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  1. Hi Ladies! I'd let everyone know that I actually just started working with Playa Fiesta to help coordinate weddings. This is a recent development, and I'm very excited. However, I won't be able to post on this thread any longer. I've had a wonderful time getting to "know" a lot of you girls, and I wish you all the best of luck. If you are in the process of planning your wedding at Playa Fiesta, I look forward to working with you!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by krizstyling Thanks so much for the welcome Vanessa & Mel! Did either of you do a site visit? What did it consist of? We are staying at the Velas (casa velas & velas vallarta) so we won't be spending the night there. I didn't do a site visit, but I think it would consist of a tour, food tasting, a drink at the bar, meeting Adam and Lindsay... I think it would be fun! I'm not exactly sure of all the details... Congrats Magalie!!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by krizstyling Just emailed Blaire!!! I thought maybe I was taking it a bittttttt overboard with the planning a whole two years in advance (even tho FI asked me to figure it all out so we can give everyone a year or so headsup). So I just thought maybe it was too soon but this is why I love this site! Alllllll of the helpful info! Awesome!!! Let us know how it goes. It's never to early to at least pay a visit and meet the Playa Fiesta crew. I have to warn you, though, you'll probably be hooked once you get there!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by krizstyling By few I shoulda said October. We are HOPING to go back in October. We usually only go once a year. But this year to PV and then somewhere else in October but I kinda want to just do PV twice this year. I am in contact w/ Blair to get some of the worksheets etc so I'll email her and see about a site visit. I totally forgot that I read they were closed for a few months! You are such a help!! In that case, you definitely need to go for a site visit. You need to see PF for yourself, eat some of the delicious food, and have a few cocktails at the bar- especially if you're seriously considering having your wedding there! I would visit ASAP, but that's just me... : P.S. Thanks for your compliments on the pic!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by krizstyling I can't believe you're the same Melissa! I absolutely LOVE your picture in your signature and actually it was one of those that made me just fall in love w/ the setting of Playa Fiesta. We are definitely going to try and do a site visit but I wasn't sure if I should reach out to them this early being we will be going back to PV in a few months. Thanks again =) You are a rockstar! Lucky Girl! How often do you go to Vallarta?! Playa Fiesta closes for the summer, so if a "few" means three months, that would mean August and they will be closed. They are closed approximately July-September, but contact them for the exact dates. I just don't want you to miss out!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by krizstyling Thanks for the vote of Confidence Mel! I appreciate it! I wonder if you're the Melissa I emailed with about Playa Fiesta from Tripadvisor? If so, here you are helping me again! Hahaha That sounds like a really great way to describe it. I also see your point about two years away and I've heard that from A LOT of people saying "Well we can't commit to something two years away why so early?" which I understand but then I'm like umm you said you wanted a fair notice so you know to save and I'm giving it to you! So I dunno...it's all blah blah blah at this point. I just want the wedding of our dreams. That's it and I haven't found one place that measures up to PF in my eyes through the reviews with everything we want. Kate also brought up a great point about eating chips and guac. We are on our way (on the 29th) headed back to Puerto Vallarta for vacation at Casa Velas and sooo many times we skipped lunch and just had nachos by the pool. Makes sense! Thanks for typing while on vacation Kate! Kristy, I am the same Melissa. I also agree with Kate that most people won't need a big lunch. Between the never-ending breakfast buffet and day drinking by the pool, most people will just snack. I hope you're making a visit to Playa Fiesta while you're in PV!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by krizstyling This is the exact same issue we are dealing with. Our date isn't until 2012 but we are trying to decide on a place right now and I don't want to give up the elegance of Playa Fiesta for a place like ...a place I'M not happy with. However, we have taken the advice so many ladies give about asking our guests their thoughts on if they can afford it etc. Many have said yes and some have said they will see and others said "Well if it's too expensive we'll stay at a different place for 2 nights just to be there for the wedding". It's disconcerting to say the least. I would love to hear how other ladies explained it. Most of the problems my guests are complaining about is the fact that they would have to BUY their lunches as they don't come in the