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  1. I would be very interested in getting a copy as well! It’s so hard to try to stay within your budget!!! lol
  2. Hello, For those that have chosen Las Caletas as your wedding location...can you actually have a legal ceremony there? I was reading on a website that specializes in weddings there that you can’t actually legal get married there since it belongs to a different municipality. They stated that you would have to take care of that before you leave for Las Caletas…usually the morning of your ceremony. And then I read on another website that you can get legally married there. Which one is true? So can only have a ceremony with a minister? I’m confused! Please help me!
  3. Thanks! I actually have looked into Las Caletas. My fiancé and I checked the place out last time we were in PV and were very impressed with it! I have also looked into Le Kliff. Decisions...decisions.....
  4. Hello All, My name is Lili. I am in the very early stages of planning a wedding in Puerto Vallarta. We know we want to do it sometime in late April or early May 2010 but have not decided on a venue. My fiancé and I have vacationed in PV several times and have fallen in love with the place. We even have talked about retiring there...although that’s a looong time away...LOL. We got engaged on Valentine’s day 2008 and started planning our wedding shortly after...but had to postpone our plans because we were pleasantly surprised with our baby boy in March 2009. So now the plans are back on!! I am new at this forum thing....so bear with me and be gentle! I will appreciate anyone’s input and advice. I want this wedding planning to be stress-free and fun....so hopefully you guys can help me out!
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