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  1. Hi Vaneska, I just sent you a PM. Hope it helps!
  2. Year Month Date Bride & Groom Where 2007 Jun 12 Ann + Paul @ outside of the Wailea Marriott (AnnR) (only us, it was our legal ceremony/honeymoon, wedding was in Mexico) 2008 Oct 4 Sherry + Patrick @ Wailea Marriott + Seawatch (Sherry) 2008 Nov 5 Lisa + Jayson @ Mokapu Beach + Seawatch (Chiquita) 2009 Feb 11 Trish + Bill @ Makena Secret Cove + Kimo's Restaurant (mplscold) 2009 June 1 April+Mike @ Seawatch + Mulligan's on the Blue (litl_april) 2009 April 15 Stacey+Mike @ Kapalua Bay+ I'O (SAM) 2009 Sep 26 Jackie + Jeff @ Fairmont Kea Lani (PaddleAddict) 2009 Oct 12 Rina + Yuriy @ Kapalua Bay + Son'z Restaurant at Hyatt Regency (rina) 2009 Oct 14 Deb + John @ Kalaeokai'a Estate + Five Palms Restaurant (da.schmoopies) 2009 Oct 18 Patty + Jason @ Old Lahaina Luau for wedding & reception (mspattemac) 2009 Nov 12 Karina + Cory @ Ritz Carlton Kapalua (1sunshine) 2009 Nov 18 Vanessa + Jared @ Maui Tropical Plantation (brightesthour) 2010 Jan 12 Danielle & David @ Westin Kaanapali Villas + Old Lahaina Luau (michelle0 2010 Feb 10 Laura + Jim @ Maria Lanakila + TBD Reception (laura&james) 2010 Feb 11 Jane + Mark @ Makena Secret Cove + Capishe? (hawaiidreaming) 2010 Feb 25 Adam and Sandra @ Ritz Carlton Kapalua (sehender) 2010 Mar 10 Ruth & Erik @ Makena Cove & TBD (madiamondgal) 2010 Apr 7 Tami & Adam @ Private Estate in west Maui (tovaqt) 2010 May 4,5 or 6 Leah + Dillon @ Royal Lahania (photopia) 2010 May 10 Amanda + Niall @ Honua Kai Lani + Spago (amandadburns) 2010 May tba Susan + David @ Grand Wailea + TBD (just4susan) 2010 May 15 Carol + Doug @ Seawatch Restaurant for wedding and reception (cutefeet) 2010 May 22 Huey + Isaac @ Honua Kai Lani + Spago (Huey) 2010 Jun 7 Brenna + Doug @ Kapalua Bay Beach + Old Lahaina Luau (Brenna) 2010 Jun 7 Stacy + Craig @ Merriman's Kapalua + Dukes (Stacy015) 2010 Jun 12 Autumn + Mike @ Ritz-Carlton Kapalua (asharp) 2010 Jun 17 Krystall + Nick @ Olowalu Plantation House + Old Lahaina Luau (azulskies) 2010 Jun 17 Aisha + Chris @ Kapalua Bay Beach + Reception TBD (ThefutureMrs.Jones) 2010 Jun 26 Jessica + Dan @ The Bailey House Museum + Sarrento's on the Beach (jam8x2) 2010 Jul 10 Tiffany + Luis @ Grand Wailea (Ceremony & Reception) (Tiffie_N) 2010 Jul 28 Lisa + Al @ Olowalu Plantation House (lwav8176) 2010 Jul 29 Julie + Brent @ TBD Ceremony & Reception (jewels0729) 2010 Aug 9 Lisa + Daniel @ Wailea Golf Club (lower knoll) + SeaWatch Restaurant (pjlisa) 2010 Aug 14 Liz + Michael @ Merriman's Kapalua 2010 Oct 1 Christina + Kirven Gannon's Restuarant (lookout)+ Gannon's Restuarant (cnjames2211) 2010 Oct 11 Ashima + Dinand @ Makena Cove + Sarentos on the Beach (SHeeMz) 2010 Oct 19 Amanda + Patrick @ Kula Botanical Garden+ Ruth's Chris (Amanda81) 2010 Nov 2 Lauren + Chris @ Kapalua Bay Beach + Merriman's Kapalua (lzbthlr) 2010 Nov 6 Amanda + Matt @ Kapalua Bay Beach + TBD (AtteGirl) 2010 Nov 8 Joanne and Ed @ Four Seasons Wailea (sleepyj) 2010 May 12 Lindsay + Justin @ Olowalu Plantation House (weiky) 2010 Sep 9 Lindsay + Ed @ TBD +TBD(lindsnyff) 2011 May ?? Crystal + Dave @TBD (cryssv) 2011 May 4 Jarett + Jared @ TBD (suwannee79) 2011 June 4 Sydney and Sean @ Olowalu Plantation House (SydneyFitz) 2011 Oct ? Kath + Dale @ Five Palms Restaurant (karyan) 2011 Sept 17 Natalie + Brett @ Ritz Carlton, West Maui (BRAT)
  3. I hope your wedding was just beautiful! Please tell us about it once you return. I loved Deanne!! We just got married last week ourselves
  4. I packed mine in the suitcase, as well. My wedding dress had a huge train, so no matter how I transported the dress, I knew I would need to have it steam pressed professionally. We stayed at Sugar Beach Resort in Kihei and Ellys Formal Wear was just a few steps away from our condo, so it worked out perfectly.
