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  1. Hey guys if you want to see my picks go to fb and to the dreams punta cana brides page. on that page go to the wall and you will see my pics put up by eldon fotos, the cover shot is my daughter walking down the aisle with a white dress and turquoise sash on. those are my wedding pics. enjoy : )
  2. Yes Subbi, i had a cocktail hour but i didnt have it right after the ceremony I had it at 6pm, so the guest had an hour to chill while we did our photos things ran really smoothly coz they just chilled at the bar ....
  3. hey send me your email addy and i will add u to fb or ur fb name.
  4. Thanks and you must be so excited to leave in 2 days, probably nervous too. I got married on a Wednesday and they had 3 ladies who did hair, they told us we could only may 3 appointments on the hour so i had three at 1pm, 3 at 2 pm and 3 at 3pm, my wedding started at 4pm so the 3pm appt i gave to my mom in law, and two cousins who were not in the wedding but just guests. They do the hairstyles quite fast but a tip, take a photo or photos of styles u like or have an idea of what u want and that way it will make it easier.....my cousin got married on monday there and they had three ladies
  5. hahaha just remembered something else that most people will never think off although it rained there it was quite humid, so one thing i forgot, (btw in case i didnt mention we brought down 10 suitcases full of wedding stuff), yup im crazy lol neway I didnt think of a handkerchief for the guys, when they are standing at the ceremony and need to wipe the sweat off their faces it would really come in handy for them .....just a thought it could be used as a good small gift for your groomsmen as well. we did have a rehearsal dinner at the Oceana, really good restaurant btw, neway i
  6. oh ya i forgot to mention we initially booked the portifino terrace but because it rained, we were lucky and they closed down the portifino restaurant for us, it worked out coz it was an amazing restaurant just gorgeous with material hanging from the pillars etc.....they normally dont close down that restaurant coz its popular but luck was on our side....they normally close down the mexican restaurant or the himitsu... it stopped raining around 8pm so we got the whole portifino restaurant and our guests got to use the terrace as well, as the full bar was on the terrace and if they wanted to
  7. Hello Ladies, I feel sooo bad, Its been a long time since i ve been on here. So here is some info in case u wanted to know more about weddings down there. I got married in Dreams on June 25, 2011 and what a wonderful time we had. Jennifer was my WC and she was great....had one mishap but other than that it was amazing.. It rained the whole day there but to my luck and my mom and God watching down on us, it stopped raining 10 mins before our ceremony started. So we were able to have our wedding outside for the ceremony. We had the 40 mins catholic ceremony with Priest La
  8. Hello girls my day is fast approaching and I have to tell you all of you have been such a great support to me I tell everyone about this amazing site..... Im getting married on May 25,2011. I still havent finished my welcome brochures, last thing i have to do.....other than buying my wedding jewellry. I need some help from past brides who visited Dreams. I want to put a list of extentions for the resort in my brochure for example, spa, front desk, room service etc. Do any of you either have an idea of a list of different areas of the resort that you think i can include in this li
  9. love this dress who is the designer?? if i didnt already get mine i would have liked to try on yours : ) perfect look for a destination wedding with some bling
  10. Hi ladies glad to know this photographer stuff is sorted out for all of you. I would be pissed if i had got an external photographer and they pulled this : ) Ok so on another note, do any of you punta cana brides who have had catholic ceremonies have a sample of what your wedding programs look like.or have your itenary for events ?? have to set an itenary soon and Im all confused. even if you have a reception itenary so that i can see how y'all set things up and get some ideas of my own. thanks so much 58 days to go woo hoo....
  11. Hi has anyone on here had a catholic ceremony? if so can you pm me I have some questions. - is there a rule that the groom has to walk up the aisle right before the bride walks up coz we saw our priest here in canada and he told me that this is what the catholic church has to do. apparently the groom cannot stand at the alter like we've always seen before, he has to walk up with his parents right before the brides walk???? this really threw me off.....lol - also did you do a first reading, responsorial psalm and a second reading, and lastly a "lord hear our pray"?? - did
  12. hi sherri can you send me pictures as well i would love to see them alykay4@hotmail.com thanks.
  13. Hi Sherri, your photos look amazing would love to see the rest, Im getting married on may 25 and we have about 9 weeks left yikes.... i cant believe its almost here i feel there is sooo much to do Ive been getting kinda scared coz i really dont want it to rain. thanks for all the info about rooms etc. I hope its not that full when we are there but it just might be we have lots of weddings going on that week. did you have a catholic ceremony.......
  14. ok so i went to my florist today and changed my colour. I choose the yellow coz i loved it that much... crazy eh!! thank you sooo much for sending me your beautiful photos Im really happy with my choice and its coz of your photos i changed the colour. and i m really glad i did.
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