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  1. So I think I finally decided on the flavor of our wedding cake. I really love tres leches cake BUT I am a little nervous because I don't know what to expect on how good it is at the hotel. I read some reviews on this thread about dessert in general & everyone says that it is not their strong area! Any advice? Just order what I like or play it safe with a white, chocolate cake?
  2. I am getting married at the Dreams in Puerto Vallarta. I decided to just hire a DJ, because I started to think of some of the same questions. I felt like it would save $ but be more stressful!
  3. Does anyone have the Dreams PV spa email address? I dont want to bother Rebecca!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMrsYak PVBRIDE where did you get the wine glasses? They are very cute...and my MOH is a huge wine-o! lol I ordered them from Etsy, glasses were around $15 w/ shipping. I wanted to get something different that didn't cost a lot of $! I simply gave her my wedding colors & convo about ideas, plus she sends a proof for you to give the okay. Wedding Wine Glass Personalized For Your Wedding 20oz by jgrimes1
  5. I have 3 bridesmaid, I am giving them all passport cover books, some lotion, lipgloss etc, and I purchased their accessories for the wedding (shoe, earrings etc). BUT I did get my Moh something special. A personalized wine glass that reads Cheers to the best MOH in the world: And I ordered one for me too:
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    LF: fancy dress hanger & hair flower

    Here is a personalized hanger from Etsy: Etsy :: The Original Silver Lingerie, Wedding Dress Hanger
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    Contact a TA asap, visit some hotel websites, and of course check on here! Good luck!
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  14. We are getting married in May at Dreams PV. Our party will be around 20 people including me & FI. We are having a family-style dinner, just one long table. The DJ is going to run about $800 I am estimating for the entire wedding, but now I don't know if I should waste that much money. They have the option for IPOD hook-up but I really dont feel like dealing with that or leaving someone responsible for the music. I just cant imagine eating dinner with no music playing, please help!