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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by vgirl17 OK ladies, here's a quick slideshow I put together of some of the pics we've gotten from some of our guests... hope it works! VGirl's Wedding Slideshow Hey! LOVE your pictures! Where did you have your reception/dinner? Is that on the Grand side?
  2. In my OOT bags I plan on keeping it simple. I have about 50 people coming. Each couple or single person will get a bag, welcome letter, shot glass, coozie and a personalized cup! Very simple, but fun stuff. The resort provides everything else...so I didnt see a reason to double up on stuff.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by ashnic2005 The wedding coordinators are extremely busy right now. I just got an email back from my wedding coordinator after 2 weeks and she sent the email at 1AM my time and 12AM hers... she said she was staying in the office just to keep up with all the emails. When I sent my question to Maribel who had worked with me before (to try to help my WC out) Maribel said for me to wait on my direct WC response. I got a response about a few days later. Honestly about 3 weeks up until your final date is when you will probably get the most attention. It seems like the
  4. Hey! I sent you a request on Facebook! I can't wait to see your pictures! Congrats!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs D To Be! Hiya! Yes maybe we will! Although we are moving to LeBlanc the day of your wedding for our "honeymoon"! If you see any mad scottish people...it'll be us!! lol! Ok! WE will be there on the 26th! I will look for you!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs D To Be! I know!! 5 weeks to go and cannot wait! I've been on this board for soooo long...years infact! Waiting for my time...and its almost here!hehe Everything going well, was at the dressmakers tonight for my flowergirl and bridesmaid...I am actually getting my flowergirls dress made (hopefully) identical to a dress I saw someone on here have! My 2nd dress fitting is tomorrow...think i'll have one more then that'll be my dress done! woohoo Got everything else pretty much organised...need to get our playlist done actually..we aren't having a dj
  7. aww! everything sounds so wonderful! You look beautiful and you made me cry when you started talking about horse carriage! Congrats!
  8. oooo myyyy I LOVE THESE! I want to get them! Congrats on finding the perfect pair!
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