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  1. I sent your link to people I know in the area and people at my work. I really think I'd go into severe depression if I lost my dog since he's our baby (we don't want kids so our dog is our kid). I'll keep my eyes open when I'm in the area.
  2. Not suprised that my baby is not on the list (doberman pinscher).. people think they are mean and vicious but I say those are the people who've never owned one!
  3. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaame. Are we back in high school? "I'm not your friend anymore" Good riddance! Good luck with your planning.
  4. I think your health is something worth spending on. A small problem can become a huge problem in a short period of time. 1 month doesn't sound terribly long but maybe shop around for a "cheaper" chiro. Can't really relate, with the free health care and all..
  5. I was married at the Elegance this January. The Elegance is newer (opened end of 200 compared to the Colonial, therefore the Elegance is more expensive. While we were there we went over to the Colonial and the resort is starting to show it's age but is still a wonderful hotel (lovely pools, GREAT beach, food is food).
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by heidilynn28 Great review! I emailed the Elegance for info on their package, but no answer yet. Question: did you have to pay extra for the dinner reservations in the restaurant? If so, how much because they don't seem to offer a dinner in their package.. :/ It's not stated in the list but it is included. You can either go to the Asadito (Steak House) or See and Sea (Seafood). To note: it's not a private dinner but it's semi-private, people weren't sitting beside us at all so we felt like we were alone in the restaurant!
  7. I’ve been slacking off a little bit but here is my review for my wedding that took place last month at the Majestic Elegance. Travel / Dress transportation We were delayed 5 hours, with not much information from the airline (thank you Skyservice!!!!) but apart from that the ride was as comfortable as it can be travelling on a budget airline. I put my dress in the overhead compartment and didn’t have any problems with it at all. When we arrived in Punta Cana the dress was barely wrinkled. Hotel I’ve been to Punta Cana a couple of times and this was my favourite place. It’s a smaller hotel and I preferred that personally. We stayed at the Elegance Club with all our guests and felt that the upgrade was worth the money. We had access to a private Club lounge that had snacks all day, 6 computers with access to the internet, lounging area with a flatscreen and lots of water/pop/champagne. At this same Club lounge there was a representative until 11pm to help you with anything you wanted (movie rental, special requests, check out). I truly felt that this was totally worth the extra money; we never had to go to the front desk since everything was dealt with at the Club lounge. We were upgraded to an ocean view room, which we were very thankful for since another couple we met who arrived a couple of days after us did not get an upgrade at all (they were getting married too). The rooms are very modern and spacious with big beds, big bathtubs and flatscreen tv. Our room had a separate living room with flatscreen and we had a flatscreen in our bedroom. Housekeeping was spotty sometimes but from personal experience travelling down south it’s like that everywhere, there’s always one day where they come to do your room and don’t leave you shampoo or body wash! Every night they left us something special (sushi plate, fruit platter, champagne) so that made us feel special and we appreciated it. We ate at all the restaurants and they were all exceptional. We often had lunch at the Sea & See and there was always something for everyone’s taste. The hotel is very well set up, you don’t have very far to walk to go eat or go to the beach or the pool. The Elegance Club had it’s own private pools and we spent a lot of time there in the insanely awesome Bali beds! Another awesome thing from this resort, room service!!! We ordered breakfast almost every day and it always came within 20 minutes. The food was always good (albeit sometimes a bit lukewarm but that didn’t bug me). Wedding preparation I personally did not have a great experience with the wedding coordinator but I wouldn’t hold it against the hotel. When we checked in at the hotel we had a letter from the wedding coordinator (Claudia) to meet her on Monday at 10am. She showed up at 11am, and then proceeded to tell me that the meeting was scheduled for 11am (even though I had a letter from her, signed by her, where it clearly said 10am). We went through the details with her and she listened to what we wanted. I had a surprise when it came to the flowers. She had sent me the album in advance and I had picked what I wanted but told her I would confirm when we arrived. When I told her which flowers I wanted, she told me those would not be included in the wedding package and I would have to pay extra. Funny how she never mentioned that before even though I had asked about that specific kind of flower. I was very disappointed to have to make a decision on the spot but ended up choosing another kind of flower and they were very beautiful. I paid to have bridesmaids bouquets, they were alright, the flowers were a little bit wilted when we got them. The resort steamed my dress and ironed my DH’s attire, this was a great service and it was delivered in the morning to our room. The flowers were also delivered to our room in advance. Wedding day We didn’t get up really early, we just relaxed, had room service for breakfast and went our own ways. It’s important to note that this resort does NOT offer transportation to the wedding gazebo on the beach so it’s a good idea to go plot your course before the wedding day otherwise you may get lost. All the girls got ready in our room and we had a great time having a couple of drinks and eating room service (mmmmm fruit platter). I had my makeup and hair done by friends so I cannot comment on the spa for those services. We had a really good time hanging out, taking pictures of everyone getting ready. I was late leaving the room (surprise surprise!), we walked from our room to the other side of the resort where the gazebo is. The wedding coordinator was very useless when it came to the ceremony as she did not direct me where to go. I was just standing there trying to hide myself so that the groom couldn’t see me and she was just standing there doing nothing. Once the music started I was dancing with my dad in our little waiting area while the bridesmaids started walking down the aisle. The music was very audible, they have a good sound system! The aisle is marked with little palm leaves sticking out and they had put flowers petals all the way down the aisle. The gazebo setup is really amazing, it’s not just material hanging from a four post structure. The wedding was fast, 5 minutes (I love it!). The judge was very nice to us, congratulating us with hugs and kisses after the ceremony. We had a champagne toast which was really nice. We did photos with our guests, then the wedding party, then only us. Our wedding was at 3:00 and our dinner reservation was for 6:30. This gave our guests time to go relax before supper, which was great. The dinner was amazing, it was at the steakhouse Asadito. The service was amazing, the food was amazing and the cake was amazing. I had told the coordinator that I wanted something simple and that’s what I got. I paid to have a couple flowers put on the cake and those turned out great. After supper there was a karaoke night at the main plaza, we hung out there and danced the night away. We had so much fun just relaxing and drinking with our guests without being stuck in a small dingy place with music that’s way too loud (AKA the disco). We snuck back to our room and they had put the honeymooners sign on our door and had run a bath with flower petals. The next day we were booked for a romantic dinner for 2 at the Sea & See. The only disappointing part about the dinner is that it’s a set menu. We really wanted to be able to chose our own food and eat lobster! It was cute, they set up a table with flowers and champagne, it was a nice moment for new husband and wife to have dinner alone! We were also given a certificate for 2 free massages. I ended up going with a friend and the spa was amazing! I’m sure I’m forgetting some stuff but if you have any questions feel free to send me a message!
