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  1. Timberley, if I remember correctly you went online to have your BD pics put in an album. Can I ask what company you used and if you were happy with the results? I still haven't done anything with my BD shoot because an album through my photographer will cost anywhere from $300-700......not affordable now that we are paying off our wedding. Any help would be great....thanks!
  2. I'm back and officially MARRIED! I can't even begin to say how happy we are with our wedding experience. I must say that everything was beyond perfect. Jazmin is absolutely wonderful and had everything arranged......I can honestly say that I barely did anything other than send some emails. My suggestion to all of you future brides is DO NOT OVER PLAN. I had no expectations and feel that this is what allowed me to FULLY enjoy our day. Honestly the atmoshpere is beautiful so don't worry about little things....it will all be gorgeous. We had Erick (claudia rodriguez photography) and he was great! He speaks perfect English and had some great ideas for photos......i'm excited to see the results. We also had some photos included in our wedding package from the resort photographer. Juan took some AMAZING photos (180 of them)......we loved them, but only purchased 35 for two reasons. First, I feel confident that Erick will also have captured many of the same moments. Second, the resort photographs are quite expensive. We were charged $15 per picture (they would give 10% off if you purchase more than 50). After our gorgeous wedding ceremony in the Tulum gazebo we did pictures and then met our group at Gran Tortuga for dinner. The food was excellent and I recommend saving room for the last swords.....mmmmmm to die for. At 8pm we went to the lobby bar and danced the night away! The band was great and even intorduced us to everyone and played a "first dance" for us. All of our guests are still raving about the great time we had. It closed down by midnight and then our party moved to the snack bar and we went to our room. Our room was decorated with rose petals, champagne, and chocolates. AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! I can't believe that it is over, but I will forever remember all of the spectacular moments that we shared. I would definitely recommend this resort to anyone getting married. I will try and attach a photo that the resort photographer took:
  3. Where to begin.........incredible, amazing, incredible! We had the best wedding day that a couple could ask for. Our WC was fabulous and had everything arranged as planned. The weather was quite good on our wedding, partially cloudy and not too humid. I was not stressed at all and made sure that I took in every single moment. It feels amazing to be married and I'm already counting the days until we recieve our video in the mail. Congrats to the rest of you.....i know exactly how you feel.....can't stop smiling! I will try and post a pic, so hopefully it works. Thanks again for all of the help and support ladies.....you helped to make this chapter of my life even more enjoyable.
  4. Susie- CONGRATS lady! You and your hubby look so happy.......so inspiring for the rest of us! Brooke-Fabulous dress......it definitely does all the right things for your great body. Tricia- I think the main thing about your bouquet is the color. They reversed the shades of colors- the pink should be darker (fuschia) and the orange more light (peach). I actually like the large flowers, it looks more tropical and very real! I can't wait for work to slow down so that I can start getting excited for my wedding. Sad that work is getting in the way of my one special day. Still need shoes and jewelry but hope to conquer that this weekend when I go out of town for my last dress fitting!
  5. I had an absolute BLAST last night at my shower/stagette! My gf's really know how to have a good time and celebrate. Super tired today, achy, and have a bad case of the munchies. I am allowing myself to eat anything I want today!! Thanks for all the tips re:posting pics. Krista H gave me step by step instuctions, so hopefully this works.....if not, I have some serious issues....haha Pics of my Pronovias gown- sorry my gf has the only pics of me in it, so these are the designers pics. The front-I'm having the neckline altered into a deeper sweetheart The back-I am having half of the train cut off because I feel like this is way too much for a DW. Originally I thought that I would have a sleek, elegant dress.....but I just loved the spunky, sexy feeling that I got when I put my dress on. My dress fit perfect and didn't need any alterations, except for the changes I wanted to make. Have a great Sunday ladies!!
