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  1. Selling raffia fans (I believe I have 12 left). Selling planning books Selling luggage tags Please contact me and we can discuss! Thanks!
  2. Congratulations and good luck with planning! I try to log onto here once or twice a week to help out with brides questions because I was just in the same spot. Have you booked directly through the resort? I know some guests saw the same thing when trying to look around via the majestic website, but in the end there was no one that had any issue getting a room. Rest assured---it is a beautiful resort and you will have many amazing photographs, probably no matter who you use! The water is beautiful, the palm trees are GREEN!, and there are so many places to capture your moments...
  3. I got married at the elegance on 8/20/11...so if anyone needs help please PM me!
  4. Not sure if this is my "happiest" but it captures our first sighting pretty well...lol.
  5. Hi girls----I got married on 8/20 4 PM on the beach and then our reception started at 6:30-6:45 in the ballroom. guess that doesnt help you in things huh If i can help out with anything, please PM me!
  6. I didnt have a civil ceremony, but a symbolic and will be willing to help you out in any way that i can! Just PM me if you can....I dont check as often anymore since I'm married I got married on 8/20/11.
  7. Hi girls---message me privately if you want to know our list....Now that I'm married, I dont check this website that often!
  8. Hahah yes you can lead a horse to water. People obviously cant read directions...or don't care to! I mean ok, its only been a month, but wouldnt you think people would do it right as they were unpacking? Boy I could go on and on and on....
  9. Hmph. Well....I only did one postcard in each guest bag. We put a return address and stamped it with a postcard stamp, and explained what they were for in our welcome letter. I think we have received 4 of 20 something in the mail. I'm aggravated. Just hung up the phone with my mother and she says "i didnt know what they were for, i was just going to keep it on my fridge."
  10. Hiya--- I'll be happy to answer questions, just be patient with me It has only been two weeks and it feels like a blur! I got married at 4 on the beach---actually it was more like 415 or 420 cause the golfcart was late picking me up. From there we had pictures on the beach (which took longer than expected because people in their swimsuits wouldnt get the hell out of the way). After that we went back up to the main lobby etc and got pictures all around until 6:30 which is when our reception started. I think maybe two times my photog pulled me out of the reception for night shots, a
  11. I used DJ Mannia (not sure of the particular DJ), and they were a blast! They played just about everything we asked and the DJ did some fun dance lessons, not to mention kicked ass in his smooth moves.
  12. We arrived to Majestic on Wednesday the 17th...had nice weather until Sunday and then it rained until we left on Friday I have no tan for 10 days in the caribbean! Stupid Irene.
  13. We ended up deciding to go with the ballroom because there was no telling what the weather was going to do---plus it was hotter than hell and even in the AC in the ballroom we were sweating buckets. We booked two places actually and told the WC that we would choose when we arrived. As far as the decor package....we chose the cheapest package and the centerpieces turned out great. Everyone complimented them. It was a tall vase with fake orchids in water and a few floating candles on top. They really were illuminated and looked nice with my pink and orange theme.
  14. I'm homeeeeeeeeeeee and dont want to go back to work tomorrow...sigh. Irene is a bitch and ruined my vacation!!!!!! But it is what it is, I can take some memories with me. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up!
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