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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by smtc0245 Hey Ladies, I'm still waiting to hear back from the wedding coordinator but maybe some of you could help me out. I am just wondering if it is possible to get a few veggi options for those non meat eater guests. We are planning on getting the silver dinner menu but will need to substitute a few for those veggi. Anyone have any info regarding this. I am also wondering about the option of hanging paper lanterns on the pergola above the bordeaux terrace. Thanks Ladies Hey SMTC they do allow you pick veggie options for certian guest , all you do is tell them in your planning meeting who those guest are and they will take care of it. they also allow you to hang lanterns on the bordeux terrace and the el patio terrace.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by JENISE So glad you had an awesome time Nat. Have a safe trip back. Time flies when you're having fun but at least you'll have beautiful pictures to look back on. Misty, they still haven't responded to you? I'm shocked. Don't freak out love. I'm sure everything will be just fine. Toya, welcome back and congrats again. Is it a relief to have all your parties done? I wanna see wedding and AHR pics when you have the time to breathe. lol I just had my Lingerie Bridal Shower on Saturday and I must say, it was amazing. Decided to do the lingerie shower because tomorrow is my BD shoot with Jen (freaking out on the inside). I'll post pics of the shower ASAP! Cause we're all picture whores here. lol. And I say that with the upmost respect of course. It's now all starting to feel REAL. 1 1/2 months to go! Hey Jenise are you friends with me on FB ? if so I do have most of my pictures up there too, writing a review is hard work lol.... it makes me really appreciate all the brides that have wrote reviews for us. so I'm working on it ladies
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by PynkLemonade Hey Toya! I'm just worried that I haven't heard from them more than anything. My last email correspondence was from January bc I really didn't have a reason to reach out to them before then. Now with 1 month left to go, I thought they would have emailed me with a assigned coordinator and just confirm things. Am I being crazy I wondered if they have a lit up dancefloor or just a regular one and if we chose to go with the DJ there, can we just provide him with the CD's of the songs we know we want played. This was a main concern bc if it's not worth it, I was going to book DJ Mannia, but I'm afraid my date is probably gone by now with him. Did you use DJ Mannia? If so, how was he? I'm just stressed.... girl you have my number just call me lol....... and for any other brides that have questions I can answer them, just post or send me a PM and I can answer then quicker than I can get my review up lol....
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by PynkLemonade Ladies: All of you guys are talking about your communication with the resort when no one has emailed me back in 2-3 weeks!!! And my wedding is exactly a month away, please post whatever email addresses you guys are using so that I can send another one out today in hopes of getting a response. I am damn nervous wreck right about now Hey Misty, what is that you need to know I can probably help you. after being there I really saw how busy they are and how hard it is to respond to all us brides. they run aorund like crazy. and just so you guys know Deyanira is pregnant also, so she may be in and out for awhile, she found out while I was there I'm still working on my review ladies, I want it to be good because my whole experience with DPC and the wedding was excellent. It has been soo busy and we are finally done with all wedding events lol.. we had our AHR last saturday.
  5. ok ladies we are back and I must say everything with the resort and the wedding was absolutley PERFECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be sure to write a great review for everyone. ladies please don't worry about anything when I say they have everything under control they really do. I didn't need half the things I brought and you don't need alot of decor it is soooooo beautiful there. We loved it with NO complaints, except for American Airlines we will never fly with them again. ok let me go back and read the post that I've missed. I will post my pictures and video soon. Toya
  6. Hey ladies, we leave in less than 12 hours whoohooo and I'm soo excited and ready to go, the legal day went great and we had a lot of fun Friday. DH and I have been running around for the last 3 days lol.... and boy are we tired. if anyone needs info or pictures of anything shoot me a email, I will have access to my email on my phone lrdavis81@yahoo.com . I will post up when I get back with my planning thread, wedding review and lots of pics Toya
  7. Misty, you know I got you lol.... you can come by anytime and look at everything lol.... Ladies tomorrow is my last day in the office, I will really try to post my planning thread this weekend before we leave.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by cristinimartini Hi ladies!! I just posted my review http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...6/#post1319445 I hope that link works... I know I've spoken with many of you individually with your questions, so I might not have hit all those answers in my review, but please feel free to ask anything!! I don't have pictures in the review because I don't know how to post them, but I hope we'll have the professional ones to share with you sometime soon! The teaser link is in there, but I've already posted that in the forum ;-) Happy Planning everyone!!! Thanks for this review it was great and very detailed and I'm glad you had a wonderful time. Congrats MRS !
  9. ok I'm sooooooooo behind on the forum and thats because it has been crazy busy but I think I am all set to go, bags packed and pictures taken of everything for my planning thread. Our legal day is this Friday and then we leave out on Tuesday for DR, I can't wait...... Lately I have been doing alot of running around and planning for my AHR which is the week after we get back. if any ladies want to come to MD July 3rd you are more than welcome I can send the invite. I have alot to update eveyone with and will try to get back on the forum tonight with a real update. Nat, I'm sorry I didn't get to vote fo ryou, when I checked today they had already closed the poll.
  10. Hey Veronica, where did you order your real touch orchids from, and those fushia swirl overlays ? they are pretty
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by cristinimartini I thought things were busy BEFORE the wedding...boy was I wrong!! Hahaha...I think I just chose to ignore them because the wedding took priority hehehe...back to reality :-/ I'm working on my review, but in the mean time, some of our photos have been blogged!!! Check out these awesome shots from Melissa Green!!! Melissa Green Photography | Utah Wedding Photography, Boudoir and Modern Photojournalist I was lucky enough to have Melissa and Summer photograph our wedding and it was THE BEST decision I could have made. The only things I got to take away are my husband, my memories and my photos. That's a LOT to trust with anyone and we couldn't have chosen a better team to work with. I'll write more in my review!! I promise!! Nat, as you can see from the pics if you get a chance to look at them, we got married in the gazebo. I was SUPER happy with that choice. The beach is nice, but I like the scenery and greenery around the gazebo more. I didn't want the audience that a beach wedding brings. We still had some onlookers, but not nearly as many as if it was on the beach. I took lots of pictures of Bordeaux terrace because that's where we were going to have our "dessert hour" with the fire dancers. When Sharron checked with the schedule of the fire dancers, they said "no way" to Bordeaux because of the wooden pergola structure. It's definitely got to be my favorite view, but we had to do Himitsu due to the fire hazard. I have family photos if you'd like me to send you some. It's the perfect place for lanterns and you can put tons of them up if you'd like! Christine your pictures are gorgeous and I love Melissa's work.
  12. Helloooooo ladies...... I am knocking things off my list more and more and I am almost done with everything for the DW, still working on the AHR tho. My planning thread is coming along as well. I swear these next 2 weeks are going to be the busiest weeks of my life lol...
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