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  1. I got married in April 2012. They are banned due to dry conditions and the chance of fire. Sorry, I wanted to use them too, but had to eliminate that idea.
  2. One of a Kind Beautiful Destination Wedding Dress. Size 4. Original Price $2000. My price $1000. Cleaned. Perfect Condition! Flawless! Winnie Couture dress, custom altered back and buttons added from lower back to the tip of the train, truly one of a kind. The halter has light thin cups and wire to shape and to hold so that you can go braless. Duel layer, so NO undergarments needed or no show lines. Lightweight and easy carry on for flight and travel. Please contact me if you are truly interested in this dress, and I can supply more detailed info about sizing. I searched everywhere for the perfect dress at a reasonable budget, and trust me I know how hard it is to find one. This will truly knock your husband's feet off, and give you a sleek and glamourous look.
  3. Yes. I have reserved 60 seats for our reception at Old Lahaina Luau on April 26, 2012. So definately call and they should hook you up.
  4. I just recently asked my WC about them, and she said that they are a huge fire hazard since they have not been getting much rain, and they tend to float everywhere which is why the islands are in debate about outlawing them. They are trying to keep them a safe and beautiful place for all to enjoy. I really liked the idea too, but in the end, I do not want to be the one causing a fire nor do I want to ruin it for the natives as well as the tourists that come to visit every year, because I wanted it for my wedding. So in answer to your question, I don't think they have outlawed it from what I have read at least on Maui (Oahu it is banned as well as fireworks), but I don't know who you'll find that will permit it on their property. I have read that they do not permit it at Olowalu and also have called a few hotels. Sorry to be the bummer of news, but maybe you can find another idea to end your evening.
  5. I have booked Ka'ua Photography for my wedding in April of 2012. I was contemplating the two and the price was a good difference, but in the end Ka'ua's photography capitavated me with all of the little details, and he really seemed to capture the moments. He works alone, but is fast and good with the eye. All in all I ended up decided to go with Ka'ua and spend a little more for the quality and moments captured. They are both great choices and good luck!
  6. I could use some help girls? I really like the pictures from this website, and they are very eyecatching and there prices are reasonable, but I have not heard of anyone on here who has used them or on any other reviews online, and we are always skeptical because you never know about people. They seem great, but I am just wanting to do some checking first. They are "A Maui Beach Wedding" with Greg Hoxsie. Any opinions would be greatly appreciative! Thanks!
  7. I also hear great things about Dan Sanchez, and that he is one of the most known and well loved. I was sold on all the reviews I had heard about him - not one bride was disappointed. Also if you need makeup done, his co-worker Jessica Waites is suppose to be awesome also!
  8. I am trying to compose a approximate budget so that I can decide on what we can and can not afford to do for our guests, bring a photographer, etc. Has anyone recently rented a chuppa w/flowers or linen/organza that could give me an approximate price on it? I haven't been able to get any flower companies in maui to call me back regarding them and let's just say pricing has been kind of difficult with my planner since I'm a little ways out on the date, but I need to know whether I can afford other things or not. Please Help!!!!
  9. I was wondering if anyone had rented outdoor furniture for their wedding in Maui? I would like to have casual seating (lounge and ottomans) for people to sit on for the afternoon after the ceremony, and I have not found much luck on companies that rent them in Maui but more so on Oahu. I would appreciate any helpful information on companies, pricing, and what type of furniture it may be!
  10. I just wanted to say that my heart was set on the Haiku Sugar Mill also. My wedding coordinator gave me a little insight that they have changed hands, and that the owner has been very difficult to work with. Our coordinator did not want to detour us from using them, but said that she tried to get information for another bride this year and they wouldn't work much with her. I also read on another foruum posting that another bride said the owner came to her reception in casual clothes and was in the background of her wedding most of the evening, and kind of was very unprofessional about a few things that happened. I so wanted that wedding to be there, but with the no budge budget (the haiku mill sent me) and the information from 2 people, I have settled on having my eye set on another venue. Hope this information helps, and good luck!!
  11. I am looking at also staying in that area, and they recommended the cottages, or the site in general. Could you also send me pics? I am very nervous about the rooms for my guests and just want a nice place to stay at reasonable cost. Thanks so much! You can email here at tri_martin@hotmail.com Thanks!!!
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