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  1. Something like... Don't forget to book your stay with your deposit to "__________ Travel Agent" for the best rates and , by ____________ (Date) __________ _________________ ________________ (give contact information for making the booking. You could even use "Move Up Our Date", if you were looking for other wording. Hope this is helpful. Mainly just make sure all the information they need for booking is available to each of your guest.
  2. GREAT CHOICE!!! Angel is doing my florals as well!!! She is wonderful to work with, such a wonderful person, and answers your questions/emails/concerns, etc in a professional and quick manner! She by far has been my favorite vendor to work with!!!! I am super excited about my flowers!!!!! So sorry to hear about your troubles with the other vendor, but thank you for sharing!! So sad that they don't value their business enough to "thank you for considering their business and wish you the best in your wedding planning". Their rudeness would make me feel even more confident in my choice if I were you!!! I sent out 3 quotes myself and Angel was the only one that emailed me back, not to mention the next day!! So for me I knew she was the right vendor!!
  3. I found a size 10 on ebay!!! I hope it works out for you!! http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Mikaella-Bridal-Wedding-Dress-style-number-1409-/160499015369?pt=Wedding_Dresses&hash=item255e7c9ec9
  4. Try this blog for some inspiration as well, she has designed many inspiration boards with loads of color palettes http://theperfectpalette.blogspot.com/
  5. sorry the link wasn't working. here it is. http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i314/roxyqt2525/Wedding%20Planning/BynGqgmkKGrHqYOKi4EwSek9hq6BMSfMnPs5g_12.jpg
  6. I have a Black Badgley Michka Dress in a size 4, I bought it for a wedding for a really good friend of mine, they ended up canceling their big wedding and eloped ... so i dont really have anywhere to wear it at the moment. The original price of the dress is $585. The dress has never been worn and only tried on once, the tags still attached. I paid just over $350 for it, and would love to sell it , I was hoping to get $250 + shipping for it, but would take any reasonable offers . I am a size 4-6. 34B. I attached a photo of the dress from a seller on ebay. If interested pm your email and I will send actual photos of the dress. It is really cute and fashionable . http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?VISuperSize&item=150484113004
  7. Such a great review!! I am so happy everything turned out wonderful for you!!! Kudos to all your planning and ideas!!!! All the Best and Happy Marriage!
  8. Hi ladies, I just found these dresses on Ebay for $85 plus free shipping!!! Long Off-white BCBG dresses!! Perfect for a beach wedding or a Trash the Dress. (I just bought one for later at my reception!) Lots of sizes from ebay seller: http://stores.ebay.com/joemohayous1 Â http://cgi.ebay.com/360-NEW-BCBG-OFF-WHITE-COLORED-COCKTAIL-DRESS-SIZE-6-/270624964625?pt=US_CSA_WC_Dresses&hash=item3f02814011
  9. Hey everyone, I just wanted to tell everyone about a new resort that just opened recently on Pensacola Beach, FL. Jimmy Buffet opened the very 1st Margaritaville Hotel on Pensacola Beach over the summer 2010 . I am not sure about wedding details, I just thought I would share the info for any bride looking for a new, different place along the Gulf Coast !! Here is the new website for the Hotel http://www.margaritavillehotel.com/index.php While on Pensacola Beach I checked out the hotel and pool area and it looks really nice and I believe there are future plans for a water park and Margaritaville Cafe. Right now they have a detached bar called "Landshark Landing" with a really awesome beach area with beach volleyball and hammacks. Plus there is a restaurant located in the hotel lobby .
  10. Thanks Tammy for the update on the new site info!! Thanks for all your hard work in the new site and for keeping us updated
  11. I just reached 150 , I will keep you all posted as to when my status updates , I am so excited!!!!
  12. Any new FLorida brides to welcome?!!!! I hope everyone's planning is going well!!!
  13. I think we are doing the 7 day cruise for our honeymoon next year!!! Keep us posted on what you decide and your review .
  14. The Florida Gulf Coast is Amazing!!! I couldn't live in a better place!! Looking forward to your review!
  15. Happy planning!! We went shopping for my ring and it felt like a lifetime before he proposed . But when he did it was the right time for him, and surprisingly I didn't see it coming at the moment . All the best!!
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