all inclusive. I'm like it's 16 dollars a day! Where in NYC can you get a lunch for 16 dollars that isn't at a deli?! Give me a break! Hey Kristy, As far as the lunches go, I would mention that they probably won't even be at Playa Fiesta for lunch on most days. I imagine that people will want to go to the beach, take a zip-line trip, go shopping, etc. On those days, they will still have to purchase their lunch, so does it really matter if they're buying lunch at PF or in town? And while Playa Fiesta does have really great food at reasonable prices, it's also fun to go in town and eat at the local restaurants and experience the local culture. I hope that helps you explain things to your guests. I think you're in a good position because the economy does seem to be picking up, and I think your guests will come around. It might be hard for some of them to commit right now when 2012 is two years out, but I think in about a year you'll find more people that can commit to an event that is one year away. I think it will work out for you!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by mlabbe Hi ladies! I'm trying to pick the entertainment options, and I'm not sure what to go with. What did you get and what would you recommend? For the entertainment during the week, we had the fire jugglers and drummers. They came on Tuesday night (our first night with everyone) after dinner, and they were awesome! They played/juggled for a lot longer than I thought they would, and it was such a fun surprise for our guests! This was not part of our package, but something extra we added. I highly recommend it! We also played poker with Adam on massage day. It was really fun- I think the guys especially had a great time with it, and Adam is very cool and an awesome teacher. Hope that helps! Let me know if you want more details.
  9. Magalie, I LOVE your pics! What a beautiful day and a beautiful occasion. I think it's awesome that you had such a special service at home before the other big day. p.s. your dress and hair flower are so pretty!
  10. I've been. It's beautiful but rustic. I wouldn't recommend it if you have any elderly or disabled people traveling with you. There are lots of hills and stairs everywhere. Good Luck!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by tater668 Hi PF brides! My fiancé and I are getting married at PF in march 2011. His one concerns is about the consistency of the beach in march. Any thoughts? Thank you so much for all of your helpful comments and for a great forum! Rachel. Quote: Originally Posted by vanessa81 I agree - it'd be good to know if there are any changes at the hotel. I thought someone had mentioned before they they work on the hotel during the months it is closed? Even though we signed the contract before doing a site visit, we are planning on going in December to see what the beach, etc. is like exactly one year before the big date - I can certainly provide updates when the time comes for that. Have a great time Kate!! Mother Nature is a tricky lady to predict! The rocks come and go on a lot of the beaches in Vallarta. The good news is that there are a lot of beautiful beaches within just a few minutes of Playa Fiesta, so I'm sure you'll be able to find whatever kind of beach you're looking for. Remodeling does happen during the summers. PF gorgeous as it is, but it's also neat too see the way they're constantly upping the ante!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by kate.com Thanks Mel! I so wish you were going to be there so we could hang out:) I know, I was thinking the same thing today. Do you have anything planned other than relaxing at the hotel?
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by kate.com Ok so I know that Lindsay and Blaire are the best WCs in the world... but I am going to Playa Fiesta in the morning and was wondering if you girls needed anything? Have so much fun!!!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by sabbott Thanks, Mel and Kate! Unfortunately, Lindsay and Blaire recommend mariachis for the cocktail hour...I'll let you know what I decide, but thanks for the input. Good luck with your decision! I had them and they were great. They also look really cool in your wedding pictures!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by sabbott I STILL cannot decide on music for the cocktail hour at the wedding... (since we are doing our ceremony at a Church off-site we wont have the ceremony music to carry over to the cocktail hour.) Did anyone use one of the live music options besides the Mariachis for the cocktail reception?? [i apologize in advance if someone mentioned it earlier in the thread- I looked and tried not to dupe topics] Sara, I want to say that ~Kate~ did something different, like a 3 piece trio. I just checked her review, and it didn't mention it, though. Maybe you could PM her? I don't think she checks this thread anymore. I apologize if I'm wrong, but I do remember something about someone using the 3 piece trio. If Kate doesn't have any info for you, I'd go with whatever Blair or Lindsay recommends. Kate B, do you remember what Kate L did for music?
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