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  1. Hi All I got married in Jamaica on May 5th, I had been on here previously but used more UK wedding forums as I live in Manchester England but I really wanted to let everyone know how happy I was with my wedding pics in case you have not picked a photographer yet We booked R.S from WPA Jamaica which is part of Sungold Associates Sun Gold Photography Associates. When we arrived in Jamaica we arranged to meet R.S (Romey) He was a fantastic guy and put us at ease straight away, he was good fun and genuine and we spoke in detail about what we wanted and didnt want and I knew he he would do a great job! On the day of the wedding he came with an assistant (Antoinette) a few hours before and took loads of photos of us getting ready, he was a blast all day and kept giving us sneaky looks through his view finder. The whole party loved him, Romey and Antoinette put everyone at ease. He took pics all the way through the ceromony and then did some group formal shots and then some amazing shots of just the 2 of us. Romey and team then picked us up 2 days after the wedding for TTD, this was so mush fun,, he had the most brilliant ideas and we ended up with pics if us at a plantation, on a motorbike, at an old ruin, at a lighthouse and on the beach in the sea. If you thinking of doing TTD you must do it it really was the most amazing fun. We recieved our pics about 4 weeks after the wedding as agreed and they are FANTASTIC when i first saw them I cried, in fact I had to phone Romey and thank him again for the beautiful pics and adding to our fantastic wedding day. this guy really is a star and the most creative and clever photographer. We enjoyed working with him so much and would reccommend him highly! I am not sure how to add pics on this site but if you want to PM me I am happy to share them x
  2. Hi girls. I am from Manchester UK . getting married in 4 weeks at the Negril Escape x
  3. Hi Annabelle congrats your photo's are gorgeous, can I ask was your hair flower real? where did you get it? did it last all day? thanks
  4. thanks for sharing your pics are great! congrats can I ask how the dress came out after the trashing?
  5. I have been quoted $200 for 15 mins. I am having them at 10pm at Negril Escape
  6. Hello there I am getting married at Negril Escape its a cliff top hotel with a lighthouse. you dont have to stay there to have there wedding package either which is a bonus. so excited my wedding is coming in at $4000 but thats for ceramony with 30 people with free bar for 5 hours and steel band, hot buffet (lobster, jerk chicken, steak) raggae band, fire dancers and flowers and cake. good luck.
  7. MoBayBride I love your pics congrats! I am getting married as Negril Escape, I wanted Rockhouse but it wasnt available for my dates. check out Negril Escape I think it looks great
  8. MoBayBride I love your pics congrats! I am getting married as Negril Escape, I wanted Rockhouse but it wasnt available for my dates. check out Negril Escape I think it looks great
  9. Hello I am Jamaica Journeys LLC far my wedding in Negril, so far Ari has been fab
  10. Wow beautiful pics and I love your dress, do you mind me asking where you got it? congratulations xx
  11. Hey Ladies Ok so I am getting married in Jamaica next May and was thinking about trashing the dress, of those who have or are planning to do the same can I ask? Is it ok to trash a big expensive dress? Should I get a simpler gown? Where are you doing it? When are you doing it? on the day or afterwards? if the next day do you get your hair done again? Can the dress be saved afterwards? I am English and I have asked these questions on the UK wedding board and everyone came back and said they would never do it as its a waste, but I want to Any pics would be lovely to see thanks girls xx
  12. Hey my family are staying at Riu Tropical bay but i also wanted to get married off resort. We are getting married at Negril Escape on the cliff top, it looks amazing, check it out, they do wedding packages which I think is very reasonable, I am having a steel band, a reggae band, fire dancers etc hope this helps
  13. Hi All I am getting married at Negril Escape in May 2010. I am staying at the RIU Tropical bay for the 2 weeks but wanted my wedding outside of the hotel complex has anyone ever been to Negril Escape? or planning the same? All booked, but I cannot find anyone else on here who is not getting married at the hotel complex.
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