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    Wedding Checklists & Worksheets

    Thank you so much for posting this, it saved me so time from writing all of these down.
  2. Hi Ladies, All the programs I've seen in this thread looked really nice and very creative. I am also trying to find ideas for my wedding program. I would like to incorporate the travel theme on our program; we're using passport invites and luggage tags as the favor, we are getting married in a church and reception on a boat. Any ideas will help. Thanks!
  3. Hi Mary! It would be really great to incorporate some of the Filipino tradition in the ceremony to keep those customs/traditions alive. Unfortunately in my case, I only have an hour at the ceremony site. Incorporating the coins, cord and veil might push us over the time limit. I am kind of bummed about it but we'll just have to do without it. Good luck!
  4. A BIG WOW!!! You are so creative and talented. Everything looks great and I love your flowers too.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Mel&B Kathy, Check out Wedding Chicks - {WEDDING PLANNING AND DIRECTORY} today for more vintage inspiration. I totally thought of you when i was looking at the 1920's dresses. Your #2 dress is gorgeous! I wish I could buy it, but I already have my perfect dress. I know another girl will be so lucky to have it! I'm glad you chose #1 for you. It's perfect for you and so, so pretty. I just checked the link you posted for vintage dresses and it led me to another link... a store in LA/Burbank. It has lots of unique vintage dresses (wedding, cocktail, any party dresses). I'm going to go to check it out. Thanks for the link Mel!
  6. Pnay_QT77

    DIY Tissue Holders

    This is pretty cool. I tried just now with plain paper to see if I can do it and it worked. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Pnay_QT77

    cute decor find **pics**

    Lovely idea, I like it. I checked the website but I think it's too pricey.
  8. My FI and I have dated 2 years and 6 months when he proposed. Now, we've been together 2 years 8 mons. We will be together 3 years 6 months and 15 days on our wedding day. I know it doesn't seem long compare to other couples here but it sure was a long wait cos we're both not getting any younger.
  9. Pnay_QT77

    Is FIRST CLASS Worth It?!

    Personally in my opinion, first class is not worth it for short flights. If you're flying accross the atlantic or pacific then it is totally worth it; you can enjoy all the amenities, relax, and be comfortable. I travel to Europe and Asia every year and it's worth it specially if you have the miles to get those FC seats. But if you can get 3 extra days for your HM, I would take that instead of FC. When my FI and I traveled to EU last year we used his miles to get FC and bought the tix 9 months in advance. I suggest you book your flights as early as possible.
  10. Pnay_QT77

    the time has come

    The ring is beautiful! I love the detail on the side of the band too. Your future FI will definitely love it. Good luck on the proposal and the wedding planning to come afterwards!
  11. Pnay_QT77

    PV/Sayulita Bride w/o "Bride Gene" need help!!

    Hello Brooke, Welcome to the forum. There are plenty of resources on this site that you will find very helpful. There are lots of threads for PV. Good luck with planning!
  12. Pnay_QT77

    NEW Mexico bride 2009

    Welcome Danelle and Congrats. Good luck with planning!
  13. Pnay_QT77

    NEW - getting married in less than a month!

    Welcome to the forum Kim. Your big day is just around the corner; how exciting and probably nerve wrecking too just to make sure you've got everything done and taken care of on time. Good luck and Best Wishes!
  14. Pnay_QT77

    Newbie from Toronto, Canada!

    Hello Chanti. Welcome to the forum and good luck with planning!
  15. Pnay_QT77

    Newbie Saying Hi...May 09 in DR

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with planning!