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  1. You looked great. Good job!!
  2. Great pictures and you both look great!!! Congratulations.!!
  3. Patti

    Newly Engaged

    Congratulations - and welcome to the Forum. You'll find tons of helpful information her. Good luck and happy planning!!!
  4. Congratulations!! I got married at the Hilton Los Cabos and it was a wonderful wedding and a wonderful trip. They do a great job, however mine was very small. Don't think you could go wrong with Cabo - or the Hilton.
  5. I used a company called Lifestyles. They were great and very dependable. One thing I liked about them is that they accepted credit cards. We filled out an authorization form before we arrived. Most of the other companies wanted a wire transfer before we arrived. We felt that by using our credit card, we could at least, dispute the charge if they didn't show up. However, all went well, and I would recommend them. We also negotiated the price with them. Good luck.
  6. Congratulations and welcome to the Forum. You'll find tons of helpful information here. My daughter got married in PV. The ceremony, itself, was not at Dreams, but we all stayed there. One thing that we were not pleased with was that not all the bars stayed open during the evenings. We had a private dinner set up beside one of the pools which turned out really nice. Good luck with your planning.
  7. I also used Dino Gomez and was very pleased. Went to Mi Casa, as well. It's a restaurant that we go to every time we're in Cabo. Great food every time.
  8. My daughter gave me a picture frame that had been engraved. I actually walked my daughter down the isle and gave her away. The engraving said "My Walk with Mom" and it also had the date. She gave it to me at the wedding, however, it was for a picture of the two of us walking down the isle. It meant so much to me. Not that your mother will walk you down the isle, but maybe you could think of something special to engrave on a frame and then have a special picture taken of the 2 of you at the wedding that would go in that frame once you get your pictures back.
  9. I got married at the Hilton, as well, on December 19, and Tathiana was my WC. She was wonderful to work with. I've been going to the Hilton in Cabo since 2002. I'm sure there are plenty of other nice hotels, but I've been so pleased with the Hilton that I have no reason to ever pick a different hotel. They keep me wanting to come back.
  10. We only had 11 people. I included beach towels. For the guys, I ordered their favorite sports team off the internet, and for the ladies I bought beach towels from Bed, Bath & Beyond, then took them to a lady for embroidery work. I had our wedding location and date put on them. I also included playing cards and soduki and crossword puzzle books.
  11. Just beautiful, Tiffany!! Thanks for sharing. I noticed Rev. Marco in you pics. He officiated my wedding too. Congratulations!!
  12. For my daughter's wedding at Dreams PV, we had a private dinner set up by one of the pools. It was really nice that we were separate for the crowds. They had it decorated nicely (Mexican theme). It was a buffet and we had our own bartender. Good luck!
  13. jt20, here's the room key template. Hope it works for you. Good luck. Attachment 4506 key holder.ppt
  14. Congratulations, Nadine. You looked beautiful. Glad everything turned out well for you. The on-lookers are too funny. My daughter got married in Playa del Carmen and there' was a fat guy in a speedo that kept popping up in her pictures. lol
  15. Patti

    Newbies mom

    Hi, Mom. Both of my daughters got married in Mexico. One in Playa del Carmen and the other in Puerta Vallarta. I just got married, myself, in Cabo. If I can answer any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. Good luck and happy planning.
  16. Patti

    How's it going?

    Congratulations, Dan, and welcome to the Forum. I just got married in Cabo in December. Dino Gomez, who was mentioned above, was my photog and we were very pleased with our pictures. Don't hesitate to contact me if I can answer any questions. I've been to Cabo quite a few times. Good luck with your planning!!
  17. I would highly recommend to not book ANYTHING through Expedia, Travelocity or a service like that. I make reservations a lot for work and have had the worst experiences with these companies IF you have to cancel or change anything. I use them when searching for flights, however, when I find the best one, then I book through that particular airline's website.
  18. It's be 3 weeks since my wedding and everyone had a blast. Even my 85 year old mother (I'm an older bride). Everyone said we needed to make it a yearly event - lol>
  19. Don't worry. You'll be much better off, imo, if you don't sweat the small stuff. You'll be the bigger person. Just hold your head up and have the best time ever!!
  20. Congratulations, Elishia. I've been to St. Thomas a couple of times and it's just beautiful. My daughter spent a summer there, assisting the WC at the Marriott Frenchmen's Reef. She said all of the weddings there were beautiful. Good luck with your planning.
  21. Patti

    Maui bound

    Congratulations, Carol. Maui is such a beautiful place - especially to get married. Good luck with your planning!!
  22. Strange, how people are. Don't worry about it. Just keep reminding yourself that it's your wedding and that's all that counts.
  23. Patti

    Just Engaged!!

    Congratulations, Kristen, and welcome to the Forum. You can search for different locations that you would like to find more about. Good luck and happy planning!!
  24. That's great. When I was looking for them for my wedding, they couldn't be found. I had to get them from Amazon.com and paid more than $1 for them, plus shipping. It was hard, knowing they were originally $1 at Target. Good find. Congratulations!!
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