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  1. We are going with Annie Heid Flowers. She is such a sweetheart and personal family friend to one of my best friends from college so it just works. We have not gotten into details yet but so far so good! Like I said, such a sweet heart and very prompt in responding.
  2. I don't have my binder with me right now but I think I was quoted $400 from Della's Dellables and $450 for Hawaiian Isle Rents now those were with other items being ordered so if they were to be ordered separately the price may go up. Hope that helps!
  3. Most of my guests will be staying at Puamana or Lahaina Shores and booking through VRBO and Homeaway. Both are very nice (Puamana is condo style while Lahaina Shores is apartment) close to Lahaina. By booking through VRBO or Homeaway you get to see pictures of the actual unit you are renting and it is significantly cheaper. I have been able to negotiate even lower rates for a number of rooms. I stayed at Puamana for our Scouting trip a couple months ago and it was great! They have a pool that sits right on the water, AH-mazing
  4. Sorry it's taken so long to respond about how my hair trial went! I wasn't sure of what to say! While Karine was a sweetheart and cracked me up I HATED what she did to my hair. I brought pictures and the end product turned out nothing like what I asked for. To be fair I brought two pictures and wanted a combination of the two so maybe we had different visions. I tried to say something half way through but realized it was too late. I hate to give a bad review but it was really nothing like what I asked for I will be going with someone else for my wedding.
  5. I have my hair trial with Karine tomorrow! I'll let you all know how it goes!
  6. Hello! We are looking for a location for our rehearsal dinner for Thursday June 2nd 2011. We already know who we want to cater the event so it can't be at a restaurant. We are hoping for a clubhouse type venue that can accomodate approximately 40 people. A majority of the wedding party and guests who will be attending will be staying in Lahaina area so a locaiton near by would be best. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Sydney
  7. Hello! I am doing a scouting trip Oct 30 - Nov 7th and want to do a hair trial to see how my hair holds up when done with the humidity. Any of you have recommendations of who to use? How much it cost? etc.? I will be in the Lahaina area. Thanks! Sydney
  8. My fiance and I are looking into using Merkabah Fire Productions, their Facebook page is the best website I've found. They were super friendly on the phone, we are going to meet with them at the end of the month on our scouting trip! Hope this helps! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Merkabah-Fire-Productions/94171676885
  9. Actually that's a great time it's still he dry season so your chances for avoiding rain are better but not yet "high" season for tourism so there are better deals.
  10. Bummer about Jamie! We are using him for our wedding.... if they don't allow amplified music will they allow ANY live musicians? If not check out the Vitamin String Quartet, their music is beautiful! They use popular songs from all genres - but that would just be a recorded playing music. Good luck!
  11. Hmm that's a tough one, why don't they start bar service until 5:30? I'd try talking them into letting you have a cocktail hour... play soft music (maybe have a live guitar player?) serve appetizers... maybe have a signature drink available for the hour?
  12. We are planning on doing about the same thing as you. Below is approx timing... will probably tweak as we get closer! Ceremony 3:30 Pictures: 4:00 Cocktail Hour: 4:00 - 5:30 (while we take pictures) Dinner: 5:30 - 6:30 Cake Cutting: 6:30 First Dance/Parent Dances: 6:45 Sunset Pictures: 7:10 Dance and Party until 10:00pm!
  13. I know I'm kind of late to post on here but I'm getting married on Maui June of 2011. I'm using Lori Lawrence of Tropical Maui Weddings. Definitely check VRBO and Homeaway for condo's to stay in. I have used both for multiple trips to Maui and have never been disappointed! That will save you big $$$$ and that way you can cook food throughout the time your there which will also save money. Good luck!
  14. It's been too long since I've been on here! Thanks guys! I've asked our coordinator do add Food for the Soul to our list of places to taste when we do our scouting trip in October.
  15. Hello, I have written a thread on here before about catering options/prices (titled affordable catering.. does it exist?) but if anyone has any other pricing specific's for what they got I would appreciate it! My FH and I want to go into negotiations with multiple caterer's prepared with an idea of the kind of deal we can get out of them! We are planning on approx 80 ppl, want to do a a buffet dinner and want the service fee's as well as tables, linen's, chairs to be included along with bar set up - stemware, cups, ice, cork screws etc. Any feedback would be great! PS anybody else had is
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