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  1. We just received our slideshows from Juan Carlos Tapia. We are very happy. Highly recommend Juan Carlos!! Wedding Slideshow http://www.juancarlostapia.com/s/dre...any/index.html Cabo Slideshow http://www.juancarlostapia.com/s/dre...ny2/index.html
  2. I purchased these passport booklets from Amazing Savings (got the idea from Moepeedy) but we never used them. We have 21 total - 7 of each color. They are $0.99 each + S&H. I would like to sell them all at once. Also, I bought 100 super bright white diffused LED lights with 60 3V Lithium CR2032 cell button coin batteries for our paper lanterns that we didn't end up using. The lights are $34.20 + S&H and the batteries are $12.00 + S&H. Please PM me if you are interested.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host tiffany, great review..juan and sam are great..the gals at my wedding though sam was so cute. also, regarding room requests, we cannot guarantee beds unless you book a specific room. like if you booked a honeymoon suite you would get a king bed. it doesn't matter when you booked because it really is what is available when you check in. also, i didn't get any of the hor d'oevres at my wedding either because i was taking pics but i did pig out at sarah's wedding a year later and eat all her hor d'oevres... i wouldnt be surprised if people want to do a reunion trip there next year... Tammy, I understand about the rooms. They were just a little disappointed, but I told them they shouldn’t be in their rooms that much anyways so it shouldn’t make a big difference : ) Quote: Originally Posted by JGAMMAGIRL77 BTW, how much did you end up paying Brown for transportation? Jess We paid upfront through a wire transfer. They told us we needed to pay at least 5 business days prior to reserve our vans. Quote: Originally Posted by melette Great detailed review Tiffany!!!! Thanks for sharing! i love the "funny" pics you posted! Butt grabbing is a specialty of my bestfriends! LOL! Yes, my BM Angela is the most inappropriate person on earth, but I love her for it. She kept whispering funny things to me during pictures and the processional. She definitely kept me sane. Quote: Originally Posted by Lashawn Congrats!!! you looked happy and beautiful. Thank you for the review. Did you let Dreams provide the cake? Was it good? Still debating Dreams or Sweet Dreams..thanks a bunch We did have Dreams provide the cake. I contacted Sweet Dreams but they are on vacation in August and would only be able to make a cake and freeze it for us. I didn’t want to go that route and I’m not a huge fan of cake anyways, so we chose the cake that was included. We also had the Grand Marnier strawberry dessert, which I enjoyed more.
  4. Juan Carlos Tapia – I will provide more once I see the photos, but Juan Carlos was FANTASTIC, especially with what he had to deal with. I have a meddling family and my dad and aunt decided to follow Gee and me around when we were taking our couple photos. They were getting on my LAST NERVE and I know they were getting on Juan’s too, but he went with the flow and we were ultimately able to ditch them. We hired Juan for 8 hours and had him for our ceremony/reception and town photos the next day. From the little we saw on his camera, the photos will come out great. Hair/Make-up – Fortunately, my cousin is a hair stylist and was available to do my hair. She did a nice up-do with about 100 million bobby pins in my head haha. My classmate came and her guest ended up being a make-up artist so she did my make-up and did a great job. We did a trial on Friday and everything was great, but the eye make-up was a little over-dramatic. Luckily, she didn’t take offense and toned it down for the wedding day. I think that’s it for now but if I remember anything else, I’ll update the post. Thanks for everything. This forum was a lifesaver. Here are some more pics.
  5. Rev. Marcos – We requested Rev. Marcos because we wanted a lighthearted ceremony and we heard that he was sentimental, but also incorporated some comedic moments. Rev. Marcos was great. He worked with us on our vows, was very responsive, and made our ceremony very special. DJ Ricardo – Another great vendor. DJ Ricardo was the first vendor we booked because we liked him so much after our first meeting. He had all of our songs ready and was a great MC. In the beginning of our reception, our guests were acting like fuddy-duddies and weren’t dancing. DJ Ricardo knew what songs to get people out of their seats and we ended up having a blast. Sotomayor – We hired Sotomayor to play Spanish guitar through Mariana. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to hear him but my guests said he was a nice addition and looked so cool. Sam Perches – First, Sam was great. He met us at Dreams on Thursday and was completely cool even though we were late for our appointment. We walked through our ceremony and he gave us suggestions that would make our guests and us more comfortable. He also made sure we were comfortable with how close he would shoot us. I can’t wait to see the video. Finally, not exactly part of his review but Sam was the talk-of-the-town amongst my female guests. Not bad on the eyes at all.
