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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by laurenvuitton Allure : Style 8705 From AllureBridals.com Here is the link! Ohhhh.....I love your dress!!!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by butterfly4kathy2 That is good to know! I might just have to get ahold of them. Did you already let the WC know that you will be using different transport? I haven't told Kelley that I got a quote from them. I am waiting to see what she can come up with.
  3. Is the hairpiece white? Also, can you post a better closeup of the hairpiece?
  4. I got a quote of $350 for a shuttle for 45 ppl. So I guess it comes out to about 8 bucks per person round trip. This is throught Super Vallarta tours. From what i heard, there are only a few companies that are actually allowed to drive in to the marina. Otherwise they drop you off about a block or two away from the marina because they are not allowed to enter.
  5. I will be traveling with my son, who will be 14 months at time of travel. We wanted to take his car seat (although we won't be using it on the airplane) and take a stroller. So FI was like are we really going to lug all that with us plus luggage and your dress So, in my search of an alternative, I thought of purchasing that this converter stroller thing for $80, but then I'd still need a stroller. So, I came across this website that rents baby equipement in PV. Lots For Tots Home Page What do you ladies think? They charge $45 for weekly rental (stroller or car seat) or $10 a day.
  6. Ok, so i'm working on my boarding pass invites and was able to print them on cardstock (i think it's 65lbs). Now I need to print the pockets for the BP and the paper is 80lbs cardstock and it's getting jammed on my printer! Anyone have a clue or advice on how to get these darn things to print? BTY, I have an HP all-in-one printer. Thanks for the advice!!!
  7. My e-ring is platinum and I've had it for two years. When we purchased our wedding bands I decided I wanted white gold because it would have been slot more expensive to go platinum with that one as well. When I put both of them together, my e-ring looks dull against my wedding band b/c after time, platinum will lose it's shineness and become a little dull. The jeweler where we purchased our wb offered to buff it and plate in in rhodium so that they both are shiny and match. He explained that with platinum you can have it rebuffed may times because its a very durable metal. The rhodium is what gives it the "shiny" look. So they offered to do it for free. Make sure if you do this that you go with a reputable jeweler that knows what they are doing. Some places will only dip it in rhodium without buffing it first. If they do this, you will see scrathes very easily. Buffing and dipping in rhodium is usually around $90 or so. And they recommend that it gets done every three years or so, sooner if you are harsh on your rings and would like to keep them shiny. So, yes platinum rings are nice, but they also require a little maintenance to keep them looking great. Hope this helps!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by butterfly4kathy2 Well I cant seem to figure out how to post the actual picture. GRRRR If you got the picture off a website you can try posting the link. I think it's just may be my computer (we have a bunch of blockers at our work computers).
  9. Ok, so I did a search for beaded curtain and came up with these. My colors are lime green and turquoise. What do you think? http://www.generationstores.com/ladiblbecu.html Beaded Curtains, Gemstones Green Blue
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by butterfly4kathy2 The only thing that is keeping me from booking hair and make up at Las Caletas is because it is really spendy. I mean, I am sure it is worth it.. but sheesh! Oh , yeah, that's another thing too! I think i can get hair and makeup done at my hotel for half of what they charge to do it at LC.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by butterfly4kathy2 I was looking at those too!! And this one For some reason I can't see the picture of what it is your lookinh for.
  12. wedding on Flickr - Photo Sharing! http://http://www.flickr.com/photos/...05/4308565729/ Does anyone know where I can find the little stones behind this Chuppa? I love them and want to get them for my wedding but have no idea what they're even called to do a search..lol!
  13. The reason that I ask is because we are doing a legal ceremony in the am. We wanted to have our legal wedding date be the same as our wedding at LC so we opted to have it done in the am on that day. Nothing special...we're thinkingof it as "taking care of paperwork". But I guess it would be nice to head over to LC early and relax before the ceremony. I'm wondering if i go early would i have to catch the tour boat that leaves at 9am or if i could leave later, say around noon. Any input?
  14. Have any past Caletas brides had their hair and make-up done at their hotel and then taken the boat ride over with everyone else? I'm just trying to figure out if I want to head over to LC ahead of time to get ready over there or just get ready at my hotel. Any input??
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Jaime+Brandon Thanks Andi, do you remember what time the drummers and fire dancers performed? Does it have to be at a specific time? I'd also like to know around what time they start performing....
  16. Are these still available? I would be very interested in getting some of these. I don't think I need 70 though. More like 40, if you're willing to split them up. Thanks for offering them! They're awesome!!!
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by butterfly4kathy2 I just checked my inbox and it looks like the last time I heard from her is Friday as well. I bet that she just had some back to back weddings and she will get back to you ASAP! Isnt she so great!!!!!?!? I just love her! So you are getting married at Las Caletas the day before me! How exciting!!! If there is anything that we can go in on together or you want to bounce ideas off of each other or something that would be really cool! Ok, So I got a response from Kelley last night. I guess she must be super busy since they are in the full swing of their wedding season. I think it would be awesome if we can go in together on some things...totally would save us both some money! Have you picked out your colors yet?
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by barefootbeachbride im starting to freak out and have those pre-wedding nightmares..the most recent was i got on the boat and there was some random infection that broke out and everyones nose started bleeding but i was more concerned at the fact i forgot my ipod and i had no music for the reception! LMAO!!! This is too funny!
  19. This is off topic, but has anyone heard from Kelley lately? I sent her an email on Sunday and she hasn't responded. She usually gets back to me within a day. I imagines she's super busy this time of the year...i just hope she's ok.
  20. Wow! Indeed he will be busy! We are staying at the Sheraton May 06-13. Can't wait to get there!! The other bride that I'm spitting costs with is Murray, which I haven't seen around here in a while. Her wedding is May 5th, I think.
  21. I too have booked with Nathan and am excited that he will be my photographer. He is so easy to get along with and very accomodating. Another BDW user booked with him and since our weddig dates are so close he agreed to split his traveling and per diem between both of us. How great is that! Not only do we get a great photogpaher, but we save $$$!!!
  22. Does anyone know if Costco or Walmart has buckets and shovels for the little kids. I wanted to do OOT "buckets" for the kiddies in our group and wanted to put beach toys in it...ie water guns, sand shovels, etc.
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