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  1. Thanks. It's been 9 months but it still seems like yesterday. FYI- I only jumped on these boards again bc. I was getting a lot of PMs. However, life is hectic and I have a new house to paint! So if you need anything else- feel free to PM me (I'll get notification through my email). Otherwise, I'm signing off for now Best of luck and just know- you wedding will be what you put into it!!
  2. @Pinklilikoi- Eeee!! Isn't she the best?! Tell Della that 'Tami says hi' next time you talk to her. We had THE BEST time planning my wedding. Honestly- Della works magic with flowers... and everything she touches for that matter. I know they aren't for everyone- but you should look into Proteas. Della lives on a Protea Flower farm and has them coming out of her ears. I bet cost on those flowers would be really low. Besides, I think they are such an exotic and cool and Maui-licious flower, it could be really neat and unique. Just thought I'd throw that out there. I wish I'd thought of it
  3. Again, I'm going to say Dellables. They do weddings ALL over the island and they are very reasonable as far as pricing. It smelled... like nothing you've ever smelled before. Bliss.
  4. Oh- and don't worry about not having a trial if you go with Dan and Jessica. I had a few inspiration photos for them- but on my wedding day, I asked what they thought would look best on me (after all, THEY are the experts) and after seeing my dress, the decor, and everything- they nailed it perfectly. I was nervous about not having a trial at first too. I shouldn't have wasted my time
  5. I believe both Dan and Jessica are in Kihei (which is right next to Wailea). They (and their assistants) both came to me over on the west side in Lahaina on my wedding day. You have to pay a travel fee- which I think if you are down south, is $50.00 (each). As far as their cost, I *think* it was about $100 for makeup, and $125 for hair. That said, I paid 2009 prices (they were the first vendors I booked- 12 months in advance). Hey, besides photography- they were my most important vendors. So on top of what I'm sure are higher prices for 2011, you also have the travel fees, tips!!, and t
  6. No, but Cherise from The Perfect Wedding Maui was my coordinator and she was... out of this world. And on top of that- she was the least expensive that I could find on the island. For FULL wedding coordination AND day of, we paid $700.00. Feel free to check out my photos to see how incredible it was. And honestly- my coordinator was the reason it was so great. Don't mind her website- it's a little hokey but it's NOT representative of her work.
  7. We had an optional chartered sailing snorkel cruise (we chartered the entire boat so it was much more private) as, like someone above me said, we found out many of our guests got sea sick. But for those that did come- it was a blast! For our welcome dinner, we all went to the Old Lahaina Luau. It was superb and again, everyone loved it. The Feast of Lele is also nice- it's just not a "traditional luau" and I really wanted my guests to experience that. They are both really great though. Then for the rehearsal dinner we had a very informal lunch at Aloha Mixed Plate.
  8. We (surprise) rented my dad a bright yellow convertible Corvette to have during the wedding. It was more of a joke than anything. But I have to say, it made for a fun drive up the northern edge of the island. If you want something really cheeky (and I think people would get SUCH a kick out of it), you could go for something like this. Personally, I wish I had thought of it but it was only upon our return to the island after the wedding that they had made their appearance. Not for everyone, but the pictures (and reactions) would be priceless.
  9. Dellables is... I'm not even sure I have words for how amazing she is. She oozes creativity, works with you on your budget, is so in love with weddings and anything beautiful you can't helped but to be sucked into her aromatic world. I had a vision for my wedding with dripping orchids all over the place... and she just ran with it. Everything was even MORE gorgeous than I can begin to explain. Click here. You won't be sorry.
  10. I used Dan Sanchez and Jessica Waite as well. It was a no brainer. Are they pricey? Yup. Was it worth it- I would have even paid more if they wanted me too. I looked flawless. How often can you say that about yourself?
  11. Honestly- go with Dellables. Not only does she do amazing work, but she's just FABULOUS to work with. She did all the decor and flowers for my wedding, and honestly- she made all the difference.
  12. Hi there, I'd be happy to help you navigate the treacherous wedding vendor waters. I didn't have anyone to help me when I was planning- so now that I've done tons and tons and tons or research AND had a very successful wedding I'd be happy to help you as much as I can. I seriously feel like I had the Maui Wedding Dream Team working for me. Everyone was beyond incredible. You can message me with your email address and we can communicate that way too. I've helped several Maui brides from these boards and it's worked quite well that way. To (quickly) answer your questions: 1.
  13. bridetov


    I went barefoot for the ceremony & reception. But putting on a small heel for our dance worked out really nicely because my dress was shortened (ever so slightly) and made it much less likely that me (or hubs) would step on it.
  14. I'd say MOST couples get married at Olowalu. I've personally known a few and they've all had RAVE reviews. It's set up perfectly for weddings, their staff is super nice, and it's... picture perfect. Just ask Cherise about it- she's done a TON of weddings there.
  15. Dan Sanchez is the go-to guy for wedding hair. I swear, I've never seen my hair look so beautiful in my entire life... and I didn't even have a trial! He's a little pricier than some, but SO worth it!
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