  5. Hi Jayne! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! We're also getting married in October, but at Makena Cove. My WC has suggested that our ceremony take place at 4:30 PM so our photographer has enough time to take beautiful sunset pics with us. The sun will set at 6:10 PM on the day of our wedding. We're also doing cake cutting and toasting at the beach, so that will take place after the ceremony itself, and then we'll get into the whole photography session with the wedding party, family, and of course, with just the bride and groom. That's expected to begin around 5 PM and go on till about 6:30 or beyond. I'm currently talking to Sarento's to make dinner reservations for our party around 6:30, so while the bride and groom are getting their sunset shots taken, the guests can start their cocktail hour without us. I hope that gives you some insight.. good luck!
  6. Yup, thanks to grace, we're going with nora as our photographer we're very pleased with her work!
  7. SHeeMz


    What cute shoes!! Barefoot, huh? I've read that on a few sites, but find it a bit odd to not wear shoes to my own wedding.. but hey, that's one cost that we could save on! Barefoot sandals look pretty cute, too..
  8. Hi ladies, Â I know I'm a little late to respond, but thanks for all the recommendations. We decided to go with Sugar Beach Resort condos in Kihei. Since we're there for 10 days, we get a discount for $123 for 1 bedroom/1 bath oceanfront condo. Pretty awesome. Got our wedding party/guests staying there too. Â Booked our tickets 4 days before the prices dropped significantly on Hawaiianair. That was a bummer, but oh well. Â Attegirl, $7000 for everything? that's amazing. Including reception dinner for 35 guests??
  9. SHeeMz


    Hi BDW brides, Â This might sound like a stupid question, but what kind of shoes are you supposed to wear to a beach wedding? I'm guessing the heals would just sink right in. So, any suggestions? For brides and bridesmaids.. Â Pictures would really be helpful, if possible.
  10. We're booking Nora for our wedding in October. She has been nothing, but amazing, with a quirky and fun personality! Her prices are unbelievably low as well! A couple of the brides here recommended her to me, and I have been chatting with her for a couple weeks now. Check out her work http://norasphotos.com/ She does TTD sessions, as well.
  11. Lolita, thanks, sweetie! I'll be sure to post some pictures once I get back to California Amanda, thank you for the information. I, too, spoke with Deanne and she gave me a quote of $300 as well. I'm thinking of going with Marbelle for my videography as I have not found anyone better to fit my budget. As for photography, I might go with norasphotos.
  12. ajpinak, that's awesome! When is your wedding? Congrats on your wedding dress! I know how you must've felt. I felt the same way when I went wedding dress shopping and found how long it actually takes if you don't purchase a dress off the rack! I was a mess! But luckily, found something that both my fiance and I loved, and purchased it right on the spot! I'm thinking of going with norasphotos for photography as suggested by a couple brides from this forum. she does amazing work, as well, and would be soo happy if she gives us a green signal on everything we want. Are you going with a videographer? How many people are going to be at your wedding? I still need to find a place where we can have dinner. The reception route sounds too expensive for us. We are planning on a reception in California when we get back 1-2 months later so all the people who could not attend the wedding could be there for the reception. Please keep me in the loop if you find a great place to stay at. Were you thinking hotel/resort/condo? There is soo much to plan!
  13. fallfromgrace, I'm willing to consider any options at this point.. Anyone - How has your experience been with Marbelle? Thinking of doing with Precious Maui Weddings, but they only offer up to 48 prints. Do they also provide you with a CD with all the pictures? I don't care so much about the prints itself. I can always get them printed at a local Costco. I'm not too excited about their sample videos online, but if someone has a better video for me to view to change my mind, I'd really appreciate it
  14. You brides are so sweet and helpful! I actually bought a dress that day! The first dress that I tried on ever was THE one for me! Went over our budget by a few hundred, but my fiance and I just fell in love with it. I am really finding it hard to find samples of videography I like for the budget that I'm going for. Any recommendations, beautiful brides??
  15. Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I will definitely look into it and see what fits our needs. Appreciate all your help! We really wanted our wedding to take place on 10.10.10, but I guess that's a very popular date to get married on and cannot find anyone to fit us in their schedule at such a short notice. I am flexible with doing it on the 9th or the 11th, but my fiance had his heart set on the 10th, and is really bummed now. Maybe I should look into another island? I really had my heart set on getting Maui'd though! Shucks, time is running out and there is so much to plan! My fiance bought me such a pretty bridal necklace yesterday though! That's probably the only thing we have covered out of the 1000 things we have to do. We're going dress shopping tomorrow. Don't mean to sound cheap, but I hope to find something under $500. I don't care about designer dresses; I'm only going to wear it once in my life, so I just want something that's simple, yet elegant.
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