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  1. This thread is exsctlynwhat ive been looking for! My dress is white with ivory and each pearls. I think FI is going to wear a navy suit. I want the girls to wear champagne or peach... Would navy for the guys look okay? Does anyone have pics of navy? I'm having a hardbtime finding pics.
  2. I want to put photos of our parents (living) and grandparents (passed away) on our place card table... with a note in another frame saying how we appreciate them. Any ideas for quotes or sayings or something sentimental?
  3. I'm preparing my DIY To Do list and am completing forgetting all of the stuff I have seen and loved. So far I have: Save the Dates - Style TBD ... I'm thinking Passport though Invitations - Style TBD OOT and all the goodies for it "thanks for booking" Luggage Tags- I found a really cute pattern to sew Menu Place Cards Guest Book Welcome Letter Timeline/Weekend Events Things to Do in Bermuda What have you made or have on your list that I'm missing?
  4. Seems like a fun day! Kinda wish I could have helped. Where did you get your pashminas and would you mind sharing the cost?
  5. Hi All, We are working with a travel agent to coordinate all of the discounted hotel rates for guests. I'll be including her contact information in the STD so guests can start researching but is it appropriate to include the hotel room night rates? There are different rooms so I'm not sure if I should .... but I don't want guests to start doing the research on there own and see a higher cost. We sent out STDs last year but had to postpone our wedding... all of guests were looking at expedia and other travel sites instead of picking up the phone and calling the TA. Any advice? Include rates or not? How do I get guests to call the TA? Thanks! Hannah
  6. Hi There, My name is Hannah and although I'm not a brand-newbie ... I kinda am. My fiance and I got engaged on 6.7.08 and set our wedding date 7.2.2010 in Bermuda. Unfortunately, 2009 was a horrible year due and last December we decided to postpone our wedding (after sending out save the dates ). 2010 was slightly better and we decided that 2011 is our year... so we set a date of 9.10.11 and the planning is back on... YAY! So I'm back on BDW ... not that I was really ever gone... my brother got married in Mexico in August of this year so I was scoping stuff out for him. I'm one of those that believe things happen for a reason... so I'm looking forward to the planning. Engaged on 6.7.08 and Married on 9.10.11... hubby-to-be shouldn't forget those dates. hehe. So Hello to all! If anyone has recently gotten married or is planning a BM wedding... let me know. I would love to chat! I've been to the island a couple times and my fiance was born and raised in BM. Have a Fabulous 2011!!! ~ Hannah
  7. Hey there... my brother is planning on getting married in Mexico October 2010. The resort says that he can only use the on site photographer but there are lots of ladies that used Del Sol and they have amazing pictures. How does that work? What do you tell the hotel? Do they ask questions? Do you use the hotel photographer too? Does anyone have pricing or how it compares to the hotel? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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