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  1. I had originally requested the legal ceremony, but decided to change to a symbolic ceremony recently. At first I was worried that having a symbolic ceremony would take away from the experience, but after reading many DW brides experiences, I decided that a paper would not change the way we feel when we say our vows to each other in front of our family and friends. I'm doing the welcome cocktails the evening before our wedding. Some of our guests are only going for 3 nights, so it will be the night they arrive! I also thought they'd be a little tired to attend an event, so I asked some of my guests. All of the guests I asked said they would love to attend a welcome party that evening, they'd be anxious to see each other and start celebrating. Now, I'm even thinking of doing the dinner reservations after the cocktails... Amazing job!! Good luck selling your house
  2. Miriam you did an amazing job!! I love your dress, the colors, centerpieces... Everything looked beautiful. I LOVE the signed guitar, it's so personal! Congratulations on the new house too... You guys are off to a great start
  3. Thank you murmel I actually thought Zavaz Terrace was Zocalo Al Fresco... BigBop I haven't sent out invites either, and my wedding is before yours!
  4. Hey ladies, I need some advice!!! I'm having some doubts about having my reception on the beach (Palapa Yoga). I guess I'm worried about sand fleas and that the beach is so narrow. I wonder of the space will feel crowded if we use the palapa as a dance floor, with the tables directly between it and the ocean. What do you guys think? Most reveiws and pics I've seen have the receptions at The Zavaz Plaza or Terrace. Zavaz Plaza is no longer available, so that leaves Zavaz Terrace for my reception. Uggh I feel so indecisive! What should I do?
  5. I'm going to forward some pics my TA sent me, hope it helps! Let me know if you receive it!
  6. Jaime I totally agree! I can't believe how fast time has passed, and I still have so much to do! Thanks again to everyone for the dress compliments!!! It makes me even more excited to wear it on our wedding day
  7. Schica, thank you SOOO much for posting these. These pics are awesome! Girls, I'm so excited my dress came in. It's big on me, but I can't start alterations until I find shoes!!! I'll post some pics below Excuse the no makeup and baggy dress lol
  8. I'm sorry this is happening to you, I have had a similar problem with FIL inviting random people in front of us and people inviting themselves. Don't worry, your wedding will not be overshadowed by binge drinking. Everyone is just excited, but it will NOT take away form your day with FI. We are getting married to the love of our lives in a beautiful location, everything else will fall into place Quote: Originally Posted by TLGnhci Okay, Monday morning vent ladies. Have any of you had issues with people either inviting themselves, or guests inviting other people?! I am really getting quite annoyed with it. I understand that anyone can go to Mexico but we are paying for private events and even if the people don't come to the wedding activities, the person doing the inviting should respect our wedding. I'm starting to feel like the wedding is getting overshadowed by a big binge drinking vacation. Very sad today.
  9. Hmmm Jaime tough choice!! They are both really pretty... What vibe are you going for in Vegas? The bottom one looks more fun to me, but hey both look great on you! Your yorkie is ADORABLE btw!
  10. Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous! You were such a beautiful bride. Thanks for sharing We're not doing a rehearsal dinner. We opted to do a welcome cocktail party for all our guests, so that they can meet each other! You guys are sooo close, so exciting!
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