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  1. Hi SBTB, We got married at the ME back in February. Sometimes it is difficult to get the wedding coordinators to respond as quickly as we would like them to. After all, they are on "island time." :-) I know it's difficult, but try to be patient. Give it a couple of days and then maybe send a follow up email? We had our ceremony on the beach at 5:00, then our dinner at the Sea and See and then a reception at the Parrots Bar. It was perfect for us! I will post a link to our pictures at the bottom of this if you want to check them out. Speaking of, we used Renaud of Photosouveni
  2. Hi Elif, We just went really simple and they placed the gift bags on the table for the guests at the dinner (at the Sea and See). They also put the flower centerpiece from the wedding on the table. You could do more decorating if you wanted! :-) I will post links to the pictures of the tables below. http://schultzbeckettwedding.shutterfly.com/pictures/287 http://schultzbeckettwedding.shutterfly.com/pictures/287#289
  3. Hi MsFactorA, Congrats on your upcoming wedding! You will love the Majestic Elegance! Yes, we had a set menu at the Sea and See Restaurant. That is something that your wedding coordinator can send you. For our dinner, we had the entire room to the right when you walk in the restaurant. Plenty of room! As for the Parrot Bar, we had maybe 4 tables (and chairs) set up and then a table for the cake. The Dj was set up over by the bar. No food since it was a short reception and we had just had dinner. For us, it was the perfect scenario. It gave us time to do the first dances, cutting
  4. We used Renaud of Photosouvenir as well. And he did a wonderful job. The email address is photosouvenirsa@hotmail.com
  5. We brought one of the keys home by accident. Looks like the key is of normal size (about 3 1/2 x 2).
  6. If you use the photographer at the resort, you can ask your wedding coordinator to assist you. But if you use someone else (like we did), you have to do it yourself. Just remember, the Majestic Resorts charge you $300 to use an outside photographer.
  7. No, ME uses another photographer but I can't remember who they are. If you use photosouvenir, you have to pay an additional $300 to use an outside photographer. But to us, Renaud was worth every penny!
  8. Glad you loved the pictures! Having a great photographer didn't hurt! I had no idea the yellow would look as great as it did! Can't wait to see pictures of your wedding!
  9. Thanks alykay! I loved the yellow flowers as well. They looked great against the bridesmaid's dresses. But I am sure that they ivory/turquoise flowers will look great!
  10. We loved Renaud of Photosouvenir! http://www.photosouvenirpuntacana.com/ He did our wedding at the Majestic Elegance last month and he was amazing. You can check out our pics below if you would like! http://schultzbeckettwedding.shutterfly.com/
  11. Kitty, Renaud of Photosouvenir did our pictures last month. You can check out our pics if you would like. :-) I have nothing but great things to say about him! http://schultzbeckettwedding.shutterfly.com/
  12. At least you ordered them way in advance. My now husband tends to procrastinate and it was cutting it pretty close. His linen pants never did show up! Imagine us trying to find linen pants in Chicago in February! Yikes, it was difficult! And thanks, I loved my dress too! I loved trashing the dress too, but now I have no idea what to do with it! I don't think I will ever get all the sand out of it. Plus, my husband accidently stepped on my dress while we were in the Disco after the wedding and ripped the heck out of it! Oh well, made it easier to trash the next day!
  13. Thanks so much! We had such a great time! And yes, the shirts were from Wedding Tropics. They turned out to be much better than I expected! :-)
  14. Islandbride, you will love Pastor York! He was amazing! Everyone at the wedding (and even the onlookers) kept commenting how great he was. We also had the symbolic wedding down in Punta Cana. I have 2 stepsons and we wanted to include them in the wedding somehow. So, we went to city hall with them before we left and had a nice little ceremony.
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