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  1. YIKES!! Sorry to hear about yet another change at the resort. Try and think positive.......this new chick will probably be working her butt off to prove herself, so you will have an amazing wedding!
  2. Glad I'm not the only one that justified my dress price by thinking I will wear it twice!
  3. I think that #4 is the best choice for your dress......they will look stunning dyed turquoise!! #2 are my favorite though!
  4. Sorry to those who are annoyed with all of the photographer drama, but I received yet another email today.......the drama continues. The last I heard was the resort telling me NO to outside photographers. Today Claudia emailed me and said that she worked out a deal with the resort for those brides that have already paid a deposit with her. I am waiting to hear back from the resort to confirm, but this is really good news. I hope that it works out....Claudia's work is amazing!
  5. Don't know if I'm having a shower, but TONS of friends (who aren't invited to the DW) have been asking if their will be a bridal shower. I guess some people just want to treat you and celebrate this exciting time. If I do have a shower, all of these guests will also be invited to our AHR. I don't want people to bring gifts, so I will probably suggest a theme party........donate to a charity.......bring a bottle of wine.........etc...
  6. Our AHR is two weeks after our wedding. We are having it at a hall, but no dinner.......just cocktails, dance and midnight lunch. Michaels has a weekly coupon in their flyer for 40% off any regular priced item. I have been purchasing one thing per week.....haha! Slow process, but I have the time and it will definitely help to save money!
  7. I say choose whatever time of day you want your ceremony first and then book everything else. You will have time options for dinner, etc......and i'd hope they have lanterns, lights, candles for ambience during a dinner after sunset. Our ceremony is at 2pm because we got the last time left that day. If I had the option, I would have chose around 4pm because it isn't as hot at that time. Our dinner will be at 6pm. Good luck!
  8. Welcome Julie! I found choosing a resort the hardest decision and then it just got simple and smooth from there. The resort does EVERYTHING for you!!
  9. We just ordered FI ring last week......and I am still debating on mine. Not sure what style I like best with my ering. It's a solitaire with a solid band. I originally wanted an eternity ring for my wedding band, but don't want to take away from my ering diamond. HHhhhmmmm. I will probably pick one this week.......I know that I will love whatever I end up with!
  10. I lOVE Halloween! FI and I are going to a house party.....FI is being a very studly Count Dracula and I am being a cat (theatrical style). I made the costumes and will be doing full make-up on both of us. Last year we were Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth.........and I must say that it rocked!!
  11. Totally depends on the body types of your girls........I think that dress #2 really defines the waist with that great sash. Dress #1 may be more comfortable for busty girls. Great choice of color for a Jamaica wedding!!
  12. Got two emails today: one from Russ (Arrecife Studio) and one from Paloma. It clearly stated that we are NOT allowed to bring in an outside vendor, even though we have paid a deposit to Claudia and were never told about the new policy. Congrats to those of you that had "unique circumstances" and are able to stick with your photographer!! (But I'm definitely jealous!!) I'm quite sad because I love Claudia's work.......and the resort pics don't even come close in quality. Now I'm just waiting for a price list from Arrecife. Not the outcome that I wanted (to say the least), but now I just want to get over it and enjoy the rest of planning.
  13. Arrecife Studio has been taking a VERY long time to respond to my emails and doesn't seem to be giving me a straight answer. My only concern is whether or not we will have our wedding video in time for our AHR, but I don't think he even addressed this in the reply I received today. This is the email that I received today: FYI my name is TeNeil (not Monique)...... > Dear Monique: > > Thank you so much for your email!! I hope that you had the > greatest week and an amazing weekend is about to come... > > The truth is that most of the brides have acknowleged quite well > the change; specially since they love our work, realize the security > and options that being the resort´s official photographer bring and > also, the fact that we are taking off the deposit they gave to other > photographers. That last concernis the biggest one and it´s been > solved. Also, rememeber that for outside vendors; day passes were > required; which now you can spend it in hair, make up, flowers, etc. > > I am sending some more pictures of our work... I hope you love em. > > I´ll talk to you soon! receive my blessings!!
  14. Super cute......and I love the idea of using them as a bag tag!! Another great idea ladies!!
  15. Thanks ladies! When we booked flights for our DW, our TA provided complimentary invitations.......and they actually turned out really nice! I sent these out so that our guests would know about our DW and also so they could have our TA's contact info. Now I'm in the process of designing invitaitons for our AHR. It is fun, but I'm having trouble "pulling the trigger" and actually ordering them. haha!
  16. We are planning our AHR for March 6th too! How far in advance do you send out invitations? I was thinking of sending them the first week of January.....is this too late? (I don't want them to get lost in the Christmas mail chaos)
  17. Now that is a sexy shoe! If you can find the money, definitely go for those!
  18. Absolutley LOVE those shoes......definitely unique, but still very classy!
  19. We are definitely getting our witnesses a gift.........but have no idea what to get. Any ideas out there?
  20. Our engagement photos were sooooo much fun and turned out great. I think that it is best if you both wear dark jeans. You want all of the focus to be on your faces, so it will be less distraction if your pants are a similar shade. Just my thought! Have fun tomorrow!
  21. You did a great job.......super fun, with stuff that everyone will use!!
  22. I think we will probably stay together and then go our separate ways in the morning. We aren't having wedding parties, so I would hate to split up one of our couple friends and have them lose a night together in Mexico. Thanks for all of the ideas!
  23. We are handing ours out the night before we fly to Cancun. Most of our guests are staying at the same hotel the night before our flight, so we will use this as an opportunity to thank everyone and give them their bags. This way everyone can put their OOT bag in their own suitcase and we won't need separate luggage just to get all the bags to Cancun. Love OOT bags and am having fun making them!
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