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    Newbie getting married in Sayulita, Mexico!

    Hello!! I am getting married in Sayulita as well in November! I am curious to know the best way to work with Villa Amor as I want to recommend it to my guests but they are not emailing me back at all! Maybe we can chat over private message? I would also like to know where your rehearsal dinner is!
  2. brookeholmes

    Sayulita wedding!

    hi!! i am getting married in sayulita this november!! welcome to the forum.
  3. brookeholmes

    PV/Sayulita Bride w/o "Bride Gene" need help!!

    hi! Bungalows Lydia looks amazing! I will definitely try to take a look at it for my scoping trip. How many people are you having and what WC did you use (if any)? Also - are you leaving it up to people to get to San Pancho or are you providing transportation? I want to have something outside of PV but I have heard it's now very convenient for guests to get to and from there. Looking forward to chatting more!
  4. brookeholmes

    PV/Sayulita Bride w/o "Bride Gene" need help!!

    thanks for the welcome wishes everyone!!
  5. Hi! I was so excited to come across this forum. I need all the help I can get!! I have been engaged for two months now and have barely done anything. I don't even know where to begin, and can't wait to search away on this site. My location is either PV or Sayulita and I am hoping to book somewhere in October/November 2009 (if it's not too late). Look forward to talking to you all Thanks! ~Brooke