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  1. Sure I would love some sample photos that would be great! Thanks
  2. Has anyone stayed or looked at this resort? There are 2, the elegance and the colonial, any insights?! We are looking for October 2010 Thanks :-)
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    Hi Everyone! I just got engaged this past Sunday and am just starting to figure out how to plan a destination wedding!! Our date has to be in October 2010 so I don't have much time! HELP! We are thinking either dominican republic, virgin islands or jamaica, any opinions! I need all the help I can get. thanks everyone!
  4. Thanks so much for your review! I got engaged this past Sunday and am in the very beginning stages of planning a destination wedding. I would love any suggestions or warnings to help with the planning. We need to get married in October 2010 so its going to have to be quick! HELP!!!!!!! Thanks everyone We are thinking dominican republic, virgin islands, or jamaica?? Any opinions?
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