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  1. Better late then never, we were married on June 19th 2010 at the Royal Cancun. We researched for months for the perfect photographer/'s and luckily came across MTM website. Lincoln and Lori offer very affordable packages, and were a pleasure to work with, from the very first email. We met with them a few months prior to our wedding and talked, which was great because we felt comfortable with them on our big day, having met prior. Lincoln took on the boys, and ofcourse Lori was with the girls. And when my bridesmaids left and my wedding coordinator was 30 min's late, Lori kept me calm and relaxed. Our pictures are amazing, I printed all 678 of them. We didnt have a videographer, but with the slideshow they made for us its like we have a video capturing every moment. Our pictures were sent out in a timely manner, I believe I recieved them about 2-3 weeks after the wedding.Tons of my guests, said they felt like Lori & Lincoln were just other guests at the wedding, didnt have that "stiffness" that most photographers do. We are both so happy we went with MTM, and couldnt ask for better pictures!! Thank You so much!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Sheree10 What about a few snacks- gum, candy, cookies or fruit snacks. Then add a bottle of water if you can when you arrive. Food im iffy about, since youre really not allowed to bring in, and I dont feel like having a headache at customs. + all rooms at the royal are filled with snacks and bottled water complementry so.... I was trying to do with out those things.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by tsgnatko Cute Bags - what are you going to fill them with? Truthfully? we're stuck! I mean most of the stuff is basic, so far we have the cups, band aids, aloe gel, advil and emergency C drink mix. I really dont feel like wasting $$ on things people will not use, and its mainly a younger crowd, so we were thinking condoms too, lol. Have any good ideas, you want to share? I dont need anti bacterial because its all over the hotel. Oh and ofcourse our welcome note. I found a great deal on underwater disposable cameras, but the fiance isnt loving the idea, he thinks no one will use them
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by lovelytlc very cute. how much were they? Total bill came out to $91.60, for four of them, so id say with shipping and tax, about $21 each i believe.
  5. So frequin excited!!!! I already have a date with my girls for the 28th, were watching satc1 and then going to see the new one!!!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Sheree10 Thank you! I will have to place my order very soon. When is your wedding? I ordered them about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and they were shipped from FL, and I received them this past tuesday. They offer faster shipping/work for more $$ ofcourse. But hope the timeline helps.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Sheree10 Okay disregard my questions about the image, I was able to find it under weddings... it's perfect for a dw. but my only question now is what style# is it? the style number is "Product ID: #TOT07" Enjoy
  8. my Bridesmaid tank tops for my girls just arrived today, found them on etsy, by somethingbluedesigns.com
  9. and I thought id share. Tha bags are from discountmugs.com And our cups also came today, I swear it was so exciting, lol. We ordered them from Crazyaboutcups.com Front back Im happy with everything.
  10. Congrats! Getting Married at the gran on 6/19
  11. Hi girls, im closing in on my date and getting ready to fax in all final papers to the michigan office. I booked way back in Aug '09 before the changed the prices and ofcourse I dont have the "luxury package list" from then, does anyone know if it was $3,100 or $3,200? I also noticed, on the new list it says there is a $400 surcharge fee for weekend weddings after 4pm, was that there as well? Because I dont remember ever seeing that prior and im going to try and fight that, lol. Thanks in advance girls.
  12. Hello and Congrats! getting married 6/19/2010 at the royal, we did however change our ceremony location to the gazebo at the Gran because it was more secluded and a bigger. Theres lounge chairs all infront of the gazebo if youre walking up towards it
  13. Thanks Girls! I'll post pictures when I go back for final fitting. I had too argue with the manager of the store, because they ordered one of my girls dress'es in a 16 she ordered and 8 and both copies of receipt say SIZE 8. How is the dress still going to look good after all those alterations? And the manager still wants to charge her for the hemming so after a 2 hour car ride and argueing I was in no mood for photo's. LOL
  14. your guest book? I want something beachy but not with shells glued on. I wonder if Barnes and Nobles sells them. Any websites suggestions?
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