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  1. 1. We are doing the Royal Package for 40 guests (we have 35 booked so far), but I have noticed a lot of people doing the Free Package and then upgrading. What is the advantage to doing the Free Package? THE free package with upgrades is better.. you get more of what you want for cheaper when all is said and done. (I found) 2. We are getting married at 2 pm. Do we have the option of going right to the dinner/late lunch after the wedding ceremony? It seems like a lot of people didn't eat until 6:30. I really don't want to have a 4-hour gap between the ceremony and dinner because I think
  2. we ended up choosing children of jamaica outreach (COJO), they have done SO many great things.. after I made my donation, the guy actually called to say thank you, he said most of their donations come from companies that are solicited, and they rarely get donations unexpectedly.. we also donated to world vision to haiti
  3. Hi! I just had my wedding at ROR, and brought a TON of stuff. At the end of the night (chandlyn isn't there), the waiters packed it all up, and my mom took some of it (that meant something to her), and most of the rest of it i found sitting in front of chandlyn's office first thing in the morning (by the time i went to pick it up, she had arrived, and it was inside of her office).
  4. Hey Ladies, since my wedding is over, I probably won't be back to the site much.. if you have questions or would like me to send you pics, I am happy to answer/send but you'll have to email me (email address in previous post). (Jenn, I'll send yours now, since I'm here and have seen your post!).
  5. Hi Ladies, Just wanted to let you know that I posted my review a few days ago in the review section, and if you email me at amanda_carpenter@hotmail.com, I will be happy to send you a word document with (what I think are) informative photos. (I tried to include things that I was interested in seeing before the wedding.. i know it's hard to not totally know what it's going to be like.. but it is really great, the pictures don't even do it justice).
  6. Free rehearsal dinner - chandlyn booked it at st. annes (the buffet restaurant).. ok so the buffet is HUGE, and there is a large (classy) indoor restaurant that you can eat at, OR you can eat out on the terrace, which is also huge. What she did was put together two long tables (we had about 40 people) at the back of the restaurant inside. That was basically it. What made it fun was that it happened to be lobster night, we were all wearing our tshirts (made by my father in law), and basically it was a chance to just sit all together and hang out... because it was by the back it was pretty quiet
  7. Hey! I didn't see the free bouquet.. i got rose petals instead.. so i can't really help with that. I have created a word document full of pics that I thought might be helpful.. if you would like them, email me at amanda_carpenter@hotmail.com and I'll email them to you..
  8. TRAVEL AGENT We used a travel agent, and it couldn’t have been better.. she doesn’t even live where we live, but I had heard such great things about her.. she got us a great rate, loads of perks, and was SO nice to our guests.. made everyone feel so comfortable, and settled any fears/anxieties.. which helped us a LOT.. her info is on our wedding website – James and Amanda are getting married! Ocho Rios, Jamaica 2010 | Welcome | jamesandamanda2010. WEDDING WEEK We got to Jamaica on a Monday and got married on the following Saturday. I thought this might be a bit of a bad situ
  9. Hey! I am posting the review now - to answer a few of your questions though - 4pm was a good time to have the ceremony because the beach was slightly quieter, it wasn't as meltingly hot, and there was less of a break between the ceremony and reception (the reception was a big deal to me.. maybe if you aren't planning a formal reception then it might not matter as much which time you choose.. and earlier in the day it IS sunnier.. the pics might be brighter etc). For booking - we booked with a travel agent.. she was based out of thunder bay (which isn't even where I live, but i ha
  10. hey! My guests stayed at the RIU, and I didn't bring flowers.. i bought them all from floral fantasy. Had a busy few days with work, but I'm working on the review and posting pics!
  11. Hi! I am working on my review right now.. I hope that I include everything I would have wanted to know, but if i miss anything, I am open to questions!! The thing I will say right now is DON't WORRY. It was beautiful.. and special and wonderful.. the things that (to me) made it included: - having the ceremony at 4pm -writing our own ceremony -steel drum band playing before the ceremony, and while i was walking down the isle, and after, during the cocktail hour.. it was beautiful, and tropical, and the guests thought it was fun - the private poolside reception (the
  12. Hi Ladies, Sorry I have been so MIA.. with the baggage restrictions, I wasn't sure what i was going to be able to bring, but i have decided to bring it all. If anyone is getting married after me and would like any of this stuff, let me know!
  13. Ohhhh girl, you so have the right attitude. STAY STRONG. If it's a deal breaker, it's a deal breaker. You know that you will be there, and people WILL come. Stay strong, (and be polite).. something like "this is the way we want to get married.. we understand it's a big expense, and time off work/away from committments, so while we would love for you to be there, we completely understand if you can't make it". Don't engage.. don't explain.. just keep it simple "can't come? - that's ok!'. .some of these people WILL come.. trust me.. before we picked our place we had ALL kinds of input (and threa
  14. I can't find your review either.. could you post a link? Congratulations!!
  15. We're getting married at the ROR in a month and I'm wondering what those of you who did/didn't do the upgrade think? Also, which flavours of cake did you decide on? Thank you! It's getting down to the wire so I'll probably be posting a good number of 'last minute' things..
  16. Use both.. I have heard that it's better to use a "palate" than specific shades.. it's so funny.. i was just saying to my mom, that if i could do it over again, I would have done purple and green.. i think that would be gorgeous.
  17. Lady, That is SO dumb. I won't even speculate regarding "motive" (yes, it could be jealousy, immaturity, a 'joke' or WHATEVER), but the fact is, it's straight up dumb. Do NOT let it in.. this person is awful.. because, even if this is what they TRULY felt about you, deep deep down (which I'm sure it isn't), then a reasonable (and reasonably intelligent, and reasonably 'good' person) would take your Fi aside and tell him quietly OR keep their mouth shut entirely. Because they did not do this, they are simply, dumb. And their comment really doesn't mean anything. I would tell your Fi thou
  18. I went to a local bakery and got them to sell me 40 of them.. they were just white, but I'm going to put a big sticker on the top with our logo/colours. Good luck!
  19. I agree with debbmach. The more the better. There will be some people that get on board and then bail, but I think that knowing that it's your wedding will be a bit different than just a fun trip with everyone.. a GOOD excuse to go on vacation (although this is definitely not how you should sell it). Send 'em out! Congrats!!
  20. Thanks collyj! That was awesome (and much appreciated) advice!!
  21. I just got P90X. I have 6 weeks until my wedding. Is it reasonable to think that I'll have any kind of visual result in only 6 weeks? Thanks ladies!
  22. ... My Fi is a HUGE Maple Leafs fan (i know, they're terrible). I'm not a huge sports fan, but a lot of the wedding is to my taste, and I would like to include something just for him (even something small).. Have any of you done anything like this? any ideas? any special surprises for your fi?
  23. Hi! So. I have 6 weeks (actually just under) left before we leave & I am just hoping that I haven't forgotten anything. Can you help me out? If you notice something that is on your list that I have clearly forgotten? Thanks ladies!! * Also, we are considering a 2nd week honeymoon.. (if we can afford it), and I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with sandals in Jamaica (we were thinking Sandals Dunns) OR any sandals (or other romantic but not super super expensive resort in the carribean?) Here is the list: Completed Photographer & videographer b
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