucks!! But I'm taking my medication and trying to lose the weight. That will help alot with the symptoms since there is no cure. I'm not sure how my fertility situation is right now... since it can cause infertility and in come cases can lead to ovarian cancer. But I'm trying not to let it get me down. Posting here and my videos on YOUTUBE are actually very therapeutic. It is amazing how wonderful people are, you know? I get so many messages from people wishing me luck. It is very heart warming. Anyway, I'm so long winded.... sorry about that. LOL Keep up the good work AMY!! You're doing great!! BachataBride... since you have Crohn's you have to be really careful about anything that could have any kind of laxative effect. Personally, my bowels have never been better, since I was constipated and bloated all the time. But everyone reacts differently. AMY - how were your bowels on your cleanse days?
  3. Amy! Good for you! I hope it goes well for you. If you are planning your cleanse days, and are not sure how you will react, I definately suggest scheduling them on your days off (just in case). I didn't feel the need to have urgent bowel movements or anything, but I did go quite a few times on the first cleanse day. Just make sure you are near a bathroom just in case. Also, if you are preparing for the cleanse, trying limiting caffiene, pop etc... I switched to decaff and don't notice a difference at all. It tastes the same to me. And drink LOTS of water. I drink 2-3 litres a day. Good luck with the cleanse! Keep us posted on how you're doing! I'm still doing mine. I'm on the 30 day program now, so will just continue with it until I reach my goal. Take care!!
  4. Hi ya! Well, it has been a little while since my last post. Things are still going very well. I'm at 13 inches and 14 lbs lost so far. I'm still loving Isagenix! I've also been taking metformin for my PCOS and it has been helping a tonne with my cravings for sweets. They are basically non-existent now, which is amazing, because if I could've started an IV on myself and infused chocolate syrup - I would have. But no longer!! lol Anyway, that's all for now, just wanted to post a quick update! Take care!
  5. Ok... so yesterday was my last day on the 9 day cleanse (plus there were 2 days of pre-cleanse) so total 11 days.. and I got up this morning and was down another lb. So the grand total for the past 11 days was 11 lbs and 10 inches! WOW! I'm really happy with that. I can't believe that I am 11 lbs lighter than I was 11 days ago. I must have been really toxic! LOL LadyChesse, thanks for your kind words... I'm hoping that even though there is no cure, I can at least get treatment that will make life a little easier. I guess I'll just wait until I talk to the Gyne. Thanks again!
  6. Well... today is my final cleanse day, and I feel awesome. I really do! I'll weigh again tomorrow... but as of this morning, in total I have lost 10 lbs and 10 inches. For any of you who have seen my youtube videos, you know just by looking at me that I have a long way to go. But it is a start. I almost feel excited about looking at wedding gowns... ALMOST. But I won't.. at least not for a while. Not until I lost alot more weight. I have sucky news though.... today I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This is a condition where women who have this condition are at risk for developing Diabetes, because it messes with your insulin resistance/tolerance,... therefore most women who have this are overweight. Not ALL women, but most. So now I'm starting on a medication to help alleviate some of my symptoms. It should also help with the weight loss, because my insulin levels will be better controlled. Also, women who have this disorder also have trouble getting pregnant, and some will remain infertile. I can't stress out about it too much right now. I have a referral to see a gynecologist that works at my hospital. Since the floor I work on is General Surgery, Urology, GI, and Gynecology, I'm pretty comfortable with her. I realize this part of the post probably doesn't belong in this thread... I only mentioned it because other people who may have PCOS may relate to the weight issues. Anyway, take care everyone...
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    Just a quick hello from a newbie!!

    Jocy! I'll be heading over to Edinburgh (from Canada) for my wedding in September 2009! I love it there. Best of luck with your planning!!
  8. Thanks Alyssa! Just so there wouldn't be any more confusion in the future, I've deleted the website from post #22. That way, if anyone wants to learn more, they can google, or contact me privately. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks you guys for your kind words of encouragement!! I just have one thing to add. I really must apologize to everyone who was so supportive in the last thread I started on nutritional cleansing. Alyssa kindly sent me a message explaining why the thread was moved. Apparently based on the website I posted, some people were under the impression I was spamming. I want to apologize to anyone who felt this way. Yes it is true, that I signed up as an associate with the company whose products I am using only so that I could purchase the products at the wholesale price, since I know I will have to use the products for a very long time in order to lose allllll the weight I need to lose. In no way, shape or form, was I posting the link to the company website to solicit sales. I honestly thought I was just being helpful to those who wanted to learn more. Alyssa, I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention, so I could clear up any misconceptions. Thanks again for all the kind words!
  10. Hey everyone! Just a quick update. For those of you who were contributing to the nutritional cleanse thread, I see it has been moved - not sure why. But anyway, I thought I would just write a quick note to say hello! Hope everyone's wedding plans are going well. I know for me, it is such a challenge! I don't have a wedding planner in Scotland helping me out - yet! I may have to look into getting one though. Well, just an update on the weight loss... I have so far lost 8 lbs and as of this morning 10 inches! I'm pretty happy with that. I have 4 days left of my cleanse and am thrilled with how I'm feeling right now!!
