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  1. Yeah, it is a nice resort. But the beach is kind of rocky. I'm a beach person and enjoy all inclusive.
  2. I'm getting married there on July 7, 2010 I just came back from Jamaica for a vacation and had a chance to visit the resort. It looks amazing. I didn't see a wedding there, but one was scheduled for 5. I agree with the other brides, the facebook page is helpful.
  3. I just arrived back from a visit to Jamaica, and we had a great time!!! We were only on the resort 2 of the 6 days I was there. One of my friends arranged to have a guy drive us around so we could see the real Jamaica and not what the resort just presents as Jamaica. In my opinion, it was safe. We went all the way up the mountains of Nine Mile and Negril. We also stopped to get some REAL Jamaican food. What they serve at the resort is nothing compared to what we ate. We went to the music festival Sumfest and had AN AMAZING TIME!!!! Overall, I really enjoyed my stay. I've been to Jamaica before and stayed at the resort the entire time. This recent visit was much better because I got to see most of Jamaica. I will warn you that Jamaica is a very poor island, so expect to get asked for money in certain places by certain people. I can compare it to beggars in the streets here in the States, but we all know that America is a much more wealthy country than Jamaica. I would suggest arranging for transportation with one of the companies there so the driver can expose you to whatever you want to see. Personally, I wouldn't care if people wanted to leave the resort or not. More power to them for their views. Why even visit a place like Jamaica if you're not even going to step foot outside the resort? For me, that viewpoint just encourages that idea that the people of the island are not really important. Jamaican people are different sort, and it would be great if you, your fi and guests could see that when you visit. I'm not really the type to arrange my life to suit others, so I guess I can easily say that and forget about those people. I'm not planning our wedding to suit other people's needs, but OUR needs. It's our wedding. I honestly can't figure out where the notion to please the people on your day came from. Okay, food and drinks are a must, but the other stuff? Semantics. With the arranged transportation, we didn't have to worry about paying for cabs or getting ripped off because we had someone with us the entire time. I felt very safe and secure while I was out and about seeing the island. I would highly recommend it. You won't regret it. Good luck with your search and happy planning!!!
  4. Congrats!!! I was just in Jamaica doing "research" for my wedding next year and having some fun!!! It did rain a lot, but it looks like your day was perfect.
  5. No worries for me! I hope its all cleaned up by the time by wedding date arrives!
  6. Congrats and welcome!!
  7. Congrats and welcome! I havent booked there, but plenty of brides here have. Just do a quick search.
  8. Congrats and happy planning!
  9. jamaica is gorgeous!!!! Love it there!!! Congrats!!!! We are getting married there next year too!!
  10. Eventually you will stop caring what people think. It's your wedding!
  11. Ive discovered that p90x has gotten rid of the little bit of butt I did have! Now this may be a goal for some, but not for me so now I'm looking into other programs and excercises to beef up my booty! But other than thay this program is amazing! I love the results for my arms, back, chest and shoulders..... Good luck to all who try this!l
  12. Oh and I would just like to say that I agree with TheFutureMrs.Brown . . . I know it's hard, trust me I know. But if he hasn't asked you to marry him, why are you sending out invitations?
  13. I'm late too! But I do want to ask: has your boyfriend actually proposed to you? and said "will you marry me?" if not, then he has no plans to marry you. i don't want to sound harsh, but if he really hasn't said those words then you guys might not be getting married. i did a lot of looking around and watching bridal shows and all that WAY before my FI asked me to marry him. but none of that mattered because the wedding wasn't happening if he didn't ask me so i waited and waited until he was ready we went through a situation when he didn't have work and it was HARD!!!!! we weren't engaged then, but it was still tough on us. men just don't feel like men without a job. i'm sorry you are going through this and i know it must be hard, but he is in no position to be married. if you guys get married as planned, the issue about the job is just going to fester and become a negative in the marriage. it's good you guys are going to counseling. . . hope it all works out for you
  14. Not doing OOT bags either. I didn't even know what they were until I found this site. . . Too much time and energy and not enough in the budget anyway. plus I didn't want to have to worry about all of my guests getting them at the same time in their rooms or whatever. . . too much trouble. i will be doing welcome letters or something like that.
  15. yay Negril!!! their beaches are the BEST in Jamaica! thanks for sharing!
  16. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An amazing photo!!! way to go!!! the bride is going to be VERY happy!
  17. I was very naive when it came to wedding photography. I thought it would cost no more than $1500 to $2000 for a great one! I was WRONG!!! I learned that the resort photographer will take a lot of pics but then only offer the couple mediocre ones and try to get them to pay extra for the better photos. we decided to hire someone stateside and fly him over to Jamaica with us. he's not cheap, but worth it!!! We are getting three days of shooting unlimited for a great price. If you decide to go with your own photographer, make sure he or she can shoot beach weddings. Destination weddings are VERY different from church or stateside weddings are far as the lighting is concerned. You don't want to hire someone for less money who doesn't have the experience. Well, i wouldn't want to take that chance on wedding photos. good luck with your search. start researching photographers EARLY! the amazing ones are booked at least a year in advance. and be ready to change your date if you find someone that is just for you guys as a couple. .. we had to and don't regret the decision!
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