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  1. Has anyone booked a catamaran trip in PV? Any feedback or recommendations?
  2. Hi gowiththeflow, It looks like we're going to be there at the same time. My wedding date is April 10th! Crista
  3. March 2010 April 2010 *Bethany68 (Beth) ~ April 17, 2010 Staying ? May 2010 *Future Mrs. Griffith (Jessica) ~ May 14, 2010 Staying 5/11-5/21 *KarenM – May 29, 2010 Staying 5/24-6/2 June 2010 July 2010 August 2010 September 2010 October 2010 *Allyson779 ~ October 9, 2010 *mercypharmd ~ October 15, 2010 *Tiffaneyh ~ Oct 21, 2010 November 2010 *cdvecera (Crystal) ~ November 4, 2010 *AprilMay (April) ~ November 16,2010 Staying - Nov. 6-20? *Simplnsweet (Jennifer) ~ November 17, 2010 *JenDen ~ November 22, 2010 *racer320 (Merv & Joy) ~ November 26, 2010 Staying December 2010 *marcia18stein - Dec 21, 2010 ~2011~ January 2011 *January2011bride *miss_delerium - January 12, 2011 February 2011 March 2011 *Cherazi - March 11th, 2011 April 2011 *coolashellmel - April 16th, 2011!* *gowiththeflow - April 9, 2011* *Cocolou- April 12, 2011 *~Crista-Lee~ - April 10, 2011 May 2011 *Rus - May 28th, 2011
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by dstinationdrmr Congrats again! I'm happy you found another resort you're happy about and that the pregnancy is going well. How far along are you now? : Thanks!!!! It's too bad I won't be able to actually meet you in November. I'm actually in my fifth month now (19 weeks). Just about half way there!! I was shocked to find out pregnancy is technically 10 months long. We officially rebooked today! Dreams Puerto Vallarta for April 2011. April 11th will be our wedding date. Yay!!!!!!
  5. Thanks so much Karen! I'm definitely saving the Etsy shop as a favorite and working those into the budget!
  6. Thanks Karen! I have a question about the awesome sock monkey cake toppers. Where did you get those? They are awesome!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by taylorwd Crista! I was thinking about you the other day and am so glad you popped in! It sounds like you're going to have an even more perfect wedding in PV--more perfect because you'll have a beautiful baby with you! Keep us posted on how things go with you, please! Hey Wendy! You totally have to tell me about all the details of your catamaran trip... even the surprises...seeing as we will have to cancel that...unless they can bring the catamaran to Puerto Vallarta! LOL I'm totally going to have to check out your wedding pics! This is so exciting getting to see everyone's hard work put together. I love the pic you have on your siggy! I imagine you must have had an amazing wedding. I guess by now Katie would also be married.... I'm so jealous of you girls but super happy for you also. I'm totally enjoying snooping on all of your photos! I just wish my day was here now!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by meghan Thanks Amy! I am going to take your advice! I'll let you know how it goes! Crista, I'm so happy you stopped in to say "hi"! I'm so happy you are doing well with the baby. I agree with Amy, that maybe this was all meant to be. You will be at a beautiful resort with a beautiful little baby! Meghan! OMG! 9 DAYS! Wow... you must be super excited. All the best to you both! I can't wait to see the pics.
  9. Hey Ladies, I've been MIA for a while. It's been a long road but so far I'm having a healthy pregnancy and things are back on track with planning our now postponed wedding. I had a hard time coming on here for a while, I would literally start crying about the wedding I had lost and was looking forward to for so long but it was nuts because I was sooo happy about the baby... I guess I can just blame the crazy hormones! It looks like we will be switching to Dreams Puerto Vallarta for April 2011. Our TA basically told us there was no way we could get the same rate at AS, but I'm not even sure they checked into it. Oh well... Dreams PV looks like a beautiful resort, however it really sucks starting all the plans and travel arrangments again from scratch. I've got a lot of snooping to catch up on... I can't wait to see pic's from the weddings I've miss recently... especially Amy (Kittenheart) with all of the detail you put into yours...I'm sure it was absoltely amazing! As well as everyone's else's! Good luck to all my old friends and to all the new ladies on this thread! I'll have to check back every once in a while and see how it's going! Crista
  10. Cheryl, You're wedding sounded fabulous and the FB pics are great! I'm glad you had such a great time and you looked gorgeous girl! Crista
  11. Hi Ladies, I've been reading through your thread and Dreams PV sounds great! We've were planning our wedding for November for the Azul Sensatori in Mayan Riveria area for the past 8 months... and then whoops... found out I was pregnant and due around the exact same time as our wedding. The Azul was unable to honour the rate for April 2011, so we started looking elsewhere. Our TA came back with a few new options and so far Dreams PV is #1 on the list. So far from the posts and planning thread reviews, I think we've decided. I'm unfortunately going to torture my TA with a long list of questions my FI and I have come up with but I just want to ensure we are making the best decision for us. The first time around, I felt extremely pressured by our TA to book with Azul - of course.. she had all these "special" things they do for her. Anyways ladies, I'm hoping we make our decision in the next couple days... you seem to have some very experienced past brides on here with wonderful pictures and reviews! I look forward to getting hooked on this thread! Crista
  12. Your wedding looks like it was absolutely fabulous! We're in the process of switching hotels and Dreams PV is our number one pick. Thanks so much for the inspiration and wonderful review!
  13. Well we found out our due date this morning... guess what? November 24th! How's that for timing? FML! I'm exactaly 8 weeks and 1 day along. It was cool because we got to see it on the ultrasound today with the crazy little heart beat. It's crazy how you can look so forward to one day for the past 14 months... and then something so tiny can change it all! LOL We're now looking at late January/ February. We sent an email to our TA this morning to go over prices, perhaps other resorts... I'm sad that it might not be the AS. If it's not the AS, I hope you all don't disown me! I'd miss you ladies way too much!
  14. Hi Ladies, We are looking at switching to this resort. It came highly recommended by our TA. We were originally booked for Mexico - Azul Sensatori for November 10/10. But... we had a little whoops...we just found out that we're pregnant and due in November! How's that for timing?? Basically we're now looking at late January/ early February. The resort looks great and I've read through your thread. Unfortunately I couldn't link to Ashley's planning thread or photos. I'll have to do an actual search later. Trip advisor has pretty good reviews. I'm wondering how has everything been for you all so far? If you had to choose all over again, would you choose the same resort? Based on service you've gotten, how easy going they are... etc. Any other words of advice? Thanks, Crista
  15. I'm a little late... but even still... Congratulations Amy!! Well deserved! Congratulations Maureen!
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