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  1. Hey Timberly....I hope your shoot went good today! When are you leaving Vegas? We won't be flying in until 10pm Sunday night and are staying at the Mirage. Thanks for all the tips with the welcome brochure. I have my almost complete, but didn't know how much about the resort I should add. I would post a link but have no idea how. Your dresses are beautiful........even the one that the tranny is wearing! haha!
  2. That is disgusting.... I would definitely call the builder, but put a sarcastic spin on it. They probably have people call and bitch at them all of the time, so that probably won't do anything. I would call all polite and pumped about your house......tell them how impressed you are with the progress and how great of a job they are doing and then at the end add......oh, but don't forget to pick up the pile of $%!# that your worker left in the storage room. Thanks!
  3. On another note- I am making a welcome brochure to include in my OOT bags. Is anyone doing this? If so, did you include a description of the resort?
  4. Raykel- YIKES fire! I had a similar scare today....was helping my FI boost a car, chatting away and not paying attention to what I was doing.......accidentally touched the two cables that I was holding......Wholy $#@! sparks everywhere! Oops!
  5. Hey Timberly, I will be in Vegas next weekend too....I will be thinking of you and sending good thoughts as you get hitched!
  6. You ladies are hilarious! I definitely needed these stories today.... Raykel....yeah! Your dress is in.....I know how you feel.... just waiting to go try it on again! I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but.........I haven't even set up my christmas tree or decorations (which is TOTALLY NOT ME) because I am so distracted with wanting to do wedding stuff.
  7. No wedding parties for us! We want our wedding to be about us and not have to choose between siblings/friends for wedding parties. Our guests are loving it because they can wear whatever they want and can sit for the ceremony!!
  8. I'm agreeing with the majority.....LOVE the dress.....Love the shoes......but not together. I say wear the shoes in Mexico with a short sexy dress and show them off! And use this as an excuse to find another pair of shoes that are more fitting with your dress....maybe a bit more bling to go with the gorgeous lace.
  9. Just wondering if anyone has tips for taking pics of my ring. I wanted to post pics, but can't seem to focus my camera to get anything worth posting.
  10. Afrommert....don't stress over your dress yet. They told me mine wouldnt be in until the end of January and it arrived a few days ago....so there is hope!! Shell.....OMG you are too funny....good luck tomorrow!
  11. I'm in a similar situation because my in-laws aren't coming to our DW. They aren't afraid to fly, but rather don't like to fly. This has definitely caused some upset, especially for my FI (even though he doesn't always express it). I think that every couple needs to decide what is most important to them. Although we would love for his parents to be present, we want a DW and want to enjoy each other on our day. As for our guests.......we are happy that they WANT to be there for us and have taken holidays, spent $$, and are making the effort. I'm sure in the long-term this will affect his parents more because they will be missing out on a very special moment.
  12. I agree! Love the dress in that color and think that fuschia will be a very HOT accent color to match. Pink goes great with a lot of colors.....silver and brown included.
  13. Emme, Thanks so much for the info........sounds like being an AMA member is the ticket!! And I love your logic regarding the mexican marriage certificate.....you are so right. Sorry to hear about all of this DJ drama. We aren't having a reception in Mexico so I haven't had to deal with any of this. We are planning on just going to a bar and then the disco......wearing my wedding dress of course!
  14. Christina, You poor girl.......that sounds awful......but atleast you are quitting smoking Glad to hear that Champix works for you.....I just caution people when starting this med because it can cause people to feel unusually depressed and have suicidal thoughts.
  15. Just had to share with someone........my dress came in today!! This is a shock because they didn't think it would arrive until the end of January. Great news because now I won't be rushed for alterations.
  16. Hey ladies, I didn't get a chance to make my pissed off phone call to the jeweler today......he left me a message first thing this morning and was all sweet......apparently my ring is on its way!! Made a Victoria's Secret order today.......must say that they had tons of great outfits for a BD shoot......and someone (sorry, can't remember who suggested it) was right when suggesting to look for BD poses. I'm so impatient.....ordered everything online today and am already hoping that it will arrive tomorrow....good luck hey! Very jealous of the shopping trip.....you two look like guilty shoppers with those big smiles. FutureMsMoulton- Have you ever been to a St. Paul Saints game??
  17. FINALLY reached my #150 post.......now to try and remember where those downloads are that I wanted to peak at.....hmmmm.
  18. I love how you took the time to personalize everything.....they look great!
  19. Waiting to hear.......did you go try on the dress again? And did you love it?
  20. I will definitely be wearing waterproof mascara and eye liner.........and probably be blinking like a mad woman trying to fight back the tears!
  21. Welcome to the forum! You will love all the help with planning your DW.
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