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  1. Hello and welcome to the forum! Happy planning!
  2. I tried changing my mood as well and now realize that I can't...I guess I'll forever be mellow.....
  3. This is a very interesting graph on how the flu spreads. It was circulated all over our office. How flu travels.pdf How flu travels.pdf
  4. I think I would ask her if she'd rather you pay for her cab ride or for her hair and makeup. I mean...she can't expect you to pay for everything....
  5. Congrats and welcome to the forum!!!
  6. ldeavila

    Hello All

    Welcome to the forum!
  7. Congrats and welcome to the forum!
  8. I am having my weddding at Las Caletas in Puerto Vallarta and will not doing a site visit, but I have been to the there before while I was on vacation. Knowing what the venue looks like and from reading the reviews on this forum, I am confident that everything will turn out beautiful.
  9. Congratulations and Welcome to the forum!!
  10. I am using a travel agent from Wedding Destinations and Planning | Destination Weddings .com. She has been great so far. They initially charge $50 retainer fee to get you started as far as selecting a location for your wedding. They then do all your bookings for you and your guests. The $50 retainer fee is then applied to your travel packet once you book with them. Our TA was able to get us a great package, even after we had found a cheaper one online...she matched the online price. You can't go wrong with a TA. Plus, you and your guests have the option to pay for their package in monthly installments. This was a HUGE plus for my family since times are tough right now and most people can't fork up the cash right away. It was nice to know you can pay for your package over time. Hope this helps :-)
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by finzup I also wanted to say I have bought many times here on BDW and I believe that most people are good. But do your homework when buying. I know now I will take things like post count into consideration when I buy from BDW from now on... Wow...I can't believe someone would stoop so low. Finzup...that is great advice. I would never have thought to check post count before purchasing something from a fellow BDW.
  12. Congratulations and welcome to the forum!!
  13. ldeavila


    Congratulations and welcome to the forum!!
  14. Hello and welcome to the forum!
  15. Congrats to the Mother of the Bride. Welcome to the forum. You will get plenty of ideas on this forum.
  16. What a great website!!! And thanks to all for being honest in your reviews. I think future hubby is going to order from here!!!
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by murraycb Hi--IDEAVILA i don't come on here often but i did see your wedding date is may 10th, 2010 and that you were looking for a photographer. We are getting married at Las Caletas on may 5th. We felt the prices that were part of the package at Las Caletas were too expensive as well, so we ended up booking a photographer from Portland. He used to live in Puerto Vallarta and has done about 15-20 weddings at Las Caletas. Nicole at Adventure weddings highly recommends him as well. His name is Nathan Cordova.....his website is license to Still anyways, to get to the point-- his 7 hour package is only $700 which includes a dvd of 400-600 pictures with about a third being done in black and white. we had to pay for his airfare which was $375 form portland to mexico and then $20 for the 3 days he'll be there as per diem murraycb, i sent you an email. I'm so excited because this is actually the photographer that I wanted to book! YAY!! Don't you just love it when things just fall into place?
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