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  1. OMG! Your review brought tears to my eyes! Im so glad you had a wonderful wedding and Ihope my wedding is as memorable and wonderful as yours....
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi I got nervous right at the end to even walk down the stairs in those! so i had nicole set them at the bottom of the stairs (or the ones coming from the bridal casita) for me and I was going to put them on...well I forgot! I actually didn't wear any shoes for about 95% of the reception/ceremony, I ended up being more comfortable without them! Not that I recommend doing that though, I actually do wish I had them on for the ceremony...oh well, just a minor detail! In this pic you can actually see them sitting at the top of the stairs! haahaha Andi, that's so funny that you forgot to wear your shoes! BTW, is your Bouquet the one that they comes included in LC wedding package or did you upgrade to another one? It's beautiful!
  3. Ok, for those that have had their wedding already: Did you were shoes with a high heel? I am concerned that the stairs leading to the ceremony are steep adn slippery and I'd be scared to slip and fall if I wear high heel shoes.....lol.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Future Mrs. Griffith There are a ton of great photographers in PV. Elizabeth Lloyd, Elizabeth Medina, Juan Carlos Tapia, Paulina Ulloa. I am flying my photographer (Nathan Cordova) into PV for my wedding, but he was Elizabeth Lloyd's second shooter up until this summer but then he moved back home to Portland. And even though you pay his airfare his prices are so reasonable. I would totally recommend him. I know another girl on the dreams pv forum is also using him (autjo). Also Dino Gomez is running a sale right now for BDW members (he is a vendor on here) and he has great photos to and lives in Mexico. Hope this helps! I noticed that you are having Nathan Cordova as your photographer. I was looking at his work and it looks great. I just got his price list the other day and he said I'd be resposible for his airfare to PV. Do you know about how much his airfare is?
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    New to BDW

    Congratulations and welcome to the forum!
  6. My FI also purchased my engagement ring from bluenile. He too did ALOT of research and compared prices and products with the local retail jewelry stores. He got a great deal and my ring is awesome. We also took it to get apraised and it was valued at almost double what he paid. I think we will be purchasing our bands from them as well.
  7. That actually sounds like a great idea! Plus the cute parasail’s will last...unlike the flowers.
  8. Hello and welcome to the forum!
  9. We just sent out a Save the Date E-mail to everyone.We will be sending out formal invitations about three months before our wedding. They will include an RVSP return cad that will give them the option to say yes or no to the DW and yes or no to AHR.
  10. Wow, I'm sorry you are having to go through this. Its sounds like you have gone above and beyond to make this relationship work and he hasn't done much. I know sometimes it's hard to make a decision , but I think you have to put yourself first and realize that you are not happy and getting married may not make things better. Good luck with yout decision.
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    Congratulations and welcome to the forum! Good luck with the planning.
  12. Congratulations and welcome to the forum! Happy planning!!!
  13. We are having our ceremony at 6pm. Hopefuly we get some nice sunset shots afterwards.
  14. Congrats and welcome to the forum! Good luck deciding!
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    Congrats and welcome to the forum!
  16. ldeavila


    Congrats and welcome to the forum!
  17. I think I should get it in time since you live in OH and I live in Chicago. Perfect!!! I'm so excited to be part of something so special!!!
  18. I hope it's not rude because I was planning to do the same!!! I really don't want to tie down my guest to doing group activities. My FI and I are planning on only having a welcome dinner for our guest. We are providing OOT bags and will include a guide that I will put together that has all sorts of info on activities that they can do.
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by ebredhawk i think this is actually the most updated list for the clear/white starfish... dc22173's clear starfish line-up: 1 ) meli122 - November 7 - Royal, Playa del Carmen 2 ) angruck- December 12 - Dreams Tulum 3 ) cdnvb9- December 29 - Dreams Huatulco 4 ) kpuckrin- January 12 - BlueBeard's Beach, St. Thomas 5 ) ebredhawk - April 28 - Dreams Punta Cana 6 ) future mrs. kt ellis - June 5 - Scottsdale, AZ 7 ) *kerin28* - June 19 - Worcester, MA 8 ) breeze616 - December 10 - Iberostar Rose Hall Beach, Montego Bay ldeavila - when do you leave for your wedding? i think it would leave enough time for you to get it to future mrs. kt ellis as long as i can get it to you first! i return on may 1st. i'd love to get it to you too because my birthday is your wedding day! I will be leaving May 6th, plenty of time for me to get it! YAY!!! I will be returning May 13th. When is mrs. kt ellis leaving?
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