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  1. Sorry we have not been able to get on here both our works have been crazy since we got back so much to do and dAVID is in the process of starting his own business so it been insane. Everything at dreams was great even with the hurricane we had such a good time and love love loved our photographer Kristie and her sidekick morgan, they are like family. She has told us that she has put our pics up so i hope everyone like them. I will try and do a review but it prob wont be for a while but if anyone has any specific questions PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PM me or here is my direct email tlomlad@gmail.com and dont hesitate to ask as many questions as you want eveyone here on this site has been soooooo much help i only hope i can give back to the future dreams cancun girls and to any other brides that might have questions about the way we did things!!!! Well thats it for now got to go but thanks all again and PLEASE email me any questions i will see that before i am able to get on here again xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxooxANA & DAVE
  2. Well at first we were stressing as we just wanted to do it me and david qucik and painless but our families wanted to be there then friends starting inviting themselves and so on and so on so we did it at our house and it turned out amazing!!!!!! So alls well that ends well but i cant wait for whats in my mind THE REAL THING in mexico less than a week!!!!
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  4. welcome you will find all your answers on this forum try not to stress to much its not worth it i get married there in one week 2marrow and have taken a site visit which eased my mind pm if you want with any specifics!
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