  6. Let me try that again: The front- I have them altering the neckline into a deeper sweetheart. <a href="http://s915.photobucket.com/albums/ac353/TeNeilbucket/?action=view&current=16519.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i915.photobucket.com/albums/ac353/TeNeilbucket/16519.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> The back- My seamstress is currently hacking half of the train off.....just too much for the destination wedding IMO. <a href="http://s915.photobucket.com/albums/ac353/TeNeilbucket/?action=view&current=16520.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i915.photobucket.com/albums/ac353/TeNeilbucket/16520.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  7. Tricia: LOVE LOVE the dress on you. You look stunning with a stellar figure! Timberly/Krista: I don't know if it is the same from the US, but you don't need a passport to fly into Mexico from Canada. As of March 2010 everyone will need passports, but us Feb Brides will still make the cut. SO maybe your other hair stylist can still be an option!! Rayanne: Have fun at your shower today. I am also having a shower/stagette this evening. Super excited......i'm sure we will have tons of fun....hopefully as much fun as the "hen party"!!! Two weeks until we leave and I still haven't found shoes or earrings......kind of funny....kind of stressful. I think I finally figured out how to post pictures, so now I will go snap away. Unfortunately my gf has the only pics of me in my dress, so this is just the designers photo: Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
  8. I am finally back in wedding mode.....and super excited! Only 3 weeks left. It is so funny to read everyones posts lately.......i think that we all have "to do lists" on our brains and don't want to forget any details. I still have a few important things to get: SHOES, bathing suits and a suitcase....haha! I am on it this weekend. Susie: Gran Bahia Tulum, Jan. 27-Feb. 11, (wedding Feb. 2) Julie: Grand Cozumel Jan 31 - Feb 14 (wedding Feb 2) Alison: Beaches Negril, Feb 4-8 (wedding Feb. 6) Erica: Catalonia Riv. Maya, Feb 7-14 (wedding Feb. 10) Shelk: Rui Palaca, Riv. Maya, Feb 7-22 (wedding Feb 15) Timberly: Dreams, Los Cabos! Feb. 11- Feb. 16, (wedding Feb 14) Chris: Barcelo, Feb. 13-27, (wedding Feb. 18 ) Krista H: Feb. 14-Feb 28 (wedding Feb 18 ) TeNeil: GBP Tulum Feb 14-21 (wedding Feb 1 Breens: Barcelo Tropical, Feb 14 - Feb. 22 (wedding Feb 19) Rayanne: Gran Bahia Tulum, Feb 21 - Feb 28 (wedding Feb 25) Tricia: Moon Palace, Feb. 23-Mar. 4 (wedding Feb. 26) Brooke: Moon Palace, Feb. 24-Mar. 3 (wedding Feb 27)
  9. Hey ladies, A couple of things: We are getting married at BPT in 1 MONTH!!! I was told by our WC that our wedding location won't be confirmed until we arrive at the resort and have our meeting. Is this true for everyone else? Also, I just wanted to give a heads up to those having a civil ceremony. I assumed that the package included all of the costs, but just found out that the blood tests are an extra fee. It costs $160US which is paid in cash to the dr........(he is making some good $$$!)
  10. It is a very crazy mix of emotions between us Feb Brides right now. I feel like I am on a rollercoaster......can't control my emotions at all. Overall I am feeling stressed because I have a huge paper due next week for my masters and I have totally put it off until now. All I want to think about is our wedding, but now I am forced to put every hour of my time into writing. Had my BD shoot on Friday.....mixed feelings about that too......feel great that I did it, but it was a lot harder than i anticipated. I am the type of person that loves to smile in pics, but the majority of these photos were more straight faced (or the sexy look.....which I still don't get...haha). Once again, you ladies have brightened my night. Thanks for reminding me of all the excitement and how fortunate we all are!
  11. We chose tres leche cake because it sounds like a mexican tradition and something that we wouldn't be able to find at home. I'm so excited to taste it......I LOVE cake and am trying not to eat any until the wedding (only 39 days to go.......yikes, thats a long time without cake!)
  12. Gorgeous rings Tricia! The wedding band looks like a perfect fit. I still can't figure out how to get a nice clear picture though..... i've tried in every room of my house, with my camera on a ton of different settings.
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