  6. Vendors Sunrider Cruise – Great idea for our welcome dinner. All of my guests loved seeing the tourist attractions and the guys on the boat are hilarious. A lot of my guests came in that Friday and were tired, but the Sunrider guys knew how to liven the party. The food and drinks were also great. Highly recommend! Brown Transportation – We used Brown for our transportation to and from the marina. They were on time and very nice. They even escorted us to the dock to make sure we didn’t get lost. Nadia was great to coordinate with and I would highly recommend them for your transportation needs. Florenta – The flowers were exactly what we wanted. They were BEAUTIFUL!! I think the resort liked them too because after the wedding we saw tigerlilies all over the resort. Lola knew exactly what we were looking for and was quick to respond to our request/additions.
  7. Dreams Los Cabos/Mariana: We chose Cabo since I’m from Cali and we didn’t want our guests to have to travel far. I decided on Dreams because of BDW. It had such great reviews. I cannot tell you enough what a great choice we made. Dreams is phenomenal! The ambience is incredible, the food is great, and the service is extraordinary. We loved Himitsu and Portofino. My father loved Oceana and Seaside Grill kept the food coming while we were relaxing at the pool. All of the rooms are breathtaking. The price can be startling at first, but you have to think of all that you’re getting. Throughout planning we heard all of the griping, but no complaints when everyone arrived. We did everything – the beach walk, tennis lessons, massages, etc. All of it was great. I also contacted Mariana directly because she had the best reviews on BDW. Mariana is so sweet and she responded to all of my requests quickly and accurately. She helped so much and I agree with other brides on BDW that you don’t need an extra coordinator if you have Mariana in your corner. Also, little-known fact – Mariana is a TWIN! Her sister came to our ceremony and my bridesmaid told me that she saw Mariana’s twin. At first I thought my BM was joking, but there she was when I walked out. I cannot say enough great things about Mariana. She was definitely critical to the success of our wedding. The reception food was great with a few no-nos. For some reason, there were two different kinds of crab cake. I’m not sure if they ran out of the good stuff, but our crab cakes were horrible. They were definitely not the ones we had for our site visit. My sister ended up with a good crab cake and she said her table had both good and bad. Other than that, everything else was good and the shots were flowing. My guests also couldn’t stop raving about the cocktail hour appetizers. We didn’t have a chance to try them which I’m kinda upset about since they were so good.
  8. I'm back from my fabulous wedding at Dreams Los Cabos. I start my second year of school on Monday so we postponed our honeymoon until my Christmas break, that's why I'm writing so early : ) All of my guests had a great time and we have heard the phrase "Best Wedding I've Attended" multiple times, so I consider that a success. We used Vacations-4-Less/Teresa Stauring for our travel coordination. For the most part everything went ok. A few of my guests told me that they would not get their phone calls/e-mails answered and my future in-laws ended up with a double room when they requested a king. Luckily, my FILs are cool and just dealed with what they received, but that was a disappointment. I'm not too sure if Teresa could have done anything about this since the resort was booked, but my FILs were one of the first reserved rooms and other guests had king beds. Other than that, Teresa was detailed and did a pretty good job. Travel/Flights/Customs/Transportation: We used US Air and Continental for our flights. All of our flights were on time and all of our luggage made it My aunt and uncle ended up oversleeping and had to pay +$800 to get on another flight and one of my guests on Continental had to stay overnight in Houston on the way back (I still haven't heard the story, but she was able to get a hotel room from the airline). Other than that, everyone got in on time and returned home safely. I was really concerned about customs since we had so much stuff. I went through first and got RED So, the official was like "It's ok, go ahead". But then the luggage screener came over and spoke to him in Spanish and I'm sure told him about all of our stuff. He asked me if I was there for a wedding and I pulled out my receipts. He looked at two and told me I was ok...phew! We were used to the Cabo airport so we didn't talk to anyone until we saw EPIC. Unfortunately, some of my guests didn't heed my numerous warnings and ended up being sidetracked. They all came to realize their mistake and headed to EPIC. EPIC was my lifesaver. I ended up leaving my iPhone on our flight and our driver walked me to the check-in desk for US Air and spoke to the agents. I waited a total of 5 minutes before I got my phone back. I don't know what I would have done without Chrystian.
  9. Melissa I'll be right behind you. We come in on Tues. the 19th and our wedding is on the 22nd
  10. So I'm going to book with Sunrider for our private cruise. Can the ladies who have used them tell me me what time you arranged for the cruise? Mario said it usually leaves around 4:30 pm. Did you leave at this time or later/earlier?
  11. I'm using Hot Shots Custom Shot Glasses ~ Personalized Shot Glasses ~ Unique Shot Glasses
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