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    How many bags is too many?

    OK, so I am in the initial stages of planning our fabulous DW in Costa Rica. Needless to say, I have become obsessed with this blog (and others). I am a planner at heart so I don't want to start any projects until I can figure out how I am going to get it to Costa Rica - it's a control thing. How are you getting your DIY projects, accessories, decorations to you destination, and the ever growing OOT bags. Are you distributing amongst friends or sending it down early or buying it there. The real question is - how many bags is too many?
  2. starfish 1115

    Costa Rica Newbie

    Hello to all DW Brides and Grooms! I am new to the website. Like many of you, we are having a DW and are navigating the net to find inspiration and support. We will be married in November of 2008 in Costa Rica. I am curious to find out what people made for their wedding and how they were brought to the wedding site. I am excited to read tips from other DW couples. Starfish
  3. starfish 1115

    Costa Rica Newbie

    Awesome review Kriswim. Thanks!
  4. starfish 1115

    New Costa Rica Bride

    Welcome to the forum. I am getting married in Playa Ocotal in Costa Rica in November 2008. I am having a civil ceremony. I will ask my wedding planner if she knows if anyone had a priest/padre perform the ceremony. I will keep you posted. Good luck!
  5. You look absolutely amazing. Congratulations! You look fabulous!
  6. Have you checked out the oriental trading company?
  7. starfish 1115

    My Target OOT Bags

    What a fabulous find!
  8. starfish 1115

    Hello Everyone

    congratulations and welcome!!!
  9. starfish 1115

    Spanish Dancing Songs

    Awesome suggestions! Thank you so much I will chechk them out.
  10. Excellent review, but the $6,000.00 discrepancy is extremely disturbing. I'm glad you held your ground. Great job! and you look beautiful.
  11. Congratulations! You look both look very happy! The suggestion of the cell phone is great! Thanks!
  12. starfish 1115

    Costa Rica Newbie

    Krisswim, I would love to hear your thoughts about your Costa Rican vacation. How was your trip? I confess the note about warnings has me concerned. I can't wait to hear details.
  13. starfish 1115

    Morgan's wedding planning part 9

    The guide looks great and very informative.
  14. starfish 1115

    Can't wait to marry him

    I too am marrying my high school sweet heart. I'll skip the part about the 20 years apart. Welcome and congratulations!
  15. starfish 1115

    what is your "something old"?

    My FI gave me his mother's gold bracelet that previously belonged to his grand mother. His mother passed away 11 years ago.
  16. starfish 1115

    I am back!

    can't wait to see the pictures.
  17. I can't wait to see the pictures. I love the inspiration and your excitement. Great buy!
  18. Awesome pictures and your dress looks fabulous. I love the hats, style, fun and elegance. You look like you had a blast.
  19. starfish 1115

    We ordered my dress!!!

    The dress is beautiful. I just received a call today telling me my dress has arrived. Yeah!!!
  20. starfish 1115

    Getting Married in Feb. 2009!

    Welcome and congratulations from a fellow Canuck living in DC.
  21. Your photographs look amazing! And you look very happy.
  22. starfish 1115

    Just Getting Started - CR Bride

    I bought my dress! It was quick and easy. http://www.davidsbridal.com/bridal_g...&prodgroup=127 At first I was overwhelmed but I had a good friend with me and she reminded me to breathe and I just did it. I received a cal today and the told me it arrived! It's me and I could not be happier. I need to add a bustle but that's it.
  23. starfish 1115

    Just Getting Started - CR Bride

    I am really excited and overwhelmed at the same time. I just started the planning process and am trying to figure out where to begin. So I have a question? How did you start? I have sent out the save the date which I absolutely must post but now what? What was your first project? I have to post my save the date - but I would love to figure out how you started.
  24. starfish 1115

    My Parasols came today!!!!!

    Your parasols are beautiful.
  25. starfish 1115

    Just starting the process!

    Congratulations and Welcome. I am a Canuck living in DC born in the West Indies. I also have people flying in for the wedding and they are happy to participate. Good luck!