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  1. We are getting married at ROR next Saturday, April 17th. We are doing 2 pm. We wanted 4 pm, but we were told it was already taken so we didn't really have much of a choice. We booked over a year in advance so I was pretty surprised that the 4 pm slot was already taken for the date we wanted, but it seems like that is the most popular choice. My biggest concern is the 4 hour window between the end of the ceremony and the 6:30 pm dinner time. We are going to do the steel drum band for an hour on the beach and do the first dance, bouquet toss, garter toss and pictures so hopefully that will take
  2. sweetluna, I decided not to go with the package because I knew I wanted to do my own makeup (I have had a couple bad experiences in the past so I don't really trust anyone else). I am going to get a mani and pedi and get my hair done, but doing them separately was cheaper than choosing one of the packages. Like Marie, I have read on here that the majority of brides are happy with their hair, but not their makeup.
  3. Her e-mail address is mice.ori@riu.com. She or Roxianna (the wedding coordinator assistant) usually respond within a day or two. Neither of them contacted me first though. I had to send them an e-mail with all of my questions.
  4. p.s. I also asked Chandlyn about the free bouquet and she said it was "tropical flowers" so it may just be whatever is in season, not necessarily like the bouquet I posted. The picture I pulled was from August 2009.
  5. I was wondering what the free bouquet looked like too. I wanted to use it since it was included. I found this picture on Trip Advisor where someone had posted a wedding review. Hope this helps anyone else who is trying to decide to go with the free bouquet or upgrade. (Hopefully this works - I haven't uploaded a picture before) free-bridal-bouquet-beautiful.pdf
  6. NikiCrosby - we may be at the resort at the same time. What day are you getting in? We arrive on Wednesday, April 14th. Yes, the updos better be perfect with the prices they charge. I have heard good things about the salon so hopefully it will all work out. I made appointments for me and my three bridesmaids. They can only do two updos at a time so I am having two of my bridesmaids go at 10 am and then me and my maid of honor are going at 11 am. The wedding is at 2 pm. They said we should all be done by noon (but nothing is ever on time in Jamaica!). I originally had the appointmen
  7. Hi Marie, I am getting married next Saturday, April 17th at ROR. I booked hair appointments for myself and my three bridesmaids several months ago. They will give you a quote and you have to put a 50% deposit down via credit card. They will then send you a confirmation sheet. My total for four hairstyles is $390, which I think is outrageous (that's almost $100 each and that is with a 10% discount!). I have had some really nice styles done here in the U.S. for $50-$60 and I have long, thick hair. I asked the Renova Spa manager (Paul Casas) about the price and he said the reason they ask f
  8. Has anyone flown with their wedding dress on JetBlue? If you did, where did you stow it? I called the airline and they told me they do not have closets on any of their planes. They said I could bring the dress on with me, but I would have to hold it in my lap or put it in an overhead bin. I really don't want to cram it into one of the overhead bins and I am worried that they won't let me hold it in my lap once we get on the flight.
  9. Hi Spanky, I am getting married in two weeks (April 17th) at 2:00 at the ROR. I started a thread with a bunch of questions about a week or so ago (ROR Help Needed - Getting Married in Three Weeks). I think a lot of your questions are answered in that thread. I started freaking out too when I saw this site and the amount of work some brides have put in, but trust me, you can do as much or as little as you want. I am choosing to do very little. I just want to relax and have fun in the sun with my friends and family!
  10. I was wondering the same thing Skinner. Thanks for asking this question.
  11. Thank you for all the great answers jawedding! I really appreciate it.
  12. I will post a long wedding review with some pictures once we get back. We are honeymooning in Ireland until the end of April so I will try to get to the review posted by May.
  13. Thank you so much TA Maureen for the clarification on pricing. This was what the sales department in Mexico e-mailed to me so that is why I thought there was an extra $300 minister and documentation fee on top of the $350. I thought the $350 was for the wedding coordinator, dinner, cake, etc. I am always happy to hear that we can save more money! I thought it was kind of weird to call it a "free" package, but then charge $350. Kindly inform you that Free Package does not include the minister fees (around 300usd). On the other hand please note that the Free Wedding Package is up to
  14. Thanks Hiccups! I finally contacted the sales department in Mexico at the e-mail address you gave me and they responded quickly. This is what they said: the "free" package is $350, the minister's fees and documentation is an additional $300. The extra cake is $5 extra per slice and champagne is $15-$20 per bottle. We switched to the Free Package from the Royal Package because I think it will save us about $400-$500. I am so thankful I found this website and realized we could do that. I thought we just had to pick the package that was the closest to the number of guests we had. I think I
  15. I tried to e-mail the wedding department in Mexico three days ago to change my package from the Royal Package to the Free Package and they still haven't e-mail me back. I am using the original e-mail I used to book the package (weddings@riu.com and weddings07@riu.com). Does anyone know if these are the correct e-mail addresses or have they changed? Does anyone know what the minister's fees and documentation fees are in Jamaica? I am just wondering if getting the free package and paying for all the extras will end up costing close to the same as the Royal Package.
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