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  1. They have two options 1) Round Arch or 2) Huppa... no bamboo Both are covered with white Fabric.
  2. My wedding was supposed to be the 3rd of may 2011 and she worked with me to get everything i dreamed of ....I am sure she can help you
  3. I just received this from Temieca ( ibersostar Rose Hall beach) "Hello Vaneska: The photographers and the makeup artist will have to purchase a day pass of US$50 per person see attached as they are not making a delivery, so the information below does not apply to them. The hotel allow persons for delivery to be on property for up to 30 minutes maximum without a charge and they are not granted access to a room. Once they are staying pass that time they will be charged accordingly. Also please advise the photographer and the makeup artist that they should an ID with them as this
  4. omg!!! That is great news!!! I think temeica said any outside person is charged since the "Resort Salon" looses out....hmmm interesting the suites and the beach WC say different?! Any chance you can email me a copy of the email NIcole sent you???... vanfit09@gmail.com Vaneska Quote: Originally Posted by eholt Vaneska, Nicole told me otherwise on this. For vendors who are NOT staying and only making deliveries, etc., there should be no charge. If you would like your make-up artist to be by your side all day, that's different. I will bring my emai
  5. Thats Awesome!!! be sure to tell me how it all turned out )
  6. yes there is a 100.00 veddor fee and 75.00 day pass....you could say she is a friend and maybe you will only have to pay the 75.00...thats what i will try to do
  7. Its so awesome to see so many brides using Almarie Walters of Tropical Weddings Jamaica!!! Since i switched i have no regrets!!! She is amazing!!! We are going to have the wedding of our dreams for the same price as Iberostar BUT with out the headache of the poor service from the resort. If anyone is on the fence- i strongly recommend you use her!!! She is so Professional and quick to respond and negotiate to get everything you want for your Big day V
  8. I know thats probably the best route....its worth the money right??
  9. When i spoke to PRINCESSJ -she said that Temeica charged Her a $500.00 set up fee for her reception ....plus the buyout (800.00) for uncle Tonys... you donRH for the wedding package that would go to Almarie...
  10. hmm, are you worried if you show up and no ocean front rooms are available? i hear they are limited........ thats a great idea for the guys to share a room! 200 for a sep room is too pricey!
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