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  1. Hello all, we have our day confirmed for june 18 2011, and have just come across an issue with this hotel.... we thought we should share in case this is important to anyone... also, any feedback from your experience would be much appreciated as we may have to cancel this resort. We have couples and families going to our wedding. Some want adults only (Ambar), some want the upscale family side (esmerald)... both are the "5 star" resorts. We were just informed that our group wont be able to hangout, or even eat at the buffets together. We can understand the familes not going to the adults only, but not adults going to the family side. We have been to a few resorts in PC, and this is the first that has said the 5 star adults only guests cant roam around as they wish. They are basically saying that everyone is only allowed on the resort they book The WC, does not seem to understand the importance of us (the wedding couple) wanting to be with our family AND friends. She keeps saying that everyone needs to book the same hotel, but for our couples guests that are coming to our wedding, they should be able to book the resort that they want, and not have to be on the family side if they dont want to. Luckily for us no one has booked their travel, so we have a little time to pick a new location, with just the loss of our deposit. anyone that stayed at the Ambar side have an issue with going to the family side and getting served? we planned on staying at the ambar side so we can float back and forth during our stay, and be with our people. Thanks
  2. hello everyone... stumbled on this site and are impressed by the creativity!! were getting married june 2011 in Punta Cana... so ready.... set... wedding planning... go!!
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