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  1. In my experience Inise will answer the questions you ask, but she will not anticipate your concerns or really offer you suggestions. She'll coordinate the event, but in terms of really bringing things together and planning, you're on your own. And queendiva, I'm sorry for posting my pics on your thread! I thought it was a general thread, and can't seem to figure out how to delete the pics. Didn't want to steal your shine! You were a lovely bride!
  2. I was married at Rockhouse also! August 13th! No hidden fees. So glad i chose rockhouse over tensing penn. The fees were crazy!
  3. I'm not, but I went to a wedding there last year and considered it as an option before choosing RockHouse. What are your questions?
  4. I know what they are. I'm west indian and my grandma has brought up to me from the islands and I've never had a problem. They are made from coconut and sugar. No chance of them going stale that fast. I don't do last minute, so I would not take the chance to find a bakery that can accommodate me on my time frame. Do as you like, but Sam's has some great options for people who want to buy stuff in the states.
  5. Hey Girl, I'm having my wedding with about 60 guests at Rockhouse Hotel on the cliffs. It's pricey, but cheaper than The Caves. Look into it. Tensing Penn is also lovely, but they have way to many set up fees and other hidden fees. Not cool. The WC was also a mess, so I went against it. Catch A Falling STAR is peerrrfect for a small intimate wedding. Had it not been for my number of guests I would have gone there. I'm having my rehearsal dinner there. I can't wait. The WCs are also really really great. I went to a 130+ person wedding at Negril Escape last year. The wedding itself was beautiful, but this is def a 2-3 star hotel. The pool is ANCIENT. You'll get the most for your money here, but def not the greatest accomodations. I visited XTABI as well, and it was def not up to standard. 2 star accommodations, at best.
  6. Hi Everyone, I hate leaving things to the last minute so I'm not going to go supermarket hopping in Jamaica in the hopes of finding the just right candy for our guests. I'm actually ordering individually wrapped grater cakes from Sam's Caribbean market place. There also plenty of Jamaican candies to choose from and the price can't be beat. The store is located on long island so if you're in New York make a pit stop. http://www.sams24-7.com/SearchResult.aspx?CategoryID=104
  7. Hey! We're using Kenny to take us from Montego bay to negril. He told me he can transport up to 30 people at a time. The reviews for him have been great, too: Kenny from Kenny's Jamaica Tours offer a round trip Montego Bay /Negril airport transportation. This includes Kenny's Jamaica Tours full service airport package of a private transfer from the Montego Bay Airport to Negril and the return transfer, cold Red Stripe/beverage upon arrival and free cell phone use for the duration of your stay. An equivalent value ($120.00US) may also be applied to any tour that Kenny's Jamaica Tours offers. Subject to availability of dates and times with Kenny's Jamaica Tours. Valid until April 30, 2010. Kenny who was born and raised in Jamaica loves to share his wealth of knowledge of his beautiful island. He is a wonderful, safe driver and can be reached at (876) 384-1371 or email kennyjamaica@gmail.com.
  8. Hi Ladies, I know there are threads devoted to this already, but I'm hoping someone on here can help me with my particular problem. So far, I've heard many of the ladies rave about Candice and Rashel, but so far I'm still not sure about using either of them. While the makeup they do is pretty, I am definitely looking for a more glam look. Think BEYONCE! Loni Jones would have been perfect, but she's booked for my date August 13, 2011. She recommended Paul March, but he lives in Kingston and would charge me $600. I was just laid off from my job, and right now we still need to get our wedding bands, pay for the DJ ( apparently there are only 2 DJs to choose from in Negril), and pay for movers ( we're moving to a cheaper apartment). Sigh.....I really only want to pay for my makeup and I'm willing to pay up to $200, but no more than that. Any other suggestions? Debra from queen bee is out too. All she has for pics on her page are a few airbrushed models. i went back and forth with her on email requesting more pics, but I didn't get anywhere. I want to see real life photos of brides. I wear makeup every day, and I mean full makeup. Eye brows, shadow, foundation, gloss. So i need it to go up a notch for the full day. I want airbrushing and false lashes and bronzer. Glam! Any other suggestions?
  9. I'm looking for a makeup artist for my wedding in Negril. I met Debra from queenbee at a wedding last summer, and i wasn't super impressed with her. Her website and facebook page also leave much to be desired. I can't even see photos of her work! the airbrushed models she has on her homepage are less than impressive, too! I wear makeup everyday so I know good makeup, and I'd do it myself but i want lash extensions and airbrush. I cannot pay for someone to come with me from the states, so a jamaica area artist is best. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks
  10. Hey QueenDiva, Please send pics! My date is coming up soon!! Quick Question: What's this about brining your own alcohol? You mean you can bring your oown alcohol to be served at the wedding? Also, was the champagne for the toast included in your package?
  11. @ wedding away, I'm confused. What does this restaurant have to do with favors?
  12. Food for thought: I've thought long and hard about favors and OOT bags and i finally realized one thing: our guests don't care! While the flip flops are cute and people might get a wear or two out of them ( or none), most favors are an unnecessary expense. No one is going to appreciate your name and wedding date under their feet like you! All the crap we put in the oot bags? No one uses them! I don't even own a cd player, and most people listen to mp3s so I didn't go that route. Mugs are okay, but people can take or leave them. Also with picture frames. Do people even develop photos anymore? I know i don't. i don't mean to offend anyone because you all know your guests best, but I wanted to give you something to think about. Last week I finally I decided to take off my Bride hat for a moment and think instead with my Guest hat on and it finally came to me. I realized that of ALL weddings I've been too i usually forget the favor at the venue! The ones i manage to keep I lose or break because no matter what, these things are cheaply made. I realized that i've only ever been interested in the food favors. The candy or small bottles of wine/rum have been my favorite favors. These have been the ones that go the distance with me. If people are flying they might appreciate a little snack they can take on the plain. Since I'm getting married in Jamaica I settled on individually wrapped Jamaican Gratter cakes. These are little sugar and coconut "candies" made somewhat like peanut brittle. They are will cost me 75 cents each. i found a carribbean vendor here in New York who will do these for me and I'll take them with me to Jamaica. I asked my wedding coordinator if i could have them made on the island and she quoted me $2 each which is insane because the two main ingredients in these things, coconut and sugar, are native to Jamaica! The Vendor is Sam's Caribbean Marketplace, and they even have a facebook page. They sell all kinds of items from the caribbean and you might find that giving your guests a local item might appeal more.
  13. I am having my wedding in Negril at Rockhouse which is also Adults only. My aunt, however, is making it very difficulty, and doesn't get it. She even asked me to make her 9 year old my flower girl....UM, HELLO, if I wanted to do that I would have done it. NO DAMN KIDS. Anyway, I personally told everyone who has kids that this is an adult only affair, and that I'd totally understand if they decided against coming. Big deal, less people= less money. I'm all for it.
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