  11. Hi Lucy, The meals I eat are 400-600 calories. Today for instance I had a chicken breasts and grilled veggies (red, green and yellow peppers, onions and mushrooms, marinated in low cal low fat italian dressing) and a half of a pita. This added up to around 450 calories or so. When I have my shake later, I'm going to add a half of banana and some strawberries. I think the key is just to have common sense in picking what foods you are going to order. Ask for your salad dressing on the side, instead of already added. Ask what kind of oil things are cooked in etc... 600 calories, when choosing low calorie foods can really make up a big substantial meal! I don't feel deprived at all. Also, no alcohol, and realllly limit your caffeine - this has been difficult for me because I work rotating 12 hour day AND night shifts. I love coffee. So now I have a decaf once in a while. For those addicted to diet pop etc... switch to caffeine free.. but limit that too. So if you are going out, and you know what restaurant you are going to ahead of time, check online to see if they have a menu you can check out... that way you can prepare. Another trick is to drink a tonne of water before you go out.. you won't feel as hungry when you do eat. Hope that helps! For me, this has been a really good experience so far. I'm really learning to look things up, and really think about what I'm putting into my body before I eat it. That way I can plan ahead! I found this website that I've been using alot to look up the calories for various foods. The Calorie Counter I'm looking forward to really incorporating this system into my lifestyle forever! I love it! The only down side is that it is a little pricey. But here is how I justify my spending.... I waste money on meaningless things everyday, that don't last. I'm a impulse shopper, and LOVEEEE jewellery. I can't tell you how much money I've spent over the years on that stuff... lets face it, we only have 10 fingers... can't wear it all at once! Why is it I have nooo problem dropping hundreds, and thousands of dollars on "things", yet I complain a little when a system such as the one I'm on can run $200-$300 a month?? I've totally decided to change my mindset... I'm worth this amount of money and so much more! lol I've just decided to make myself a priority. I always put everyone and everything else before myself. I'm doing this one thing for myself for a change. I can't wait to see how I'm going to look and feel next year when I get married!!!
  12. Down 2 more lbs! Holy cow!!
  13. Hi everyone! Thanks for the encouraging comments! Virg, I totally agree with you nutrition is very important. I should clarify how the program works. Before officially starting the 9 day program, for 2 days I did a pre-cleanse - basically just incorporating protein shakes and a nutritious meal into my day. Then I did two days of a "cleanse". That is, I didn't have any solid food except for a few snacks. There is this drink that I had, 4 oz 4 times per day, and I drank PLENTY of water. From what I can gather, over these two days I was supposed to empty my bowels. I was expecting to be spending the entire 2 days in the bathroom. But this wasn't the case at all! I had a few movements the first day and a few the second day. It wasn't like taking a laxative or anything - but maybe it is different for everyone. So now that the 2 cleanse days are over, I will for the next week, have 2 shakes a day, snacks, and a nutritious meal of 400-600 calories. For me, this kind of system works well because of my schedule. I know that if I'm not eating numerous meals a day, at least I'm getting the nutrients I need. If I stop thinking of it as a diet, and more of a lifestyle, hopdfully I will be able to keep the weight off. When I'm finished the 9 day program, I'm going to get the 30 day program for sure. I'm also going to sign up for "auto ship" so that every 30 days I'll get another shipment. That way I won't fall off the wagon. I'll have a fresh shipment just when I need it. Ordering isagenix is kind of like Avon in many ways. You can get it from Avon ladies - or in this case isagenix independent associates. In my case, I just googled, and found an associate to order from. When I went on the website to order I had a few choices to make. I could either buy the products at retail, or I could buy the products at wholesale prices. In order to buy them at wholesale prices, you either have to join as a preferred customer which I think is $36, or you can join as an associate for something like $46. I joined as an associate only because I have ALOT of weight to lose, so I figured, why not put out the $46 now, and save alot of money off the retail prices since I'm going to be on this program for a long time. Some people may ne interested in it from a business point of view, but right now, I'm too busy trying to lose the weight and plan a wedding!!!!! Feel free to check out the website. If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Also, for those of you only needing to lose a few pounds. If you are unable to do it on your own and have been thinking about a program such as this... either the 9 or 30 day program would be good. Mind you the 30 day program is more expensive, but at least if you incorporate it over a long period of time like this, you can pace yourself. Just a thought.
  14. I've lost another 3 lbs since yesterday! I'm shocked and amazed!
  15. Well, after 2 pre-cleanse days, today was my first official cleanse day. And it is going really well. Before I started cleansing today I weighed myself this morning. And just from the prep for the last two days, I've already released 3 lbs. I posted another video on youtube for anyone who is interested!