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  1. Also, I ordered the towels from Cotton Fruit Inc. They are based out of Miami, and did not deliver to canada. Therefore I had them delivered to my FIL in the States who brought them along to the resort. Kristen
  2. Also, I ordered my towels from Cotton Fruit Inc. based out of Miami. They did not deliver to Canada, so I had them delivered to my FIL in the States who brought them along with him to the resort. Kristen
  3. These are the dinner options for the Pure Chill Our Bar.... BUFFET STYLE DINNER “INTERNATIONAL 1†Cena Estilo Buffet “Internacional 1†SALAD BAR (6) / Barra de ensaladas COLD ENTRIES / Entradas frías CHEESE VARIETY, SEAFOOD COCKTAIL , VARIETY PATES (ESPEJO DE PATES), ROAST BEEF, SALAD BAR AND DECORATED TURKEY. Variedad de quesos, Cóctel de mariscos, Variedad de pates, Roast beef, Barra de ensaladas decoradas con pavo. SOUP / Sopa ESTRAGON MUSSELS CREAM / Crema de mejillones al estragón. MAIN COURSES / Platos principales SPAGUETTI
  4. If you have your reception in the Pure Chill Out Bar (PBC), then you pay per person for the meal. The meal I chose was about $60 pp. It is not a restaurant, it is an open space (with roof and floor, but no walls) on the beach that is used for a bar, but is rented out for private parties such as wedding receptions. When you book it for a reception, you don't pay any other fee other than the cost for each persons meal. Gabriella will send you the dinner options if you decide you want to rent out the PCB. It is not the same as the restaurant menus. You can only have your reception in an actual
  5. I got the key card holders from Staples. No we did not have to pay for our luggage. On Air Transat we got 1 free checked bag and 1 free carry bag each. My dress was allowed on as an extra carry-on as well at no extra charge. But I did pay $20 to have my maid of honour take another checked bag for me on her airline. It would have cost us $40 for an extra checked bag of up to 40lbs on our airline. But her airline only charged $20 for a 50lb bag. Kristen
  6. Hey! I brought tons of stuff!!! Out of our 4 bags, 3 of them were gifts or decorations! Then my friend brought another bag, and my FIL brought a few more for me!! No one cares what you bring in to the country as gifts for your guests or decorations. The only thing they care about is what you bring in to the country to sell. Probably none of what you are bringing into Mexico will be staying there, so you don't even need to mention it to customs. Yes I would recommend the PCB. It is private and beautiful! We got "the grill" menu. It was a buffet...as they all are...and it was great!
  7. L&C in love, They have a mic and speakers set up at the ceremony and at the reception so everyone can hear you very well. The mic is portable, so no need to worry about cords or being in a certain place to announce. I would say its up to what you guys are looking for in relation to the acoustic guitar. I found that it was hard to hear, but that could have just been our experience? It is still nice, and it doesnt feel too quiet or anything. There is lots of noise with the ocean and whatnot. If it would mean more to you to have your family member play, then do that. But if the music
  8. Oh yeah...L&C in Love, most of the music the Dj played was top 40. It looked like he had tons of songs though! He can play music from your ipod or cd...but like I said, you may have to be pushy to get him to play your stuff:-) If I asked him to play a song of mine, he did. But really, his taste in music is probably better than mine...lol...he did keep everyone dancing thats for sure! Kristen
  9. Few more things I remembered... -The Dj you hire is the same one who is in the Disco at nights -The music at the reception was not turned down at 10pm like the contract said it would be. If anything, it seemed louder! -I ordered flowers for my hair, but they did not arrive. So my bridesmaids and I clipped flowers from the gardens for our hair. I got approval from the front desk to do this:-) -The Dj arrived at 7pm....I think! All I know is he was there when we were ready for him. -We got upgraded to the delux wedding package because of the number of people we had in our group. It was
  10. Hey guys, Finally got some pics I can post! Our wedding was fantastic! Gabriella and another woman Cynthia handled all of our wedding details. I did not see or hear from Pilar while I was there, so I guess she has left? But Gabriella and Cynthia were great! The wedding went off without a hitch. When you first arrive you get a printed sheet that details when you will meet with Gabriella to go over all your details. This is when you will pay and make sure everything is what you want. On the wedding day Cynthia met the girls in my room to take us down to the ceremony. The two
  11. I have 62 teal coloured organza chair sashes and 8 teal table runners for sale. $150 for everything. Please email k_planta@hotmail.com if interested Chair sashes are 7.5" x 106" 6 of the tables runners are for round tables and are 14" x 80" 2 of the table runners are for rectangle tables and are 14" x 126"
  12. Hey guys! Just got back from the wedding!! I will post a full review with pics soon, but let me just say for now that it was Great!! Kristen
  13. Hey Baezas, I am also hiring the Dj at the PCB. Everyone seems to say that he is good, but I am just curious what kind of music he plays? For example is it more mexican style, is it current top 40 type stuff, is it classic old school wedding stuff? I am hoping to be able to bring specific songs for him to play for our 1st dance, and dances with our parents...but I was also going to bring other songs, depending on what kind of music he plays/has available. Also, does he speak english well? And is he there for the whole reception, or does he arrive after dinner? I need someone to make a
  14. Josie, Your wedding sounded fantastic, and I love your dress! Thanks so much for putting up the pics! I will also try to add you to facebook to see more:) I wish I would have thought about buying table decorations down there...I have already bought my stuff here, but it is going to be more work to transport down there. Oh well, I guess I already bought it, so i may as well bring it:) we leave in a month! Cant wait!! Kristen
  15. I am hoping Josie has some reviews/photos to share with us soon!!
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