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  1. DMB1980

    Marrying a Dominican

    MY FI is a first generation Dominican.
  2. We dated for 5 years and then we got engaged. We've been together a total of 6 years
  3. did you book ur excursions thru the people at the hotel??
  4. DMB1980

    Beach Wedding Music List!

    Thanks I was looking for some good music!!
  5. DMB1980

    Another Happy Bride! AnadeRoux is the best!

    Your passes are awesome. I cant wait to use ana for my invites.
  6. DMB1980

    They Just Don't Get It

    Yes, girl everyone helpped me too. I just kept planning, and if they cant picture it, or dont agree with it they can stay home.
  7. DMB1980

    They Just Don't Get It

    Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement. I know that you all know that you just get those days where everything just seems like there is sooooooooo much to deal with. I am so happy that I found this place because now I know that I am not in it alone. We're family.....lol Hugs for everyone.
  8. DMB1980

    They Just Don't Get It

    I don't know if it is me, but I am trying to explain the concept of a destination wedding to my family. Something simple yet elegant. That is what I am going for. However, it is turning into so much more. I now have 5 bridesmaids, and they want me to add junior bridesmaids, flower girl, and a ring bearer. HEEEELLLLOOOOOO!!!!!! That defeats the purpose of the simple yet elegant....lol It is my day and I am trying to get the family including the FI to understand, but I am not being heard right now. ARRRGGHHHH!!!! I apologize if this was commented on before, or if there is another thread, But I just had to speak my mind for a minute.
  9. DMB1980

    Hi :-)

    Congrats and welcome to the forum
  10. DMB1980

    NH Real Arena Bride! Woo!

    Congrats and remember to have fun while planning.
  11. DMB1980

    Jamaican Wedding Cake

    Hey, Im not Jamaican, but I am from Barbados. The traditional cake is a "fruit" cake ir rum cake." It is all types of fruit ground up like cherries, rasins, prunes, tuti fruti (which is kind of spicy) and sometimes nuts. It has spices in it like cinnamon and nutmeg, and it is all soaked in Rum. It is a very heavy cake, but alot of people like it. It is not like American fruit cake it is dark and sometimes referred to as "Black" cake. It is an acquired taste. The resort wont substitute the fruit cake for a "regular" or yellow cake? Hope this helps.
  12. DMB1980

    Dj. Mannia - carlos

    I am happy to hear everything went well. I actually contacted carlos last night. I want to use him for my wedding in Punta Cana next summer. He was very pleasant and i am already looking forward to working with him.
  13. We will Be getting married here at home. Just the 2 of us hopefully no one will know......lol
  14. I was thinking of using Beach Chic, but my FI doesn't like that, but I think people should know what that means. What do you think?
  15. DMB1980

    Dominican Republic Wedding - April 2010

    Congrats Im getting married next year in DR as well. We visited Dreams, the Paradisus, Melia and Cap Cana, a few others as well, but I dont remember them all. We really liked Dreams and the Melia, and we choose the Melia. Good Luck!!