  8. I hear you. I'm leaving in 5 days and I'm like whoa, what am I getting myself into? But in a good way, hehe.
  9. Yeah I found out Tuesday that Maritée was no longer there, 2 weeks before the wedding. Claudia was very polite, sent an e-mail introducing herself and stating that she would look at my file and confirm everything with me again. I'm a bit peeved because we have 14 rooms booked and you need 15 to get a free wedding. I asked if they would consider a discount since we are 1 room short and that's not going to fly lol
  10. I think it's a very personal thing. No matter what you give, I think that the bride/groom will appreciate it. You can't compare what other people give, because you don't know the situation. Maybe they have more money to give, maybe it's a very close friend and not just a friend. I also believe that when you accept to be a bridesmaid you should know that you will incur costs above and beyond what other guests will incur. I don't think I would say "well I spent $2000 on you so I won't give you a gift". Maybe think of something that would mean a lot to the couple, doesn't have to cost you a lot of money.
  11. Hello future Majestic brides. Just wanted to share my experience so far. I started looking at pricing in August 2008 (getting married next month) and we ended up paying $300 less than what they had quoted in August 2008 so I hope this gives you an idea that their quotes are very general estimates since pricing doesn't usually come out until 8-9 months prior to departure. I agree about WestJet vacations. Since this is a new service being offered by WestJet they are very competitevely priced, their taxes are almost 200$ less than what Signature/Air Canada/Sunwing/Sunquest are charging.
  12. Mmm if you were in Canada you could get the Tim Horton's hot chocolate, that stuff is creamy and extra sweet. I like the hot chocolate with marshmallows in it, so bad, so bad for you lol
  13. Just remember that sometimes you'll probably want to send him off somewhere when he drives you bananas but once you have a dog you'll never want to go back to being dog-less. A dog will love you unconditionally, even when you leave him for hours to go to work. It's wonderful (even when you come home and he's eaten your couch, your shoes, your flooring AND maybe left you a little poop).
  14. I started looking 1 1/2 year in advance and the prices quote were pretty high compared to what we actually ended up paying. The Elegance and Paradisus are 2 of the best hotels in Punta Cana so you can't expect it to be inexpensive to stay there, even in July. Have you tried WestJet vacations? They were the cheapest (from Ottawa) for any hotel we looked at. They are relatively new so they are very well priced.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by allyson779 We are doing Yellow by Coldplay (Piano version).... we bought it from this website: Listen Free to Piano Music Samples Wedding Music Samples. Steve Siu Piano Music There was a string quartet version of Yellow yesterday on So You Think You Can Dance. It's amazing!
  16. I got it done at the Dominican Embassy here in Ottawa. It costs $360 USD $100 to legalize the single status affidavit (one for you, one for your DH) $40 to translate each document (2 birth certificates and 2 single status affidavit) You can always opt to get the documents translated by a certified translator but the Canadian dollar right now is pretty good so it will maybe cost you $50 less not to do it through the Embassy. The documents are good 3 months following legalization.
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by future_mrs2010 What day in January are you getting married? Are you doing favors for your guests? You seem totally laid back. So thats awesome! January 19... I wanted to do favors but the FI didn't so I doubt we will. I have no idea how late I could order from Weddingstar.
  18. awhh I must be cheap, we are not doing OOT bags or anything. I've done absolutely nothing to do with the ceremony. I've bought my dress, bought our rings and that's it lol
  19. khomac I am so sorry you were sick on your wedding, that's terrible. Your pictures are lovely! Congratulations on your wedding!
  20. When I go to a thread that has more than one page if I click on a page number it will stay there for about 5 seconds and re-direct me back to page one, what gives? Thanks
  21. Sometimes it's good to just let it all out right? Glad you feel better.
  22. I agree with putting the cat carrier outside where the cat hangs out with lots of blankies and food, treats. I hope it works out.
  23. oh my god you are so crazy... that's the cutest story I've heard in such a long time. I look like an idiot all teary-eyed in my office lol.. people are going to think I'M crazy! Best of luck.
  24. Quote: Originally Posted by chicpea Hi Everyone! I'm excited to see all the posts in here about the MC. I just joined the forum (today), but have already booked my wedding for January 2010. Will add to the list... hey you're getting married the day before me Are you going at the Elegance too?
  25. Awhh I am sorry you feel this way. I'm sure the dress is absolutely gorgeous. I second what BachataBride said, maybe you could alter it differently to make it "less" ordinary? They could add beading or crystals (if you are into that sort of stuff).
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