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  1. Hi vday, how was your wedding in February? I came across your post while researching the weather in Los Cabos as a result of a dilemma. You see, I may have to change my wedding date from May 28, 2011 to February or whatever fits my photographer's schedule and the Hilton's availability due to my brother's new baby being born the same week (May 28). I'd appreciate your thoughts on how the weather was in early February, like if it was warm enough to swim during the day, if it was windy at night, or if New Yorkers like us wouldn't mind the cooler weather in Mexico. -Thanks! Yuri
  2. Thanks Sheree10! I feel like a miser with this focus but, if you don't mind me asking, was it close to $100 a day per person?
  3. Yes, she is a US photographer. True true, I intended to invite her and her phtg partner to the wedding meals. But I guess she raised it by $200 per day for all the other meal and beverage expenses? bnbrmy, if you don't mind me asking, who is your photographer? Is is Juan Carlos or one of the suggested Hilton vendors? I'm working with Tathiana, are you too? Don't mean to inundate you with questions, but thought maybe we can share notes :0)
  4. Hellooo Lovely Brides, I'm almost done sealing the deal with Hilton Los Cabos - Yay!, and I just thought I'd post a new thread for the few non-AI brides out there to find some questions and answers to help figure things out. So far, I've been gleaning this site for user insight and it's been amazingly helpful, especially because I'm probably not going to do a site visit. Anyhoo, I do have my own agenda with this question 1. Do you cover your photographers meal expenses? The one I'm using thought Hilton was an AI, she added additional cost for travel and time expenses when she found out meals were not included. She seems fine and fair, i.e. not shady, but I was just wondering what the norm was. Please let me know and feel free to post your own questions and info. It's been really helpful to read others' research work so I would like to return the favor. I recently looked up weather temps and hotel peak seasons, I will post that up soon. Thanks! Yuri
  5. I swear, this site is so helpful, everyone here just saved me a whole lot of trouble, thanks so much!
  6. wooohhooooo!!!! booked and sealed the deal with a deposit at Hilton!! So happy, but I think I'll feel even more relieved once Tathiana confirms receipt Yaaay!!! I can stop pouring over miles of hotels and locations, so happy!! Thanks for all your advice and support everyone!
  7. Hi everyone, Thanks for all the great info and support, I might switch from Hilton Los Cabos to Hilton Cancun because the weather warmer during New York's winter months. Can anyone please email me Opie's site visit review, it sounds really helpful and I don't have enough points on here to look yet. It would be greatly appreciated! ms.yuri@gmail.com Thanks! Yuri
  8. Hi everyone, Thank so much, I've been reading and reading and I'm about to switch over from Hilton Los Cabos to Hilton Cancun. I suppose the rain is one worry I may have in Cancun versus the Los Cabos desert, haha. But, I do have some fussy family members and Hilton Cancun seems more likely to offer better weather year round (it's cold in Los Cabos in February). For anyone who knows 1. When is the driest season in Cancun? 2. When is the optimal weather? (I think I'm shooting for mid February) 3. Does anyone know if Hilton Cancun charges alot more for three day weekends? In the winter? Thanks and have a great day! Yuri P.S. Jessica, you wedding looked amazing!!! I actually copy and pasted your review as a reference, and your wedding colors and TTD pics are very similar to what I'm going for. Sorry, but I might end up copying you, haha * but I'm so picky and it's so close to what I'm envisioning. I'd be happy if my wedding turns out half as nice as yours. Great Job! Yuri
  9. Thanks for input Brie P and Mich999! That was very helpful info about swimming and the food. Mich999, I like the way you put how it's up to the guest to decide how much a he/she would spend.... And everyone seems consistently impressed and supportive of Hilton which I think Mike and I like best too. Soooo, I think we're getting married at the Hilton! Woot Woot!!!
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