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  1. Holly, my friend was the MC for the night, and he ran the ipod. The wedding coordinators waited until we got to the pool bar, checked we liked everything, and then went home... Tiffaney: that is most definitely not what we paid at the Jalisco. Of course, it's been nearly a year since then, so it could have changed...that seems extremely expensive - we had 40 people! That would have cost a fortune!
  2. Oh! The pool bar cost about $160 an hour, and they gave us two bartenders, because we had nearly 40 people. The resort is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.
  3. I was married at the Riu Jalisco in April last year....I actually rented the pool bar too on Mel's recommendation - it was awesome! If anyone has any questions, feel free to message me, or ask here.
  4. Thanks Helen! You were so much help in my planning stages! The flowers were gorgeous. The RIU really does a great job on them!
  5. I realised I never posted my pictures. I have the ones from the resort as well, but they are not great - one is a photo of my photographers elbow! We brought two photographers with us - Josh Brown and Jonathan Dempsey. These are Josh's photos: joshbrown : photos : aislingjamespreview His website for credit is Josh Brown Photography - Montreal - Destination Wedding Photographer
  6. I used the one in the Riu Jalisco for my hair, and they did a great job! It wasn't the hairstyle I wanted, because I didn't bring a picture, and the hairdresser didn't speak English. I just picked a new one from the magazines they had, and all was well!
  7. Another thing to note, is as the other brides have said - the flowers at the RIU are GORGEOUS!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by jmiranda Hey Ava do you have pictures of your cake? Do you remember price ranges? Hello! Not yet, but I will soon hopefully. We had a 3 tier included in our package, as we had 40 people. I do know the cake was commented on by everyone as being beautiful, but it really was for ceremonial purposes - it didn't taste great. There were 4 flavour options - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and coffee. They all came with buttercream icing. The flowers were $6 a flower on the cake. Hope that helps!
  9. Hi there! We had the Royal package - the issue is that they actually charge in Pesos, not US dollars, and the US dollar is currently not 10:1 with the Peso, like they put on their website, more like 12.5:1. We brought a cake knife, but they provided everything else. They would provide a cake knife too if needed. I did get my hair done at the Renova spa, and although I have pretty long hair, by their standards it was only medium length. They did a great job - they do not however speak any English, so try and bring a picture of what you want.
  10. Hi there! I got married at the Riu Jalisco on Wednesday, and Jessica was my wedding coordinator too. She is really, really busy at the moment - there were 2 weddings at the Jalisco when we were there, and a tonne at the Vallarta. You pick the cake from a bunch of designs in a book of photos she has. Does that help? One warning I would like to mention, is that the bill will be higher than you think, so just allow for that. It has something to do with how the RIU converts between US dollars and pesos. Ours was over $1000 US more than the bill showed.
  11. Ava

    TA Suspicious?

    Thank you for the advice - it is what I am advising people to do for now.
  12. Ava

    TA Suspicious?

    My big deal is that, they have not been professional - other guests are refusing the information, as it is against the privacy act to ask for it here. They have threatened us several times with other guests that they will not issue our tickets. They have threatened to remove my mother, because someone else cancelled. I have already supplied them what they want, but they will not confirm that I can be issued my ticket. I believe their threat is that they will not issue anyone's ticket, unless they have everyone's - including cancellations.
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    TA Suspicious?

    The travel agent saying it.
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    TA Suspicious?

    It's horrible! I think at this stage, they've decided to ruin this for us, or at least that's what it feels like. No one at the tour operator groups will help us, and some people are not able to provide the info they want. I did just get an email from the privacy department at Sunquest, so I will see what they say as they look into it. I think it is unfair that we cannot opt to have our travel agent out of the equation.